My Classroom

Whilst we are looking forward to welcoming your children back into school in September, we are acutely aware that the classrooms that your children are returning to, will not be set out in a way that is familiar to them. We are also aware that due to the prolonged absence from school, some of the children may be a little anxious and we thought it might help if they could see what their classroom will look like and familiarise themselves with the layout. So, as each classroom is set up ready for the start of September, we will be posting photos on this page and we will text you as each classroom is added.

However, please remember that this is a very fluid situation and the pictures are based on the current guidelines and guidance (as of 4th August 2020). If changes to the guidelines and guidance mean that classrooms have to undergo further reorganisation, then new photos will be posted as soon as possible, to make sure that you and your children are as up to date with the layout as possible when school reopens.


Classroom photos of Foundation 
Class FH– using current guidance, we currently have no sand/playdough, limited soft furnishings, dolls clothes etc. Everything provided is for the ease of cleaning at the end of the day.
Staff members : Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Jackson and Mrs Bellamy


Classroom photos for Class 1D 


Staff members: Mrs Houlton and Miss Breacroft


Classroom photos for Class 2R 
Staff members: Mrs. Revitt, Mrs Healey and Miss Jacklin
Classroom photos for Class 3S 
Staff Members: Miss Sanderson, Miss Salter and Miss Thompson.
Classroom photos for Class 4K


Staff Members: Mrs Barraclough & Miss Young
Classroom photos for Class 5B
Staff Members: Mrs Byrne, Miss Thompson and Miss Salter
Classroom photos for Class 6CP


Our classroom (and us) eagerly awaiting the return of year 6 pupils in September!
Staff members: Mrs Welton, Mrs Emms and Mrs McTaggart