A Message from your Teacher…. S2 week 5

Well children (and families) you’ve baked, created, decorated, exercised and Home-Schooled your way to half-term and I am immensely proud of, and grateful to, each and every one of you.

It’s been a struggle at times, especially on those occasions when technology let us down, but each week your pictures and stories have helped lift the spirits of the staff, your friends and their families.

As well as doing the Teams Meetings and the home learning packs, you have also been learning new skills such as baking and cooking (Maisie, Alex, Jake, Darcy, Daisy, Chloe, Thea, Eleanor and Camilla), and I really do think that once we are all back in school and things have returned to normal, the staff and I should form a taste testing panel to assess your new skills 😉

Some of you have been carrying out scientific experiments (Beatrice and Philippa). The video was very impressive and you looked like you had a lot of fun bouncing the egg…. until it went splat!!!

Whilst others have been busy helping with jobs around the house and garden (Violet).

There has been a lot of creativity as well, I wonder if the Tooth Fairy liked the Year 2 boy’s decorations, when she visited? Making a periscope sounds like a lot of fun Euan and I think we all need a Happy Jar Cerys – I wonder what your tie dye items looked like when they were finished?

It’s good to see so many of you being so active. Whether it’s riding your pony (Sophia), or your bike (Evelyn), building dens and going for walks in the woods (Daisy and Evie); or learning new football skills in your back garden (Isabelle), keeping active and getting some fresh air, is really important to our health and wellbeing.

Wow!! Pygmy goats in the kitchen (Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper & River) and having to feed them every 4 hours!!! What caring little boys you all are. Looking after animals such as new pet guinea pigs (Jake and Ben), and feeding the wild birds (Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella), is a very rewarding thing to do. Our pets have been very comforting to many of us in recent months, even keeping us company whilst we tackle our school work (Francesca).

Making memories and having fun together (Oliver, William , Emily, Hayley and Felicity), is so very important at any time but more so now. To be able to look back over the last 12 difficult months and say “Do you remember when we….?” and be able to recall fun, happy times is so important.

Enjoy your half-term break. Relax, recharge and restore. No school work this week – it’s half-term for all you amazing home school teachers as well. Have fun, exercise and read!

Love to you all

Mrs. Murray.


Euan – fantastic that you made your very own periscope, you followed the instructions well. If you wanted to, you could personalise it, by covering with plain paper and decorating it.  We would love to know if you tried it out?  Well done too on learning another new skill this week ‘Tie Dying’ you looked to be enjoying yourself while doing it together with Cerys.

Oliver – It looks like you had a lot of fun and laughter at William’s expense, but as you say making happy memories along the way. Were you and William singing Karaoke? If so what songs do you like to sing together?  Keep making those memories and sharing them with us.

From Mrs. Welton and Mrs. Mctaggart


Well done all of you for all the activities you do on top of your school work. You keep yourselves fit and learn so much with your baking and other activities. Seeing baking always makes me hungry.

Well done to Daisy and Evie for their hard work litter picking, so proud of you. Enjoy the half term next week.

Lots of love from Mrs. Stothard xxx


Cerys – I love the sound of your ‘Happy jar’ 🤗 What a lovely thing to do and I bet it does make you happy to look at the things you’ve added to it. Tie-dyeing seems to be a popular hobby at the moment; you’ll be able to set up your own business selling what you make!

Evie – Another busy week for you with home learning and mastering new games. I do like the sound of Bananagram and I loved playing Boggle when I was younger 😊 I wonder who won? I bet building your Harry Potter Lego set was very satisfying and I’m glad it made you happy.

William – No wonder Mum and Oliver were in stitches laughing at you! What a thing to do; sit in a puddle 😄💦 You are crackers but it will definitely be a memory that you can treasure in the years to come!

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us over the last few weeks; it really has brightened up our days 😊

We hope you have a lovely half term – enjoy the break. No school work allowed!

Stay safe and keep smiling

Mrs. Barraclough and Miss Young x


Ben… A big hello to Jeremy and Bob. They look to be very happy guinea pigs! What a lovely car you have made, you are very creative. That is an enormous puddle! It looks likes great fun to paddle in. What a great week you have all had. Keep smiling!

Darcy… What a lovely puzzle Darcy. It looks to have a lot of pieces! The butterfly buns look so tasty and well done for decorating them on your own. What a lovely week you have had. Keep safe and smiling!

Oh, Evelyn, we all love Normanby park! What a lovely thing to do to ride your bike around there. I bet you all really enjoyed it. What a lovely photograph too! That made us smile.

From Mrs. Revitt, Mrs. Healy and Miss Jacklin


Francesca– it’s so lovely to see you doing your writing. The more you practice, the easier it will get. Maybe mummy can send us a photo of the finished piece? Keep having a go, you’re doing a great job. It looks like your two best friends are enjoying watching you too 🐶🐶.

Violet– you have done so many things, and learned so many new skills at home. Cooking, baking, telling the time and now a bit of construction work. Mummy is certainly keeping you busy, I think she will miss her little helper when you come back to school 😊.

Thank you for your lovely photos, we really love to see what you’ve been up to. Take care and keep having fun 🥰

love from Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Bellamy.


Maisie , your baking looks delicious! Flapjack, Anglo-Saxon bread?, Victoria Sponge AND Swiss rolls- Wow! So much learning, eating and fun being had. Who won the Bake-off? Was it you or Olivia?

Alex, I’m impressed. Your modern bread buns look lovely and light- I’m guessing you used yeast, unlike in the Anglo-Saxon versions! Did you try one warm from the oven? My mouth is watering at the thought…

Jake, not only are you learning lots from your packs, you are learning lots outdoors too. Guinea pigs make the best squeaks when excited. I bet you’ve had to research and learn about how to look after guinea pigs, and the commitment you need when owning your own pet will be a fabulous lesson in itself. Love your puddle-jumping (or wading, more like) and tree climbing pictures. Glad you enjoyed your Anglo-Saxon cooking. Whose is the lovely bird art?

Daisy, what a busy week, again. Home Learning suits you! Not only have you been doing your Learning Pack work, you’ve taken on my extra challenges on Education City, too. So pleased you’re working lots on your spellings; playing Bananagrams and Boggle are fun ways to improve your personal spelling. Loved examining your building construction… you’ll have to share how you did it, please.

Thank you to you all for all the hard work you’re doing, learning lots with your loved ones.

Have a happy and fun-filled half term, and look after yourselves and family,

Love Mrs. Byrne