A Message from your Teacher…. S2 week 2

I have loved looking at this week’s Show and Tell photographs. Thank you. They have given me a real boost.

 I am so pleased that so many of you are outside!!! Enjoying walks, cycle rides, den building, horse rides and looking after a huge selection of animals. I have no doubt that you are all working on your schoolwork when you are inside, but more importantly, especially now, you are looking after your minds and bodies too. Keep going.

It has been lovely to see so many of you in the Teams meetings with your teachers and class mates this week. We really do miss you all and we know you miss each other too. The Teams meetings not only give us all a chance to stay connected, but they can be helpful too, when you chat about the work you have done and any challenges you might have had.

I know some of your families have had problems getting connected and Mrs. Revitt has done a little guide to ‘Teams’ for your families to see if we can help you get to the Class Chats. I have snuck into some meetings- when the teachers remember to invite me and I have loved seeing you too.

Ethan you look like you have learned a great deal about painting and decorating-fabulous skills to learn which you will use all your life. Did you get to choose the colour of your room?

Oliver and William the darts look fun and it’s a brilliant idea to make you do the adding up – or do you do the taking away method? I wonder if the walls look like they have woodworm where you miss?

Violet you are going to be such a good cook. Your bird house looks fabulous. I wonder if you will have any birds in it for the weekend as it is the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch this weekend.

It makes a change for Euan to cook the tea. Well done. I m sure you enjoyed the cooking- just not the photo!! Cerys the hairbands look fab- will you wear one for your next Teams meeting so we can see one.

Evelyn your plane looks amazing. It reminded me of the one Nathan made last year during lockdown. You did brilliantly. Will you paint it to look like Amelia Earhart’s?

Daisy and Evie you always make me feel so tired with all the outdoor escapades you have, and you make me wish I could get out of the office! The board games look great fun- although I am not so sure daddy enjoyed them as much!

Oscar it was lovely to hear you chat away on your video.

Keira and Mia the tie dye looks messy but it was another lockdown birthday this week so I would think you would be forgiven for any mess?? Happy birthday Keira.

Maisie has added a new skill of dog grooming to her lock down abilities. You should talk to Miss Varney as she is learning to do this at college.

Hayley and Emily I am sure you really love Fliss joining in! The bird perches are an excellent idea, especially this week – I wonder if you have any land on them at the weekend so you can count them.

Thank you for sending in your Show and Tell pictures. I have been very fed up this week and they have given me a real boost- as has popping up in some of your Teams meetings. Not all the teachers have added me to their meetings- I think they think I am a little disruptive- I shall see if I can persuade them to add me so that I can see you all. Keep having fun. Keep doing your school work when you can and most important of all

keep reading

Love Mrs Murray


Oliver, you brought back many memories for me when I saw that you and William had been playing darts.  At your age, I use to spend many an hour with my grandad playing darts.  Mrs McTaggart has enjoyed a game or two before now too!  Have you played, ‘Around the clock?’  This is simply where you have to get the darts in number order – once 20 has been achieved, aim for the centre circles.  It’s great that you are practising your mental addition and subtraction at the same time.

Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart

Euan, you look to be doing a great job there!  Mrs McTaggart and I are very impressed – we are wondering if we could hire you one day!  I hope your family really enjoyed their meal and that you can practise lots of new dishes during lockdown.

Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart


William – I absolutely love the photo of you and Oliver! What a fun way to practise your Maths skills and learn a new hobby at the same time 😊 Perhaps we’ll see you playing in a darts final at the Ally Pally one day! 🎯 It was lovely to see you and Mum when I dropped your Home Learning pack off, on Friday too. Stay Safe x

Cerys – Another busy week for you;  I love how you’re always trying out something new. Perhaps a career as a designer would suit you when you’re a grown up? Keep up with all the fantastic school work too 😊 Keep smiling x

Evie – What a busy couple of weeks you’ve had Evie! I love how both you and Daisy work so hard and also help the local community with your litter picking. It was great to see you busy down Kings Road when I dropped your Home Learning pack off. Playing board games, 40 miles of walking and den building all sound like such fun activities to keep you busy 😊 Stay Safe x

Keira– Happy belated Birthday! 🎉🎂 It looks like you had a lovely day celebrating in a different way and I was pleased I got a glimpse of your amazing roller skates when I delivered your Home Learning pack. They were very cool 😎I love that you’ve been busy walking and baking – it means you can eat more cake after doing your exercise! Are you experimenting with tie-dye in one of your photos? It looks very interesting, whatever it is. Keep Smiling x

Mrs Barraclough and Miss Young x


Evelyn – What a fabulous plane! You fit into it just nicely, I wonder where your destination will be…

Mia – You’ve had such a busy week Mia, with so many different activities. Keira’s cake is amazing, I bet it tasted as good as it looks – I hope your missing tooth didn’t stop you from eating it!

Mrs. Revitt, Miss Jacklin andMrs. Healy


Violet what a busy week again. I love your birdhouse too. I wonder what type of birds will use it?

Oscar, I really enjoyed your video. I liked your reasons why you liked things. I wonder where your favourite country on the globe is?

from Mrs. Hammond


Maisie, you star! Not only have you kept up with all your school work- really impressing me with your ‘Big Maths’ perseverance- you’ve had time to do more of the things you love: going on walks with your family, grooming your pets and baking well-deserved treats!
Well done to you and your family. Catch up soon,
Mrs. Byrne x
Daisy what a week!
From rolling in mud to walking 50 miles (including litter picks) to pet care to family games to den building and camping. You’ve combined fitness and fun, caring and cuddles, and got your school work done.
Big well done to you and your family,
Mrs. Byrne x


Wow Ethan, fantastic painting skills, skirting boards are tricky to do! It is very exciting having your room re-decorated, what colours or theme you have chosen?

Emily and Hayley – You have certainly been very busy! It has been wonderful receiving emails with all your work attached, you are both trying very hard. The bird perches look very impressive and you explained them very well on our Teams Show and Tell the other day. We are glad you enjoyed our Teams video call, it was so lovely to see everyone’s faces and hear about what you have been up to.

We hope you both have a lovely Birthday and look forward to hearing all about it!

Miss Sanderson, Miss Salter and Miss Thompson x


Violet – another busy week for you! I just love your bird house. Do you get lots of different birds in your garden? I think they will love it too!
Oscar – it was so nice to see your video! I love your shark, it looks extra squishy. I wonder if you can find Antarctica on your globe?

Missing you all, take care and see you soon ! Mrs Jackson x