Forest School: Childrens Voices

Forest School has been running for the best part of a term now, and every child in the school has had at least one session planting, building, tidying, or bug hunting. Happy smiles have beamed out of rosy cheeked faces, and more than one pair of hands has been coated in thick, gooey mud. Giggles, laughter and exclamations of wonder, have brought warmth to the hearts of the adults trying to make school feel like a safe and happy place to be, and helped chase some of the stresses away, even if for just a few minutes.

So, what do the children think about Forest School?

“Forest School is better than 20 hours on my Xbox”

“It’s nice to get outside and being able to make dens. The rules are to keep yourself safe but most of all have fun!”

“You can get lots of fresh air”

“I’ve learnt how to tie knots – now I can tie my shoe laces because of Forest School”

“I’ve learnt in forest school to be responsible and more sensible but that I can still have fun”

 “You need to be responsible for your own actions”