Autumn Term in 3S: The Romans

In 3S our first topic of the academic year has been The Romans. We have enjoyed learning about the founding of Rome, the spread of the Roman Empire, the Roman Army and what the Romans did when they came to Britain. We have had lots of fun, including making our own Roman shields, which we practiced Roman Army formations with, such as the Tortoise (Tesudo). In addition, we also learnt about how the Romans built roads, by making some models with biscuits, custard and chocolate!

In maths, we have started the year by playing lots of fun maths games to help us recap our existing maths knowledge and we are beginning to build on this. These games have also helped us with our team work skills.
In literacy, we have been reading the book ‘Escape from Pompeii.’ From this book, we have written some fantastic descriptive sentences about settings. We also wrote some direct speech sentences based on the picture from the last page of the book. To inspire our ideas, we took part in a hot-seat activity and also did some drama and role-play. Miss Sanderson was over the moon with these performances and they inspired some fantastic creative speech sentences.

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