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Y2 Teams drawings

I challenged everyone to draw their favourite animals doing something funny for our Teams meeting on the 19th Jan. These are some that have been emailed to me, they did make me smile! If anyone else has a drawing they would like to send from that meeting please email it to me and I will add them to the gallery!     Great pictures

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Year 2R: Medals, Remembrance, fireworks & Queen Victoria.

We have had such a great start to this year, and we have crammed so much into a short time. We have gardened, got very messy, won virtual PE competitions (and won real medals!), researched Queen Victoria, remembered the fallen and drawn fireworks with chalks both on the playground and on a black sky. We have done so much the weeks have flown by!

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2R: Go Global

For Go Global we studied Japan in Year 2. We loved the art work and created koi carp in different forms using oil pastels, charcoal and finally using paper craft. We spoke some of the language, tried some new food and even attempted a tea ceremony. The tea was a hit with most of the class! Sayonara Japan.

Autumn Term in 2R – Inventors and Explorers

This term Year 2 has been incredibly exciting; we have learnt all become inventors and explorers in our own way. We visited the Hull museums and studied the life and expeditions of Amy Johnson. Her fearless nature and enthusiasm for flight inspired us all to reach for the stars.