A Message from your teacher….week 11

Mrs Murray sends her sincere apologies but she has been unable to complete her messages to you all at the moment and rather than delay the publication of the teacher message pages, has asked that they are published without them. As soon as Mrs Murray’s comments are ready, we will add them to the message pages and let you know they are there (it may be a few days).

In the meantime, she wants you to know how much she looks forward to seeing your wonderful photos and reading about what you have been doing each week. They really do make her week.

She sends her love to all of you and asked me to remind you to keep safe, stay alert and have fun ….. (oh and keep on reading).


Bella – Lots of lovely pictures, what a crafty week you have had! The lighthouse you have built is so tall!

Darcy – Wow you have been super busy! It looks like you picked a good day to go fishing, I hope you managed to catch lots of fish.

Lauren – You certainly have been a busy bee this week! Wow I can see how much you have enjoyed the chocolate cake, such a big chocolate smile!!

Evelyn – Those sausage rolls look delicious! Did they taste as good as they look? Wow dinosaur eggs – exciting!!
from Mrs Houlton


Euan and Cerys – Euan it looks like you are using your time to really get stuck into designing and creating, do you draw your ideas out first or just go for it?
That lava lamp looks pretty impressive Cerys, was it tricky to make? ?

Elise and Bella – I hope you enjoyed swan lake Bella, I really love watching all the amazing leaps and seeing all the beautiful costumes. I love your ballerina artwork Elise. Do you think it would feel strange dancing in a face mask?!?

Owen – happy birthday old chap!! ? I hope you’ve had a fantastic day, and  a well deserved rest from all that hard work you’ve been doing!

Darcy – I’m so pleased you managed to keep hold of that fishing rod, it looks like you’re wrestling a whale! ? Well done with  all that super handwriting, it looks fab!

Jess – how pretty does that paper towel food colouring experiment look? ? I’m loving your puddle photo, I hope it wasn’t very deep! It made me think of Katie and the puddle at Kingswood ?

Daisy and Evie – you two really do get out and about! It was lovely to see you go past school today, how far did you walk? I love that your pool is big enough to perfect your butterfly stroke  Daisy ?. I saw the photo of the lost dog Evie, I’m really glad you found the owner ?

Hayley and Emily – congratulations ladies on getting rid of those pesky stabilisers ? Mummy will have to put her trainers on to keep up with you!  I love the skittle rainbow experiment, I would have eaten them too ?.

Chloe and Lauren – only you could look so glamorous up a tree Chloe?. Those Chorley cakes look pretty gorgeous too! Lauren, you’ve got a bit of something on your face on that photo, did you know ? ??

Evelyn – now that is what I call a sausage roll! ?. I’m a bit worried though, where did you find a dragon’s nest complete with eggs?! Do I need to be careful when I get out of my car?

Harvey and Freddie-Joe – congratulations chaps! ?? well done on your fantastic cycling achievement. I love your magpie poster Harvey, do you get them in your garden? Freddie-Joe, a volcano word search is absolutely perfect for you!?

Maisie – I cant wait to see the finished t-shirt, I really hope it worked. It looks like you have been keeping Olivia busy, is she difficult to control ??

Kiera – it was lovely to see you at school today, and have a a very distanced virtual hug ?. Your levitating meditation photo is my absolute favourite this week. I just can’t work out if you’re being beamed up or down! ?

Thank you for all your amazing photographs, we really do love to see your happy little  faces having fun ?stay safe.

Love Mrs Jackson x


Owen, you blow us a way with your continued effort and achievements.Well done for completing the 30 Day challenge: 30 sessions in 30 days is impressive. You definitely earned the Maths-tastic certificate. You continue with your hard work and we do believe you will fill your Home Study book – that really will be a moment. My (Mrs Emms) favourite photograph is the one of you studying in the garden; sensibly sitting with your sunhat on; and with a water bottle by your side. The tray of brownies looked rather good too. We hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the weather allows you to social distance with the family Owen. These are strange times.

Kiera, we enjoyed seeing all your nature photographs. The animals seem to know your garden is a good place to be – plenty of quality food available. Kiera, did you take the photographs? It is a good way of recording the ‘natural’ activity in your garden. We were pleased to hear you have been working hard on your school work. Maybe you could share your stories with us via email? We wondered with your interest in the Solar system whether you saw the full moon last week? If you look at the moon this week you will notice it is in the waning phase of the moon’s cycle, although when the sky is full of clouds it is difficult to see!

It’s hard to think we are now in Week 12 and that many of you have been working so hard and learning so many new things and developing your skills. We can only imagine the excitement of seeing you and sharing your news face to face. In the mean time keep sending us your news. We love to hear what you have been doing and to see your smiley faces.

Remember to stay Alert and Stay Safe,

Mrs Emms, Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart.


Blake– thank you for cheering us both up with your fantastic photos! We love that you are keeping us busy, what will we get up to next? ?
Seth– what an amazing structure! We can’t wait to see the finished product,  maybe the Mini’s could help you? We bet they would be really useful ?.
from Mrs.Hammond and Mrs.Jackson