A Message from your Teacher…. S2 week 3

What an incredibly busy week you have all had. It looks like you are learning in so many different ways and that is wonderful- what we learn in and from our school work, is only a fraction of what we will need in life. You are all applying the skills you learn in school, into real life situations. There is no better way to make your learning stick than using it.

Across the federation you are using amazing maths measuring and literacy skills when you are:

Writing shopping lists for tigers (Seth)
Writing manifestos for your own political party (Ayrton)
Making your own coins to learn about money (Violet)
Baking chocolate brownies (Ella-Marie)
Making an Ombre cake (Amy)
Making Jelly (Joe)
Creating Victoria Sponge (Eleanor, Camilla & Arabella)
Having a go at Choux Pastry and persevering (Jack)
Making Gorgeous sausage rolls (Harrison)
Producing Sausage and Onion pasties ( Daisy and Evie)
And making Pizzas for tea (Esme and Nancie)
Following recipes, lists and instructions are brilliant for literacy skills. You make me very hungry!!

You are learning so much about Design technology and developing your skills when you are:

Making bridges (River)
Building dens and dams (Casper & River)
Lego modelling (River)
Decorating the house or blanket boxes (Isla and Addie),
Making bird feeders (Hayley & Emily)
Making bird boxes (Sam and Joe),
Making guitars, garages and mazes (Grace)

You are applying your science skills when you:

Look through your microscope (Philippa and Beatrice)
Carry out experiments making light bend (Sam)

You are keeping your minds and bodies active when you:

Walk no matter it if it’s a mile through the woods, around your village (Euan, Cerys, Amy) around Lincoln (Isabelle) or taking part in a 100 mile challenge (Philippa and Beatrice)
Run (Oliver and William, Beatrice)
Play crazy crazy golf (Oliver and William)
Ride and jump horses and ponies (Philippa, Beatrice, Eleanor, Camilla, Arabella and Sophia)
Dance online (Robert, Bella and Elise, Amy, Chloe)
Perform your martial arts moves online (Isla and Addie)
Staying happy and healthy at this time of national lockdown is probably the most important thing you can do every day (and read)

Practising your artistic skills and learning about artists styles is a wonderful way to find calm in the current strange times. I like to knit!!

You create art in so many ways:

Drawing and painting dogs, dinosaurs and monsters (Anna, Lucy and Alex W, Robert and Bella)
Rock painting (Chloe)
Mixed media (Elodie and Elise)
Paintings on canvas (Cerys and Euan)
Learning about Munch (Ethan and Euan M) made me smile. I think his painting ‘Scream’ resonates with many parents and how they are feeling at this time.

Alex your Magic and magic tricks and Thea and Darcy, your happiness in doing all the things that make you smile, are perhaps the most important things we can do for ourselves at this time. When it all gets too much do something absolutely fun for no other reason than it fills you with happiness

I know many of you are working hard on your work packs and are getting into your stride now you are organised which is brilliant –but doing other things each day is what will help to keep you all happy. Only two weeks till half term.

Keep smiling and keep reading

Mrs. Murray


Ella-Marie – You really did have a busy afternoon baking 2 cakes! Well done for following the instructions and measuring all the ingredients out independently. You must have done it accurately because they look like they’ve come out perfectly! 🍰 Did they taste as good as they look? Which one was your favourite? Looking forward to seeing what you make next!! 😄

Seth – So pleased you enjoyed the literacy book this week. It is one of my favourite stories! The tea-party that you had looks great.  Such a good idea to go shopping in the kitchen cupboards to get all the food you wanted. I hope you managed to eat it all yourself and you didn’t have a tiger visit … I love the wooden spoon puppet you have made of fantastic Mr. Fox! Have you finished reading the book? I know how much you enjoy Roald Dahl books😄

From Mrs. Houlton


Elise, it’s fantastic that you are able to keep your dance lessons up online.  We love the photo of you helping Robert too.  We bet he aspires to be as good as his big sister one day.

The finished picture is so impressive – definitely one for the wall.

Have a good week and we look forward to more photos in week 4.

Mrs. Welton and Mrs. McTaggart

Oliver , we just loved these photos of you enjoying the great outdoors!  Designing and building the crazy golf course sounds like fun – it’s great that you are working together with William to achieve a common goal.  Mrs. McTaggart and I would love the challenge! If only!  Yes, it sounds like the wildlife was all hidden away from the cold!  May be you’ll have better luck another day.

Mrs. Welton and Mrs. McTaggart

Having a dog during lockdown is the best, Euan .  We bet you are enjoying those long walks as much as Bonnie.  They are going to find it so hard when we all have to come back to school and parents’ have to go back to work!  We also think it is going to make your grandparents’ day when they receive your paintings.  A great idea to do them on canvas.

Mrs. Welton and Mrs. McTaggart

Well done on the science experiments, Sam .  We have enjoyed our light unit in school too.  Do you now understand the science behind how rainbows are formed?  You can look forward to making a periscope next week and learning about how they work and how they are used.  It is great to catch up with friends on Teams.  We look forward to seeing you each Tuesday, Sam.

Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart


William – I think it’s great that you’ve been able to enjoy the great outdoors, and it looks like you’ve had lots of fun! Running two miles is a fantastic achievement so well done for persevering👍🏃‍♂️ I do think I’d feel the same as you about completing it though William! I also love the sound of your crazy golf course, I bet it was fun to play together. Hopefully you’ll have more luck with wildlife spotting as the weather starts to warm up.

Keep smiling x

Cerys– Another busy week of exploring, learning and creating for you! I love the photo with Bonnie and hearing just how hard you’ve been working on your Home Learning 😊 Keep it up!

Stay Safe x

Evie – Looks like you’ve been super busy again this week – I do love your enthusiasm and energy! I hope Ellie had a lovely 18th birthday and you all enjoyed celebrating together🎂🎉 Well done for continuing with your litter picking. I bet the village looks so much tidier already!

Takecare x

More lovely photos of you keeping busy at home. It always makes our day a bit brighter when we see your happy faces 😊

Takecare and keep smiling.

With Love,

Mrs.Barraclough and Miss Young x


Thank you to everyone who has kept me informed about what they’ve been up to. It makes all the hard work worthwhile and brightens up the gloomy days.

Harrison , your question is in many of our minds…. only two weeks to go until half-term – we can do this! I know you’re making loads of progress, despite not being at school full-time. I’m so pleased that you’re rewarding yourself with learning like baking. I bet those sausage rolls were divine; they don’t last five minutes in the Staff Room when Mrs. Stothard bakes for us.

Alex , I know you’re working hard, as you always do, so I’m pleased you’re including down-time in your schedule. Perhaps you could perform a magic trick to your buddies during a Teams meeting? I saw some guitars in the background of your photo. Is that another talent we’re going to learn you have?

Amy, thank goodness for the Internet- you love your weekly dance lessons which shows in the photo. I’m so pleased that you also have included learning which isn’t set by me; you’ve set yourself goals and challenges and are making the most of being locked down. The tree climbing looks fabulous, even if a little scary for the photographer. Scooting will be great on the quieter roads. Just as well you’re putting in all that extra exercise to treat yourself to that amazing cake!

Daisy, you’ve been busy again! Your home-cooked family meal of sausage and onion pasty looked delicious. Some much fun learning in cooking… I need to know more about the game you were playing in your living room, where you and your sister were wearing tails; it looks like a lot of fun! Great to see you doing the Skittles experiment. Laying them out in a circle is mesmerising too. Happy belated 18th Birthday Ellie!

Keep making the most of things, everyone,

Sending love and happy thoughts,

Mrs. Byrne


Robert – Miss Lucy will be so pleased that you are loving getting stuck into your dancing, and love that Elise has been helping you. Lovely first position!  What did you find out about the dinosaurs? We enjoyed meeting Luna 😁

Violet – it looks like you are getting to grips with sorting out the money side of your café 😉 We can see you will be putting prices on your menus soon! Now you’ve moved on to drinks too, We can’t wait to book a table.

Esme – that pizza looks so delicious; We can almost smell it! You look like you really enjoyed making it. We think mummy will be letting you make tea every night.

Nancie – We think you and Esme could start a pizza business! It looks scrummy, and we think it was a great idea to test the toppings!

Grace – you have been so busy, we loved seeing your working multi-storey garage and your fabulous guitar. That maze looks fabulous, we hope you didn’t get lost in it!

Joe – your reading is certainly pretty impressive. We are sure that the birds will love that house. We wonder if you will be able to tell us what kind of birds use it? We think we should have mini bake off with all you budding chefs and bakers!

It really is lovely to see all your happy faces 😁

From Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Bellamy


It really is lovely to see all your happy faces 😁

Happy birthday to everyone who had a birthday last week ( especially an 18th! Daisy and Evie – please give your sister a big birthday squish from me ) see you all soon 🥰

Mrs. Jackson


Hayley & Emily Wow what an exciting week you have had girls. Happy birthday to you both, your cake looked amazing, we can see you were having so much fun playing with your balloons. What a fantastic idea making fat balls for the birds, I think we may have a go at that! We all love seeing your photos and enjoy the updates on how you are all doing, we can see how hard you are working with your home learning.

Keep safe. Love hearing from you.

Miss Thompson, Miss Salter and Miss Sanderson 

Jack, you are so cleaver, choux pastry is really tricky to make, were they delicious? I bet Dad was pleased that you helped to clean up.  It was lovely to hear from you, keep safe.

Miss Thompson, Miss Salter and Miss Sanderson 


Bella, what a wonderful week you have had. I love dinosaurs and would love to see the picture. We love seeing Luna on the Teams chat, she is so well behaved!

Darcy, you are right, I would love a Strawberry Frap. Maybe on a nice hot day!

Keep safe,

Mrs Revitt, Mrs Healy and Miss Jacklin x