About Young Rangers

Teaching children that the power is in their hands to help their environment, to learn to feed themselves by growing vegetables and also to help their community.

Teaching the children that they’re in control of where they live and they CAN make a difference.

The smallest person CAN change the world.


Young Rangers is about more than growing things.


One of our adult leaders is Nina Taylor. She works for the Wild Life Trust and is teaching all the Young Rangers to use saws, tree saws and tree loppers. At Young Rangers the children have the opportunity to become team managers and team leaders if they can show us that they can think things through and use their own initiative. Being part of Young Rangers also helps to empower the children and develop their self-confidence.


The Young Rangers took great pride in selling the produce they had grown, as well as eggs from some of the 40 battery hens they have rescued.

September 2020

The young rangers have made a new gate for the nature area, along with the brick library built by Young Ranger Jake and Luke Jarvis. The Willow fencing is also now in place.

November 2019

The children also have to learn about the environment like the Latin names for trees and mammal species, what invasive species there are etc.

October 2019

The pathway in the nature area was child made. The children were allowed to work it out for themselves and did an amazing job …..


… as you can see by these before, during and after pictures.

September 2019

We also have 4 children who have left St Barnabas but still come back after secondary school – photo 3 of this gallery, shows three of them helping build nest boxes