Children’s Challenge

We will be sending a Children’s Challenge Text each day.


The idea is they are supposed to be something:

  • FUN you can do together
  • Without the internet
  • With items/things already in your home
  • The whole family can take part in together

You can let us know by email how you got on and if the daily challenge is a competition, we will announce winners by text.

The Challenge for the week beginning 22nd June, 2020 is:

This weeks challenge is: Create a news story about the invention of Blu Tack, which is 50 years old this year. Email or send us your article to admin.kirmington

The Challenge for the week beginning 15th June, 2020 is:

This weeks challenge is: Design-A-Duck. Visit Have fun and send your photo’s to us too.

The Challenge for Thursday 11th June, 2020 is:

Monday was National Best Friends Day. Why not write a poem or acrostic about your best friend(s) or draw a picture of them.

The Challenge for Monday 8th June, 2020 is:

Today is World Ocean Day. Create a poster highlighting ocean pollution or draw, model or craft your favourite sea creature.

The Challenge for Thursday 21st May, 2020 is:

Today’s Challenge: Be Happy! Find an empty jar, and decorate it, write down a happy memory or thought on a small piece of paper & put it inside your jar. Or draw an empty jar shape on a piece of paper & write your happy memories inside it. Make it colourful! Add as many positive thoughts as you like!

The Challenge for Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th May, 2020 is:

Today and tomorrows challenge: Handwriting competition with prizes for each class! Copy a poem, song or paragraph from a book (Infants a couple of lines only) Draw a border around the edge, 2-3 cm, of an A4 sheet. Copy it out in your most stunning handwriting. Take a photo and email to school by Friday. Good luck.






Click on the following links to view entries: Cerys Turner  Euan Turner




Well done to everybody who took part in the competition. Mrs Stothard said that you all did a great job and in most groups, made it a hard decision. She enjoyed reading them all and was honoured to be asked to judge them. So without further ado, we are delighted to announced that the winners for each year group are:

Reception   –  Ella-Marie (the only entry but well deserved of the prize)
Year 1   –  Evelyn Reeve
Year 2   –  William Bowen
Year 3  –  Jacob Dawson
Year 4  –  Amy Hunt
Year 5  –  Alex Akines
Year 6   –  Owen Weller

The Challenge for Monday 18th May, 2020 is:

Today’s challenge: Virtual Sports Day. Be creative. Have a sack race, garden sprint, speed bounce, egg & spoon, throwing or obstacle race. Photos please.

William has enjoyed creating his own sports day!
Collecting an egg from the chickens and using it for an egg and spoon race. Launching his rocket as far as he could go then running to catch it, marking where it landed each time then trying to beat it. Big jumps on the trampoline and tried out some flips. Lots of kick ups with the football and dribbling the football around the plant pots trying to get faster each time. Cuddles at the end with Betsy & Brian! Well done William! ?
William said his favourite activity was the trampolining because it was really amazing and he likes jumping!


Alex racing his brother.

The Challenge for Thursday 14th May, 2020 is:

The Challenge for Tuesday 12th May, 2020 is:

Today is International Nurses Day. Tuesday 12 May was chosen as its also Florence Nightingales birthday. Today she would be 200! There are loads of things you could try for our challenge today:
  • Imagine you are a soldier and you are writing to say thank you to Flo.
  • Design an award for Flo to celebrate her achievements.
  • Design an award for a nurse  to mark International Nurses Day and post or email it to a local hospital

The Challenge for Monday 11th May, 2020 is:

Today’s challenge is a sensory rainbow scavenger hunt. Have a look in your home, in books, and in your garden, and if you are exercising on a walk. Find something, red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue; something which smells good; two kinds of leaves; a bug; the strangest noise you can hear outside; the softest thing to touch. Draw, photograph, collage your collection.

The Challenge for Friday 1st May, 2020 is:

Today’s challenge is a tricky one 😀 – Stay in your Pyjamas ALL DAY! It’s Pyjamarama day. Visit Keep reading, whatever it is. Read each other your favourite stories, read to your pets, video yourself reading a story and send it to someone. Draw a picture of your favourite character.

The Challenge for Thursday 30th April, 2020 is:

Today is Captain Tom Moore’s 100th birthday. He is a real hero . He has raised over 30 million pounds for the NHS. Today’s challenge is: celebrate Captain Tom. Make a 100th birthday card. Write a Captain Tom acrostic. Write to the Queen explaining why he should be made a Sir.

The Challenge for Wednesday 29th April, 2020 is:

Today’s Challenge: Next week sees us remember V E DAY 75 years ago. Today sees us mark the 75th anniversary of Operation Manna which was very local! What can you find out about Operation Manna? Brief info will follow by text if you do not have internet access. RAF search will give you an actual video!

Imagine you’re a child in the Netherlands write a letter to a pilot OR a diary entry as a pilot or Dutch child OR draw a Lancaster Bomber OR make a poster. Operation Manna was a humanitarian food drop into occupied Netherlands at the end of World War II. Much of Netherlands was suffering from a terrible famine known as Hongerwinter, or Hunger Winter, with many thousands facing starvation. The British launched Operation Manna to drop food packages from bombers from as low as 50 feet. They were crewed by British, Australian, NZ, Canadian & Polish. Many of the bombers left from RAF Kirmington. The US then joined (Operation Chowhound) and Canada (Operation Faust) with land convoys into western Netherlands.

The Challenge for Tuesday 28th April, 2020 is:

Friday is May Day. Time to be thankful for all that grows. You could share the joy of springtime by making flower baskets and decorating the front of your house! This is an old May Day tradition that could give some joy. Why not place flowers in a jam jar or can, draw or make flowers and put in a basket in your windows?

The Challenge for Friday 24th April, 2020 is:

Mail a Hug! Find a large piece of paper, old wallpaper would be perfect, lay down with your arms outstretched. Now get a grown up to draw around you. Make the paper person look just like you, nice and colourful. When it’s finished cut it out, fold it up and post it to someone missing your hugs!

The Challenge for Thursday 23rd April, 2020 is:

Today is St George’s Day – when our patron saint slayed the dragon to save the princess! Why not create your very own dragon puppet or figure using materials you have at home? Or draw/paint/collage/create a St George’s flag to mark the occasion? It is also William Shakespeare’s birthday – could you find out 10 key facts about this very special playwright and poet? Or perhaps make a birthday card to help celebrate his special day?

St George’s Day:

William Shakespeare’s Birthday:

Happy Birthday William Shakespeare from Kiera ? ???

The Challenge for Wednesday 22nd April, 2020 is:

Earth Day. The 50th birthday. The first Earth Day in 1970 started the clean air, clean water and endangered species acts. To celebrate let’s get creative. Can you use natural materials from your park or garden to make a piece of art? Then send us a picture!

The challenge for Tuesday 21st April, 2020 is:

Build a bridge using only paper that will cross a gap of 30cm (with no support) and will hold the weight of a toy in the middle or build a tower using only 6 sheets of paper as tall as you can. For this challenge you can use any type of paper you can find, A4, white, newspaper, old magazines, anything! The challenge is to think creatively to fold and manipulate the paper to make it strong and sturdy. Send us some pictures of the triumphs (or disasters) Good luck!

Easter Weekend Challenge! 

Before we finished for the Easter holiday we usually have a quiz in school. This year I am uploading it for you to do at home over the weekend with your family (you may need some help for some of the questions!) Make a note of your answers and send them via email to and the winner will be announced (and the answers published) on Tuesday. Get cracking!!

Easter Quiz 2020


The challenge for Thursday 2nd April, 2020 is:

A-hoy! Science challenge today. Make a boat with any household objects you can find (ask a grown up first!) try to remember-will it float? Is it waterproof? Can it carry passengers? Try it in the bath or sink and send us some pictures!

The challenge for Wednesday 1st April, 2020 is:

Today’s challenge is to build a den, inside or outside, use sticks, blankets, boxes, sheets, chairs, clothes airer. Work as a team to build it big enough to fit another family member or your whole family in. Now your den is built, explore, crawl inside, what do you see / hear. Will your den be a storytelling hideout, a castle or something else? Invite your grown-ups inside and tell or read them a story.

The challenge for Tuesday 31st March, 2020 is:

It’s History! Today, the children’s challenge is to find out if your Grandparents childhood was better than yours! Set up an interview with your Grandparents (or any older relative) via a telephone call & find out as much as you can about what life was like when they were a child. Questions might be;

  • When you were my age, what did you like to do for fun?
  • What story do you remember most as a child?
  • What was school like when you were a child?
  • What was your favourite subject at school? Why?
  • Did you like to read when you were little?
  • What was your favourite childhood book?
  • Did you have any pets when you were little? Which ones?
  • Where did you live when you were a child?
  • In what ways has that place changed?
  • In what ways is that place the same?
  • How is my life as a child like yours?
  • How is it different?

Write down the answers for each question and use them to create a fact file or poster about your Grandparents. Then you decide if their childhood was better than yours! Send them in and we’ll see if you were right. Happy interviewing!

Click on one of the files below to view content:

Victoria R      Laila      Daisy Hawksworth & Evie Butler      Jess H      Evelyn     Maisie-Jane      Jacob D      Eloïse and Theo

The challenge for Monday 30th March, 2020 is:

We miss your smiling faces! So for challenge one produce a self portrait.You’ll need some paper, the bigger the better, a pencil and a mirror.

  • Have a good look in the mirror.
  • Look carefully at the shape of your face, your ears, eyes. Noses are tricky.
  • Have you lost a tooth?
Try to draw what you can see.
When you’re done add some colour, whatever you like, just make it bright and colourful, don’t rush to finish it in one go. But why stop there?
You’ve got your own masterpiece. It needs an awesome frame! Make your own using strips of decorated card, or draw one. Get your whole family on the case. . . each could do their own portrait. What a gallery!
Send them in and we can try to guess your family!!
Happy painting and keep smiling x