A Message from your Teacher…. S2 week 4

Mrs. Murray has been a little under the weather this week and your Show and Tell items have really cheered her up.

She is both amazed by and immensely proud of each and every one of you: from little Thea from the St. Helena’s Nursery class practising her drawing, to St Barnabas Year 6 children learning a new skill (Oliver) and helping dad out (Euan), and all of the creativity, hard work, exploring and adventures in between.

Mrs. Murray is looking forward to seeing what you have all been up to this week and says: keep having fun, keep doing your schoolwork when you can and most important of all …… keep reading.

Last but by no means least, she sends you her love.​


Oliver, Mrs. Mctaggart and I are so impressed that you have started a new hobby, taking up piano lessons. You look quite at home sitting at the keyboard! Practice, practice, practice, we are sure you will achieve it in the end.

Euan, you look ready for work in your photo and must be such a help to your dad. Its good you can turn your hand to anything! You were definitely up there when it came to den building.

from Mrs. Welton & Mrs. McTaggart


Darcy – We agree, time is passing so quickly, half term is nearly upon us! Well done for completing the scavenger hunt on your ‘epic’ walk!

Evelyn – Ooh… chocolate brownies!! They look delicious Evelyn, well done. We love your animal Venn diagram, you’ve worked really hard on it. Well done also for walking across the Humber Bridge, it’s such a long way!

Mrs. Revitt, Miss Jacklin and Mrs. Healy x


Jacob – I’m so impressed with how hard you’ve been working on your home learning; keep it up! I love your new goal and I bet you’re enjoying getting some exercise while practising your football skills ⚽ The pizzas you and Ella made look absolutely delicious! What a great new skill to learn. Keep smiling x

William – Wow! Another fantastic new skill you’ve been learning this week with playing the piano 🎹 I am very impressed with how enthusiastic you are at trying out new things. I love that you’ve started composing your own piece of music too! If you practice the ‘Happy Birthday’ tune, perhaps you could play it in Friday worships for us when we’re all back together. 😊 Stay Safe x

Cerys – I love how you found so many puddles to jump in on your walk (and that you’re wearing your wellies!) Sometimes, having fun outdoors and getting messy is what we all need to do 🤗 Take care x

Evie – More lovely outdoor adventures for you and Daisy this week – I love how you both explore and look after our local area. I bet it was very exciting to see some deer while out on your walk 🦌 Hopefully you’ll see them again and can capture them on camera for us to see too. Ice skating in your wellies sounds like so much fun ( I hope nobody fell on their bottom!) Keep working hard on your home learning; you’re doing a great job. Stay safe x

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us. It makes us smile to see you on all your adventures and to know that you’re keeping busy, safe and well. Hopefully we’ll all be back together again before we know 😊

Take care and keep smiling,

With love,

Mrs. Barraclough & Miss Young


Briar-Rose – we loved seeing your fairy on our class teams meeting. You have done a really good job painting her, we love her wings?🌈

Violet – you look like you’re working really hard working out those times. It’s tricky, but keep practising 😁

from Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Bellamy


Oh my goodness Oscar, an illegal lockdown party!! I hope you they didn’t disturb you… they didn’t have any loud music playing, did they? Your rocket launcher looks interesting… Its great to see you made it. How did you find the making process? How does Charlie the dog feel about being the target?

See you soon,

Miss Salter, Miss Thompson and Miss Sanderson x

Hayley & Emily, you have definitely both been very busy. Your flower designs look beautiful, so colourful!

Have you had many birds visiting your garden? We cannot wait to hear how successful you’ve been in your bird watch! I’m sure Mrs. Methven will be very impressed too.

Normanby Hall is great and full of different wildlife… what else did you spot? We would love to watch a performance of your story when we can all be back at school again!

See you soon,

Miss Salter, Miss Thompson and Miss Sanderson x


Wow Stanley – that icicle is huge! Where did you find it? Was it hanging from the gate? It is a brilliant picture of a cat.  I loved the idea of using an icicle to draw on the grass in the frost.❄️❄️

Ella-Marie YUM! Seeing your pizza has made me feel hungry today ! It certainly does look  delicious, was it as tasty as it looked? What is your favourite topping? Looking forward to seeing what you cook/bake next !!

from Mrs. Houlton