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Nature Champion: Helping the Bees

In this week’s blog, the spotlight falls on Elise, a member of Year 6 who has used her artistic talent to raise money for The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, by drawing a wonderful picture of a bee which her parents then arranged to be turned into postcards. These were then sold to the local community. In her own words, Elise explains why:

Farewell & Good Luck Class of 2020

It is always with a mixture of pride and sadness that we meet to celebrate the achievements of our Year 6 children, sending them onto their next academic adventure with well deserved accolades and applause. This year was even more bittersweet, knowing that our young people hadn’t experienced many of the rights of passage that other cohorts had but we made the best of

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Year 6CP Autumn Term 2019

The Year 6 pupils were ‘all ears’ and full of energy during their fund raising activities for Children in Need 2019.   Children in Year 6 enjoyed looking at fossils and learning how fossils can be used to find out about the past.     We discussed the features of a real find and could recognise the species as a present day animal.

Sports Ambassador Training.

Our Y6 Sports Ambassadors enjoyed their training earlier this year and will be putting their skills to good use during the school day.

Autumn Term in 6CP: Caesar, Claudius & The Eye of the Wolf

This half term, year 6 have enjoyed studying the Romans.  We learnt about Roman pottery, studied designs and then practised sketching some ideas in our topic books.  We chose our favourite designs to paint for our display.  Within this topic, we have also researched and produced pieces of writing about why the Roman army was so successful and also considered why Caesar failed in

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