A Message from your teacher….week 12

What a busy fortnight of show and tell from all of you children. Sadly I have been off school for a week poorly, not with coronavirus, thankfully, but with a neck that won’t move! I have loved seeing all of your photographs and all of the work that you have done. It has been really wonderful having more children back in school, but it certainly feels strange and very different to the busy lovely places we are used to. We really hope it won’t be too long before we’re all back together again. You have all done incredibly well during the lockdown. We are all so very proud of you and your parents who have made amazing teachers. When we get back to normal we hope that some of your mums and dads will want to carry on developing their teaching skills, and come into school as helpers!

What a lot of lava lamps you have been busy with. They look really fabulous Evelyn, Chloe and Lauren. . and the growing gummy bears look intriguing.

More lockdown birthdays to celebrate.

Maisie that looks a beautiful cake.
Owen I love your socially distanced birthday get together in the garden.
Amy I thought you were 949 when I 1st saw your cake. Happy Birthday to you and dad.

I love how in touch with nature and outdoors you have all got.

Jack that foal is beautiful and Isaac your tadpoles are incredible and I shall be putting in my order for some of your delicious new potatoes.
Daisy and Evie the wet weather has certainly hindered your outdoors adventures but I bet your radishes tasted lovely. I will have to show you a picture of mine – they’re not very big.

You all have been so creative too.

Oscar your VW Golf is phenomenal.
I love the story spoons that Elise and Bella have made and Elise your project on the NHS nurse is inspired.
I’m sad that we have missed our PGL – time it’s sad when we have to miss things we had been looking forward to. Next week I should have been in Glastonbury for my birthday! !  I will have to imagine listening to Jake and Ben’s drumming of Metallica’s greatest hits under an umbrella in my garden.

Ilona so lovely to see your face and mummy looking so well. Victoria I am so pleased you are reading, reading, reading!

It will soon be the summer holiday. Hopefully the sun will be coming back so we can all enjoy outdoors. Fingers crossed more restrictions will be lifted and we can spend lovely days playing with at least some of our friends.

Take care, stay safe and keep reading,

love from Mrs Murray X


Jack– awww how amazing! ? That foal is gorgeous, you were so lucky being able to get so close to it. Does it have a name?

Maisie– happy birthday!? I hope you had a fantastic day. The bunting looks a fab, you and Olivia have done a great job!

Oscar– I always think the best bit about baking is being able to lick the spoon! ? Your VW looks amazing, my car needed to go to the garage this week, I should have brought it to you!

Elise and Bella– it was lovely to see you and Robert last week, even though we were a bit soggy! I love your story spoons Elise ? how gorgeous?! I’m not sure I would like to go on a lion hunt though Bella! ?

Jakeand Ben– lovely to see you getting in the drumming practice boys. Ben, you are becoming quite the chef, what’s your specialty???‍? Do you join in cooking too Jake, or is it safer to keep away from Ben when he’s got a knife?!

Ilona– hello little lady! How lovely to see you smiling face! I hope you are all alright. Has it been somebody’s birthday? That cake looks amazing! ?

Isaac– did you have to crawl through the tunnel first to show your dogs what to do? ? A heart shaped potato ? how lovely! Why did the did the spud wear socks? To keep its pota-toes warm!

Daisyand Evie– it’s lovely to see that you two are keeping each other, and mum and dad,  busy! I love the Father’s Day cards, dad and grandad will love them all the more because they are home made ?

Owen– it looks like you had a splendid birthday! How lovely to have some of your family together, I can’t wait to do the same with mine. We have missed being at PGL too, I did think about climbing the tree in my garden instead, but thought better of it! ?

Evelyn– it has been lovely seeing your cheeky little face through the window this week. Mmmmmm chocolate chip cookies, yummy! Those strawberries look delicious too!?

Chloeand Lauren– any experiment that involves jelly sweets is of interest to me! I can’t believe you can grow a gummy bear. I mean, what’s better than a gummy bear? – a giant gummy bear! Congratulations on your awesome maths work too ????

Amy– happy birthday to yoooouu? I hope you and dad had lovely days. How can you be 9? It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago that we came on your home visit- you were eating Pringles! It’s been lovely seeing Sam, and his new hairstyle around school too ?

Victoria– two teeth in one week, wow! That will have kept the tooth fairy on her toes!?‍♀️ You look like you have been really busy . I love the pink love heart biscuits. I bet your family loved them too ?

I can’t believe it’s been 12 weeks since we were all together. We really have missed you all.

Stay safe ? love Mrs Jackson X


Maisie– Happy 9th Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with your family ? The bunting you made with Olivia looks fantastic too. I’m glad you enjoyed making slime – it’s not one of my favourite things so you’re much braver than me! Stay Safe xx
Jake – What a busy week for you and Ben! I love to see the photos of you at your drum kit – you must be working so hard learning all those new songs. You’ll have to give us a performance when you’re in Year 6! I think your music choices are brilliant, it always makes me smile ? The lava lamps look pretty cool too. Fingers crossed for some sunshine this week! Keep Smiling x
Isaac – It sounds like your tadpoles are making great progress! We have some in a little pond at our house and we’ve noticed they’ve grown legs too. Perhaps they’re a similar age? I love that you’ve been trying to teach your dogs some cool tricks – one success out of two is great going ? Mrs Emms enjoys training her dogs so perhaps you could ask her for some tips! That love heart shaped potato is very special too. Take care x
Daisy– I can see just how busy you’ve been again this week, despite the wet weather. Let’s hope for some sunshine again this week! The Father’s Day cards you’ve made look fantastic; I bet Dad will love them ? I’m pleased you’ve enjoyed some more produce from your garden and home-made ice cream sounds like it would go brilliantly with your home-grown strawberries! Keep Smiling x
Chloe– The science experiments that you’ve done with Lauren look like great fun! I don’t blame you for having a go at creating your own sweet shop ? Amazing work with your Maths factor trophy and I hope you earned that well-deserved gold one! Keep Smiling x
Amy – Happy 9th Birthday Amy! (And many happy returns to Dad too!) That birthday cake does look delicious and it was very kind of you to share it with your Dad. I hope you enjoyed celebrating – although that lovely rainbow looks like a special birthday treat to me?? The Lego hospital looks great; what a fab present to receive! I’m glad you’re still enjoying your schoolwork and it always makes me smile to picture you working hard, like you always used to in class ? Keep Smiling and Stay safe x
Thank you all for your wonderful photos this week. It’s great to see what you’ve all been up to and to gasp at how much you seem to have grown! It seems like such a long time since we were all together in class and I miss your smiling faces in a morning.
I hope we have some lovely sunshine again this week so we can enjoy being outside, exploring.
Take care and Keep Smiling.
With Love,
Mrs Barraclough x


Happy 11th birthday for this last week, Owen.  It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day.  It’s great now that we can see each other again in our gardens, isn’t it? I bet it was lovely to see your auntie and grandparents.
Well done on keeping on top of your school work each week and it’s great that you are also receiving and completing work from ‘The Vale,’
I know Mrs Emms was so pleased to catch up with you when she dropped off your learning pack.
It is such a shame that we missed out on PGL but I’m pleased you’ve made the most of the outdoors this last weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.  I loved the photo of the hedgehog.  Has she/he got a name?  I wonder if you will catch sight of it again this week.
Take care Owen
Mrs Welton, Mrs Emms and Mrs McTaggart


Evie– making your own ice-cream? Wow! That sounds absolutely delicious. Well done for trying hard with your school work, I am very proud of you! I hope you keep enjoying your home grown fruit and vegetables and maybe learn how to use them in different dishes! Keep smiling!

From Miss Sanderson x


JackI love that picture! Wow! You look like you’re having a great time.
Oscar– They look like amazing cookies! I bet they were yummy!
Ilona– How wonderful to see you and you and mum look just lovely! You look like you are having a great time, I do miss your smiling face!
Keep smiling!
Mrs Revitt x