Forest School

Feature picture: Freddie Frog keeping an eye on things from the Nature Area pond.

As well as the Young Rangers group and vegetable garden, Mrs Methven also runs a Forest School. We hope you find it interesting to see what the children have been doing in their Forest School sessions.

Forest School Feature:

In March 2020, Alex (Year 5) made this video for a Yorkshire Wildlife Project. Good job Alex!

December 2020

Forest School at Christmas: crafty Christmas creations and camp fire fun.

20th November – Year 5

Toby and Summer used sticks to play at being ‘Grannies’ and Year 5 used the season story stones.

18th November 2020 – Year 6

The Fairy Gardens were made by Sam and Elise, whilst Nathan was helping with the compost heap.

17th November 2020 – Year 4

Year 4 enjoyed some free play, and fungi and scavenger hunts. Miss Taylor showed them a Wood Blewit.

11th November 2020 – Year 2

The children donned their gloves and started to clean up the leaf litter to make compost for next year and they finished their session with a scavenger hunt and making stories with the Story Stones.

6th November 2020 – Year 5

More Farm in the Box and top dressing of the allotments for a mini Gander Farm project.

4th November 2020 – Year 6 

Year 6 did Farm in a box, bulb planting, top dressing the allotment beds and generally enjoyed being outdoors in the Autumnal sun. ‘Farm in a Box’ is learning about Gander Farm in Hibaldstow. The children have already watched video made by Farmer Colin in which he told them about what animals they have on the farm and shared some general knowledge about life on the farm. The school is hoping to build on this connection and is looking to connect with other local farms as well.

22nd October 2020

Foundation had a busy time at Forest School building dens:

12th October 2020

7th October 2020

Foundation had their first session at Forest School and looked to be having a great time on their bug hunt:

6th October 2020

17th September 2020

Today year 5 finished planting 500 Blue Bells and used the microscopes to study male and female parts of flowers. All the year five children worked very hard.

16th September 2020

Year 6 have been studying tree identification. They have also been using microscopes to look at insects that live in the trees that they have identified, as well as parasites that feed off the trees. Den building has been a popular activity amongst all the year groups.

15th September 2020

Today it was year 4’s turn in the school’s nature area and a sneak peek at Toad Hall. They were also learning why we plant spring bulbs and are looking forward to spring to see 100s of blue bells.