Congratulations Young Rangers

We are delighted to announce that the Young Rangers have been awarded this certificate of achievement under the RHS Campaign for School Gardening, School Gardeners of the Year 2020. What a fantastic achievement and a fitting testament to the dedication, effort and enthusiasm of all the young people involved and Mrs Methven. We are extremely proud of you all!

Farewell & Good Luck Class of 2020

It is always with a mixture of pride and sadness that we meet to celebrate the achievements of our Year 6 children, sending them onto their next academic adventure with well deserved accolades and applause. This year was even more bittersweet, knowing that our young people hadn’t experienced many of the rights of passage that other cohorts had but we made the best of

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Year 6CP Autumn Term 2019

The Year 6 pupils were ‘all ears’ and full of energy during their fund raising activities for Children in Need 2019.   Children in Year 6 enjoyed looking at fossils and learning how fossils can be used to find out about the past.     We discussed the features of a real find and could recognise the species as a present day animal.

FH: Go Global South Africa

In class FH we learnt about South Africa for our global topic. We used Google Earth to locate the Country and used an atlas to help us too. We made flags and used our fine motor skills to make  jewellery. We learnt an African dance and played the African drums and rainmakers too.

2R: Go Global

For Go Global we studied Japan in Year 2. We loved the art work and created koi carp in different forms using oil pastels, charcoal and finally using paper craft. We spoke some of the language, tried some new food and even attempted a tea ceremony. The tea was a hit with most of the class! Sayonara Japan.

Panto Comes to St Barnabas

An early Christmas panto came to St Barnabas. M and M productions performed Robin Hood for both schools on Friday 15th; we had a wonderful day!

Children In Need

We had a lovely day watching a pantomime and carrying out activities in each class. We held a non uniform day and sold Children in Need wristbands We raised £250

School Council 2019/20: An Introduction

Welcome to this years School Council. This month we have looked at and discussed our anti bullying policy and re written it. We also carried out class questionnaires on what should be on our anti bullying display.

Sports Ambassador Training.

Our Y6 Sports Ambassadors enjoyed their training earlier this year and will be putting their skills to good use during the school day.

Autumn Term in 2R – Inventors and Explorers

This term Year 2 has been incredibly exciting; we have learnt all become inventors and explorers in our own way. We visited the Hull museums and studied the life and expeditions of Amy Johnson. Her fearless nature and enthusiasm for flight inspired us all to reach for the stars.