Links to all letters issued to parents will be found on this page. We hope this will help parents to keep track on what communications have been sent home from school but might still be languishing in the bottom of a school bag.

** Home School Agreement: Remote Learning **
** Homes School Agreement Special Measures from September 2020 (click to view) **


Teams Guide for Parents

February 2021

World Book Day 2021

School organisation FAQ March 2022

Full reopening on March 8th

February Half Term 2021

January 2021

Newsletter End of Week 4

Teams safeguarding letter

January 2021 Week 3

End of week one

Home learning parents 5.1.21

Critical Worker Parents 5.1.21

All Parents Lockdown

January 2021 Welcome Back

December 2020

January 2021

November 2020

Christmas Cards 2020

Christmas Lunch letter 2020

October half term 20

October 2020

FOBs AGM & New Members

Angela Kipling Book of Remembrance 2020

Half Term Letter 2020

September 2020

Parents letter start of autumn term 2020

School organisation FAQ Sept 2020

July 2020

Parents letter end of summer term 2020

School organisation FAQ sept 2020 (1)

Out of school letter summer 2020

Out of school survey return

June 2020

Parents letter end of June

Parents letter week 1

May 2020

Federation Parents Guide to Returning Part 2- Coming and Going

Federation Parents guide to returning

Parents letter end of week 7

Parent survey 11052020

April 2020

Parents Letter week 3

Easter challenge

Heads Parents letter week 2

March 2020

Heads Parents letter week 1

Updated COVID-19 letter

Coronavirus information letter

January 2020

Get Glowing

Spring newsletter 2020

Parent governor