Sunday 3rd May 2020

Our Bishops Visitor, Mrs Stothard, has selected some Bible stories which may give us hope (our current Christian Value) as we continue to stay safe at home, and these will be featured on this page over the next few weeks. All of the readings she has selected show times of trouble and hardship, but all of them had hope and faith in God and everything turned out well in the end, as it will soon for us.


Trust Forgiveness Peace Thankfulness Compassion Perseverance Friendship Love




Moses in the Bulrushes

After the time of Joseph there was a Pharaoh of Egypt who didn’t like the Hebrew men so he said that all baby boys should be killed. A couple called Amram and Jochebed had a little girl but after a few years they then had a baby boy, not wanting him killed they hid him for three months. They became afraid that they would be found out, so one day the mother laid her baby in a basket and the daughter, who was called Miriam, took the baby and hid him in the bulrushes and Miriam hid to see what would happen. An Egyptian princess came along to the river to bathe with her servants. She saw the basket and looked in and when she saw the baby she took pity on him and said she would adopt him. She saw Miriam hiding and asked her if she knew anyone to nurse the baby until he was older. Of course Miriam said her mother and so she was allowed to take the baby home to look after until the princess wanted him in her palace.

Exodus, chapter 2, verses 1 – 10


A few words from Reverend Lee Gabel

Good day everyone. At the beginning of the year I would never have imagined that I would be addressing you in this way. I doubt anyone imagined this is how 2020 would become.

Jesus gave us the commandment to love one another as we love ourselves. Perhaps we may, as our medical professionals and carers do, wear masks.  Masks are worn to protect those who the carers come into contact with as much as protecting themselves. In social distancing we are protecting others as much as protecting ourselves. In that way we are following the commandment given to us by Jesus.

In our Bible readings in this time of Easter we have moved from seeing the disciples hiding away and locking themselves in room because they were afraid – to seeing them proclaiming the Good News in the streets.

Lockdown is perhaps over for the disciples and they are released and active. In todays reading from the 1st letter of Peter we hear Peter speak about endurance; Peter says that we are blessed if we endure when it is not our fault. The current message in Lockdown is to keep going, if it is hard – and I know it is for many – we may need to endure the present situation for a little while longer. The important message Peter gives us is that Christ suffered and was with God, if we are struggling at this time we remain with God also. We are not forsaken.

Peter takes the church out of lockdown and into a new beginning. We will have a new beginning eventually, and like the disciples in the locked room we don’t know what the future will look like. Perhaps you have been able to use this time for something productive: learning something new, taking up regular exercise with Joe Wicks every morning? Who knows? Or perhaps you have just learned how to cope? Or perhaps are still trying to work out how to cope? There is no shame in that.

I wish you every blessing at this time.

Rev Lee.

Bible reading 1 Peter. 2: 19-end.