A Message from your Teacher…. S2 week 1

Dear Children,

Well here we are and here we go again- Lockdown 2- and hopefully the last.

You have all zoomed back into your home learning and we are all so proud of all that you manage to achieve.

You may find it hard to start with, it might still feel like the Christmas Holiday, but you will soon get back into the swing of schoolwork. Some of you are revelling in home school, some of you are even wearing your uniforms to do it, I bet this makes it feel more like you are at school!!

We love to see your work but we also like to know what other things you are getting up to. Remember you can learn absolutely everywhere- not just from your work packs!!!

As usual your photos make us miss you even more, but it is fabulous to see so many of you enjoying outdoor fun.

As usual your photographs make me so hungry.

I knew Cerys would still be cooking. I love that you tried Kale too Cerys- very important to eat healthily, especially during lockdown and Sam your oaty biscuits look scrummy and healthy too. Jack your creations look delicious. Yes please!!   Violet you look like you are taking part in Bake Off- are you doing deliveries?

Your creativity is amazing.

I wonder with all the outdoor learning going on whether you will build a bunker outside now you know how to make one inside Kaiser. Mrs Methven will love your help with den building.

James I think your besom will be one of your nana’s most treasured gifts ever. It is just beautiful and so unique- and well done for cracking on with school work too.

Euan I am impressed that you are persevering with sewing- some of the best fashion designers in the world are men.

Sam, your Quentin Blake inspired drawing is fab- do boys really think about anything else when they have a game control in their hands?

Elise I would love to see your picture when it is finished- it looks like it will be another masterpiece.

Nancie, Bella and Evelyn you look like you have had fun in the almost snow, with icy escapades and making snow globes. Evelyn the Ice Bauble is stunning- what a shame that it must melt. And Robert I love to see you feeding the penguin from your story with the help of your sisters- well done Elise and Bella for helping Robert with his phonics. Brilliant stuff.

Please keep sending your show and tell photos and let us know what you are doing. We miss you all and can’t wait to have you all back with us.



Love Mrs. Murray


Euan, we’re so impressed that you are sewing and are looking forward to seeing your finished robot keyring.  The instructions look quite complicated.  Was this a Christmas present?  We hope the home learning is continuing to go well.  Have you tried the PE activities yet?  We’d like to know how many you can score in the ‘Around the Sock’ and ‘Sock Ladder’ challenge.

Have a good week

Mrs. Welton and Mrs. McTaggart

Those fruity oaty breakfast biscuits look delicious, Sam!  I don’t think they would last very long in our houses either.  Are you baking again this week?  We’d love to see more of your creations.  The Quentin Blake artwork looks fantastic – a very true likeness in style.  We look forward to speaking soon, Sam and getting you together on Teams with your friends.

Mrs. Welton and Mrs. McTaggart

The drawing looks amazing, Elise.  You are such a talented artist!  I bet mum finds it so helpful when you can support Bella and Robert.  Have you got round to your Quentin Blake drawings yet?  We would love to see these.  Stay safe, Elise and we will be in touch soon.

Mrs. Welton and Mrs. Mctaggart


I love your smiley face on your photos Cerys – you look like you’ve been very busy and helping to make tea must have made Mum happy. I wonder which was your favourite thing to eat this week – kale or the angel pudding? 🤔 I know which one mine would be!

Stay safe,

With love

Mrs. Barraclough x


Evelyn – wow, how busy you have been! The ice baubles look so beautiful, and what fun you have had with the frozen bubbles – you are a true ‘ice queen’ Evelyn!

Bella – it looks like you are keeping very busy with Elise and Robert. You have enjoyed exploring the frozen garden, let’s hope your wish for snow comes true.

Mrs. Revitt, Miss Jacklin Mrs. Healy


Violet – I really think you could open your own restaurant; I would definitely come for a meal! Which of your dishes was your favourite and got the highest score? I look forward to seeing what you make next😍
Nancie – I really love your idea of making a snow globe. It looks really pretty. I’m hoping we get some real snow soon so we can all have a play in it 😊
Robert – I’ve been reading the book Lost and found too this week, it’s such a lovely story. What a good idea to make some words and feed the penguin. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for snow too!
Its lovely to see photos of everything you’ve been up to. Take care, look after each other and see you all soon 😀
Mrs. Jackson X


Violet. Wow Violet, all that cooking. I hope it all tasted delicious.
Nancie what a gorgeous snow globe. I love how sparkly it is.
Robert . Fabulous phonic work Robert. I love that Bella and Elise are helping you to make words too.
Mrs. Hammond


James, you are a star! So thoughtful and artistic, just like you. Glad to hear you’re plodding on with your work AND finding time to be creative.

I’d love to see some more of your amazing work soon,

Mrs. Byrne x


Wow Kaiser! I am super impressed with your army base, including a bunker made out of sand that you have made. Mummy said it kept you busy for quite a while! I am looking forward to hearing all the history facts you have been learning too.

Class 1D – It has been lovely seeing most of your faces when delivering home learning packs last week 😄 When talking to parents this week I have been thrilled to hear how well you are getting on with your work, keep it up!

Mrs. Houlton