Miss Taylor’s Adventures

20th November 2020

Due to COVID Miss Taylor was working by herself up on the Yorkshire Dales, hedge laying. This involves laying 1000s of hedges running over the whole of the Yorkshire Dales.

20th August 2020

Today Miss Taylor was on a secret mission……to observe beavers!

These beavers came from Scotland and were introduced two years ago. In those two years they’ve had two sets of kits (kits are baby Beavers), and have made the area more open and have changed the water levels which benefits the area. This means that further down the stream, it’s not being flooded by winter rains.

The area is top secret and is highly protected.

Miss Taylor has also collected some interesting items to place into our outdoor classroom (Toad Hall)

Also the beavers have to be protected against otters as they find beavers babies very tasty.

1st August 2020

Miss Taylor has been working extremely hard. The reserves still need care, even during lock down and here are pictures of the important work that she has been doing and the areas she is working in.

Pictures of water vole rafts. These are for surveying the population of water voles in Snake Holme reserve near Driffield. As you can see, there are lots of water voles in the area. You can tell this by the vegetation and poo (latrines). There’s also water crowfoot which is eaten by the female mummy voles only, when they’re lactating (producing milk).


These are pictures of Snake Holme which is a chalk stream. It is a very special place with a SSSI designation which means Sight of Special Scientific Interest.

“A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is a formal conservation designation. Usually, it describes an area that’s of particular interest to science due to the rare species of fauna or flora it contains – or even important geological or physiological features that may lie in its boundaries.” 

Source: Woodlandtrust.org.uk



Also at Snake Holme, Miss Taylor found some amazing Otter tracks.