A Message from your teacher….week 10

Dear Children,

Well half term is over and it looks like you all had a wonderful time.
The sun shone and you were together with your families- what could be better?
Lots of you seemed to spend time with watery creatures!!

Owenyour fish bath looks brilliant- I would love to know what fish you have got in there.

Darcy your fishing trip looks amazing- did you throw them all back?

Isaacthose tadpoles look impressive but even more impressive is your fantastic achievement of your bike ride raising £400 for the NHS- a head teacher sticker awaits you for this- and also one for your new potatoes. They were delicious!!

Daisyand Evie your crops looks phenomenal- you look like you will be completely self-sufficient by Harvest Time and so do Keiraand Mia. I am beginning to think we need to plough up part of the field for when all you budding farmers return- I love your dip dyed hair too!!

Maisie’sshelter and Evelyn’scamping night look like great fun- we have had the perfect weather for it.

You have also been having fun indoors too.

Obviously you are all still making mouth-watering cakes- Jayden we would all like to sample your cupcakes please, and we are intrigued as what flavour Cerys‘ green cake was!!! We are delighted to hear that Jess is now taking orders for Pizzas- do you do delivery to school for hungry teachers??

Euanthat cardboard furniture looks brilliant and really well made- I wonder if you could make one big enough for a grown up bottom???

WilliamI am delighted to see your Show and Tell this week. The toucan drawing is perfect. Well done you.

We have all been so lucky with the weather over half term. I hope it hasn’t made it too difficult to get back to trying with your school work- it is hard when the sun is shining outside!!

The daily FUN challenges will start again next week.

Take care stay safe and KEEP READING!
With love Mrs Murray


Maisie– Wow! Your homemade sun shelter looks fabulous! Just what you need to relax in on a beautiful, sunny day ?? Keep Smiling x

Daisy – I’m so impressed with the plants you and Evie have grown – you’ll soon be able to have your own fruit and veg stall! I bet it was so cool and really satisfying to be able to eat the wonderful things you have grown. It looks like you’ve had lots more fun adventures, exploring the outdoors, and working hard like you always do ?? The unicorn and flamingo inflatables look amazing! I bet you both had great fun playing on those ? Stay Safe x

Isaac– A massive CONGRATULATIONS on completing your virtual bike ride to London! What a fantastic achievement and a brilliant amount of money that you’ve raised for the NHS charity. Like Mum and Dad, I feel very proud of all your hard work and determination and you should be too ?? The smile on your face says it all ? I bet it’s great to see the progress your tadpoles are making and exploring the new wildlife in your garden. You’ve done a great job with painting Great Grandma’s bench, it looks lovely. Keep Smiling x

Jess– I love that you’ve had another great week of exploring the outdoors and enjoying the wonderful sunny weather ?? Making pizzas and cupcakes sounds delicious and I bet your family loved having a new waitress for the day! Mrs Methven will be super happy to know that you’re keeping your Young Rangers skills fresh – I wonder how many other bees you can spot? ? Keep Smiling x

Thank you for sharing your half term adventures with us – it looks like you’ve all had a lovely time and have enjoyed the beautiful weather we’ve had.
Looking forward to seeing next weeks antics!
Stay Safe
With Love
Mrs Barraclough x


What a fabulous drawing of a toucan! You are an amazing artist. You sound very busy and have seen lots of wildlife on your walks.
I miss you too and our lovely chats about anything and everything!
Love from Miss Jacklin


Darcy– You look like you had so much fun fishing with Daddy – the perfect weather for it too! How many fish did you manage to catch?
Evelyn– You have had a really busy week ! Wow how exciting sleeping in a tent for the first time – looks like you had lots of fun. Those toasted marshmallows look delicious too!
Mia– It looks like you have taken really good care of the mini allotment, the tomato plants and other vegetables have grown lots!  It won’t be long before you can eat the tasty vegetables.
from Mrs. Houlton


William– your toucan drawing is amazing! You have looked so carefully and used those brilliant observational skills. It looks like it could be an illustration from a Roald Dahl book! ? well done!

Euanand Cerys– I’m not sure that I have ever seen a green cake before?? What flavour was it, please not broccoli?!  I love your miniature furniture Euan, was it really tricky trying to glue something so small without sticking your fingers to it ??!

Maisie– a fabulous inventive sun shade! ☀️It has been so warm I could have used your idea in my garden. It looks like your dog is enjoying it too!

Owen– it looks like Mum is doing a fab job as a teacher, look at all the fantastic things you have been doing. I love your garden water feature ?, do you have to be really careful not to pull the plug out?

Darcy– I have never been fishing, but you make it look like so much fun ? what kind of slippery little fish are you holding?

Daisy and Evie– it’s so nice when you can eat the things you’ve grown yourself. You will be so healthy with all that delicious salad? and swimming ! I’m loving your huge pool along with your flamingo and unicorn floats!

Isaac– ?????? well done! What a fantastic achievement. I love that you saved your last lap for Thursday, it was a well deserved clap for you! I wonder where you will peddle to next?

Jayden– I’m glad you’re enjoying some family time, it has been perfect BBQ weather ☀️. Those cupcakes look rather delicious, I’m guessing they were!

Jess– another busy week in your house by the looks of things!
I bet that chair looked lovely when you had finished painting it, it looks like a lovely colour. Did you and Katie toast those marshmallows? ??

Evelyn– what an exciting week! Ice creams and fishing, then toasted marshmallows, in a cosy dressing gown, and a camp out! ?perfect!

Keiraand Mia– I am so pleased that you have managed to get to your big allotment, did you have a lot of work to do when you got there?  I am also loving the hair colour ladies, you match Mr Courtney!

Missing you all like crazy, but loving all your happy photos ? stay safe.

Love Mrs Jackson X


Love the drawings William.

Ethanand Cerysyou have had lots of exercise with playing football and climbing trees, good fun.
Well done Maisiefor building a shelter to keep out of the hot sun in.
Owen, love to see the baking. I have been doing some too, lots of cheese scones and some sausage rolls for my neighbour who had given me some plants.
Darcy, fancy you enjoying fishing, nice to do something with your dad.
Daisyand Evie, busy as usual and your gardening talents are growing, with all those super vegetables.
Well done Isaac for completing your bike ride as well as all the other things you are busy with.
Lovely cupcakes Jayden, hope you enjoyed eating them.
Jessyou are being exceptional, looking after your family and enjoying your long walks.
Evelynas always you are very busy and lucky you going to the beach how lovely.
Kiera and Miayou have enjoyed the weather and learning about looking after an allotment how interesting for you both.
Stanleyfancy having Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Jackson in your garden. I hope they had a lovely time with you ha ha.

Missing you all. Lots of love Mrs. Stothard xxx


Stanley– thank you for really making us smile! Planting, relaxing, playing with Lego, we can’t wait to see what we get up to next!

from Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Jackson


Hi William! I miss you too.
Your pictures are great and it is lovely to see your happy face! It sounds like you’re having a great time spotting animals on your walks and your toucan is amazing!!
Love Miss Salter x


Owen you are a star: soldiering on with your 30 Day Maths Challenge even though it was half term. Do let us know when you reach that important goal. We feel sure Granny and Grandad were the happy recipients of your Cherry Loaf and that you have since managed to catch up with them for a much-improved chat.
Do make sure you look after those fish and protect them from predators. We wondered if you had a made a ramp for any adventurous toads that happen to fall in? I (Mrs Emms) was surprised to find one floating in my watering can as I was filling it the other day. It nearly frightened the life out of me but not being squeamish, I rescued it and placed it in a shaded, moist, grassy area.You have been so busy Owen, we are proud of you and look forward to hearing more of your news from this coming week.

Jayden, we are so glad to hear you have been relaxing outdoors during half term. Your professional cup cakes looked so delicious we think they didn’t last long – naughty but nice. Well done.

Mrs Emms, Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart.


Euan, I’m so impressed with your creativity and design skills! I absolutely love the newspaper on the coffee table. With your maths skills, I’m sure you’d be able to work out the scale you’ve minimised the furniture to!? Can’t wait to see what you get up to next week!

Thanks to everybody for sharing your photos and messages. I love seeing them,
Mrs Byrne x


William– well done on all your artwork. It looks fab. You are such a talented artist!

from Mrs Revitt


Evie– it must be wonderful that you are now beginning to enjoy your home grown fruit and vegetables. I wonder what will be ready next for you to try. I can’t believe how many different things you are growing. It looks like you had a lot of fun in your pool, the weather has been fantastic. Keep smiling!

Keira– it was lovely to see you last week, I loved the dip dye hair, but I think we decided it wouldn’t suit Miss Sanderson quite so much?! It must be lovely that you can go to your allotment now, although the mini one you have started at home looks fantastic! Keep enjoying time in the garden and playing with your dog! I am sure special memories are being made.
Cerys– another coloured cake, I wonder if you are making your way through the rainbow? Perhaps you could try a cake with a few different coloured layers in, nothing like a Miss Sanderson challenge! It was lovely to see you last week, with that beaming smile.
Love Miss Sanderson x