FH: Learning about Ourselves & Houses

This half term we have looked at Ourselves. We have drawn our portraits; we also drew around each other. We have played lots of games to do with our senses, we enjoyed tasting lots of foods, listening  and playing instruments and going on sound walks.
We looked at houses. We thought about who lived in our house. We decided whether we lived in a bungalow, flat, semi-detached, detached, or terraced house. We enjoyed building houses and dens inside and outside, using a variety of materials.
We also went on a bug hunt to find out where insects lived. We found worms, woodlouse, caterpillars and moths.

SelfPortrait Gallery



2 Responses to “FH: Learning about Ourselves & Houses”

  1. Maggie Grammatico

    So impressive what you all as a team have achieved in such a challenging situation with the pandemic. I am so grateful that you have made it so enjoyable for the children and ensured that their learning was not negatively affected. I say this because I am always blown away by how much my little girl learns everyday. She is always super excited to go to school the next day, always.
    Thank you

    • Mrs. Hammond

      Thank you so much for your comment. The children have settled well into the new routine and are always enthusiastic, bringing a smile to our faces.