Sunday 19th July 2020

This half term the Christian Value is perseverance so, over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you some bible stories which give good examples. We are all having to persevere through this time of isolation but, like with these stories, we have faith and it is this which will bring us out of the tunnel smiling.


Trust Forgiveness Peace Thankfulness Compassion  Friendship Love Hope




Parable of the Three Servants.

Once there was a man who was going on a journey and so he called his servants to be in charge of his property. He gave to each one according to his ability: to one he gave five thousand gold coins, to another he gave two thousand and to a third he gave one thousand. He then left on his journey.

The one who he gave five thousand went immediately and invested his money and he earned another five thousand. The one who had received two thousand did the same and earned another two thousand. But the one who received one thousand dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money. When the master returned he called his servants. The one with five thousand gave him the extra five thousand. The master said, “Well done you good and faithful servant, you have been faithful in managing small amounts I will put you in charge of large amounts. Come in and share my happiness.” He did the same with the one who had earned another two thousand. Then the servant who had received one thousand  came and said,” Sir, I know you are a hard man, you reap harvests where you didn’t sow seeds and you gather crops where you did not scatter seed. I was afraid, so I went off and hid your money in the ground. Look here is what belongs to you.” The master told him that he was lazy and should have put the money in the bank and he would have received it back with interest. He took the money away from him and gave it to the one who had ten thousand. For every person who has something even more will be given, and he will have more than enough, but the person who has nothing, even the little he has will be taken away from him. The useless servant was thrown out into the dark to cry and think about what he had done.

Matthew chapter 25 verses 14 – 30.


A few words from Reverend Lee Gabel

Sunday School reflection 19th July 2020

Jacobs Ladder: Genesis 28. 10-19a.

Dreams are important, there are the dreams we have while asleep and we can have daydreams – perhaps there were times when I spent too much of my own time daydreaming!  And we can have dreams, or aspirations, hopes for a successful future. Dreams are important.

You may remember Jacob. Jacob was the father of many sons, one of whom was called Joseph and had a colourful coat. In a dream God spoke to Jacob and made a great promise to him. In this dream Jacob saw a ladder that stretched from earth and into heaven. A straight route from earth to heaven.

We think of straight roads as being efficient and purposeful, determined movement. I spent many years in the marine industry, and the rope ladder used for boarding ships was often known as a ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ – is taught and straight when in use– a little wobbly – but straight, nonetheless. It is a straight path to its destination. Jacobs ladder was a straight path to God, no deviation no detour.

We can now say that Jesus becomes that bridge between heaven and earth, Jesus is the straight path that leads to God. Jesus presents himself as the reality to which the ladder points; as Jacob saw in a dream the reunion of Heaven and Earth, Jesus brought this reunion, into reality. A perpetual relationship is now opened between heaven and earth, through Christ our Lord.

But back to dreams. Some of you will be moving into a new class, into a new school even. For some this will be determined movement in a straight path, but life is not always like that. Our own paths and roads are often wavy and broken, with difficult decisions of which route to take – far from being straight and direct. But God wants us to follow them anyway. Jacob was rewarded by dreaming, so let us all keep dreaming – of what we can do, of what we can achieve. It may not be a nice easy route but go for it anyway!

I wish you all every blessing for the Summer and for your amazing futures.

Rev Lee