Nature Champion: Helping the Bees

In this week’s blog, the spotlight falls on Elise, a member of Year 6 who has used her artistic talent to raise money for The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, by drawing a wonderful picture of a bee which her parents then arranged to be turned into postcards. These were then sold to the local community. In her own words, Elise explains why:

My name is Elise and I am a student in year 6 at St Barnabas school. Hopefully, this piece of writing will help you understand  bees  and other bugs and insects and why they are so important to keep the world turning. Bees are very important to the world, but they are dying, fast. So, my siblings and I are trying to raise money for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. We are trying to raise this money by making bee-utiful postcards for people to buy. These postcards are only 50p each if you are interested.

Firstly if you’re thinking, why should we save the bees? Why are they so important? What do they do? Well, as I just said, bees are a very important part of our world. These tiny little heroes don’t just buzz about doing nothing all day, in fact they have a VERY tight schedule. Bees are adapted to pollinate, which helps plants grow. This is the small process of a bee’s job:

  • Bee transfers male pollen grains to a female stigma.
  • This creates an offspring.
  • The female makes seeds.
  • Another bee takes this pollen to reproduce again.

So now  hopefully you are thinking, what else can I do the save our bees? Well there are lots of things you can do from home.
First of all, you could plant some lovely bee-friendly plants in your garden. These plants can be, lavenders, bluebells, hawthorns, ox-eye daisies, Mahonia and many more! Another way to help is to not use chemicals on your plants and flowers because it is harmful for the bees. A fun thing to do could be making a bee bath. All you need to do is get a shallow bowl with fresh clean water, arrange some pebbles so that they break the waters surface. Now the bees have a place to have a nice, long drink. Something else you could do is to make a bee house for the native bumblebees. If you leave a bit of space in your garden, you could make/buy a bee house! One more idea to help save the bees is support local beekeepers and bee organisations. Donating just a small amount of money could make a BEEEEEEEEEEG difference!

Hopefully this information has made you realise just how important bees are, and also other important insects and made you want to help them. Like I said, bees are pollinators, which is a very important job to keep the world healthy and green. So, next time you see a bee, don’t try to swat it or kill it, because it isn’t doing anything wrong, it’s just doing its job. Thank you for reading.

At the time of writing, all 250 postcards have been sold, raising £150! We are incredibly proud of Elise’s achievement and awestruck by the incredible talent she has shown with her drawing. Well done Elise, we’re buzzing with pride!


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