The Committee

Hi, I’m Emma Auty, this year’s Chair of FoBS.

Each and every parent / carer of a St Barnabas pupil is automatically a member of FoBs and I’d like to stress that we are very open and welcoming to all of you.

We are a registered Charity, run by a committee and we rely on all our parents to support our efforts to raise money for the school. Our Constitution states that we aim to support the children’s education by providing facilities the LEA cannot and by fostering good relationships between the school and parents.

We are very open to new ideas – especially now, as we can’t do many of the events we would normally organise to that end. We are also very welcoming to help in any form, either in person or behind the scenes; manning events, organising sponsorship/donations or providing cakes etc. for our events.

I’ve currently got 2 boys at St Barnabas, in Foundation and Yr6 and a third who’s moved on to SJ Nelthorpe in Brigg. I’ve taken over as Chair this year after being Treasurer for a couple of years. Last year was very strange for us all and this year hasn’t been much better so far! However, I’m looking forward to trying to help support the children and staff as we move on out of these strange times and being able to meet more parents in person!


Hello, I’m Hannah Pigott – Treasurer of FoBs this year.

I’ve got two nephews at St Barnabas and look after the charity’s finances, floats and payments.







Hi, I’m Rachel Lancaster. I’ve been on FoBs for 5 years, 2 of those as Secretary.

I have 2 boys at school, one in year 5 and one in year 2.