A Message from your teacher….week 13

Dear children,

Doesn’t the sunshine make a difference? When we can get outside everything seems more ‘normal’ doesn’t it?

School seems a bit more normal with at least some children in it, but definitely not the same without all the usual fun and laughter. Especially at this time of year when we are usually knee deep in Enterprise making, Gang Show and School Play preparations and getting ready for our Leaver’s Services.

Some of you are welcoming new puppies and pets into your homes which must be so very exciting. Euan and Cerys, Bonnie the Beagle looks adorable- you are so lucky. You need to tell Bella and Elise what tricks of persuasion you used on mum and dad, as they are desperate for a sausage dog puppy and haven’t quite won their mum and dad over yet??

Elise I am loving the purple hair- mine is changing colour too!!! I am not sure if purple is the way forward for me though, more pewter!! Mr Courtney has been all the colours of the rainbow. Yesterday we voted and today it is a red Mohican he is sporting!!!

Daisy and Evie your gruesome finds look awesome- you have walked so far during lockdown, we will need to have walking lessons when we come back to keep you both busy and active!!

With the easing of some of the lockdown measures I am delighted Owen that you got to spend time with your big sister Jemma- that looked so special.

Chloe and Lauren with nana in your Bubble you must be so excited- I spent some time with my mum and dad last Saturday- sitting in the middle of a field socially distanced but it was a real tonic.We are all getting through this and we have done brilliantly.

Next week sees us into July and even though it seems strange at school we are getting ready for the end of the year- with report writing. We still hope that we can say goodbye to all of you year six children so that you get a proper end to your primary school time.

We are all busy making all sorts of plans for the Autumn term but, like you, we are so ready for a rest and some sunshine.

Stay Safe and Keep reading.

Love Mrs Murray


Daisy – Wow! What fab outdoor adventures you’ve been on this week! I love all your little discoveries, even the gruesome ones ? Your foraging sounds like it was very successful and the courgette and pansy cake looks both delicious and very pretty. Fantastic memories being made by you and Evie?
Take care x
Chloe – Another busy and successful week for you – congratulations on achieving your second Gold Cup award on the Maths Factor! You should feel proud of all your hard work ? I love the shell art you and Lauren have created; they look beautiful and a great upcycled project. I bet it was wonderful spending time with your Nana and exploring the beach.
Keep Smiling x
Thank you for your photos – I do love to see what you’ve been up to.
Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next!
Stay Safe
With Love,
Mrs Barraclough x


I swear these weeks are going by faster and faster!!Euan and Cerys– Cerys, the symmetry work looks great and Euan, the K’nex vehicle is fab, but  a PUPPY!!! Bonnie the beagle is GORGEOUS ?I love her!  I imagine she is keeping you on your toes! Is she really mischievous? ?Daisy and Evie– I always feel like I have spent the whole week with you when I look through your photos girls!
I would have loved to have drawn that skull, did you work out what animal it was from? I had to look twice at the next couple of pictures, I thought Evie was relaxing with a glass of wine! ? Your courgette and pansy cake looks beautiful, what did it taste like?( courgette and pansies I imagine!)

Owen– do you know, there’s something really special about evenings spent toasting marshmallows, especially when you have your family together❤️it must have been lovely to have your sister home.
Working hard and looking smart, sporting a dapper new haircut. Keep up the good work old chap.

Elise and Bella– it looks like you and Robert have got the hang of ice lolly making Bella, were they yummy?
Elise, I love, love, love the hair. I think all ballerinas should have multicoloured hair?. Cute puppy warning! How sweet and super tiny?!  Puppies take a lot of looking after, (ask Cerys and Euan) it’s something Mums and Dads have to have a really good think about ( but I’ll keep my fingers crossed ?)

Chloe and Lauren– such hard work and dedication ladies to achieve your maths certificates, a huge congratulations ????
I adore your shell art, it looks beautiful. What a fantastic idea. You two always did love a craft activity ?

Another week of gorgeous photos from your wonderful adventures. Missing you all. Stay safe and take care.

Love Mrs Jackson ?X


Owen, it must have been exciting to have your sister to come to visit and stay over. We have certainly missed seeing family and friends face to face.

Being out at dusk with just the light from the flames is always exciting and you have given me the opportunity to remind everyone reading this to take care around the BBQ and when sitting around the ‘camp fire’.

Thank you for your writing Simply the Best. I know Mrs Byrne was touched by your comments.

Fantastic to hear you are carrying on with all your learning. I have missed teaching you about the water cycle but it looks as though you have it sorted. Well done, Owen

Do take care and enjoy this sunny weather.

Mrs Emms, Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart.