A Message from your teacher….week 14

Dear children and parents,

Can I start by saying thank you for my wonderful birthday messages, starting with the card which I picked up as I left school on Friday (thank you Laina).  On Saturday when I read the email with all your messages, photographs and good wishes, it made me cry very happy tears.
I had a lovely birthday weekend pretending I was at Glastonbury (I should have been watching Diana Ross!)

You all look like you have been busy once again And enjoying the sunshine. Today is very rainy but I am reading the last of your reports which is making me smile. Well done all of you.

Oscar you look like you have had an amazing time the camping and the bacon butties look fabulous – drinking the fizzy water not so fabulous.

Jess your 9th birthday and a cookery book. I’m not surprised! You have cooked lots during lockdown.

Elise, Bella and Robert – what a fabulous idea: a scavenger hunt. Well done Elise for organising it and ‘The Little Prince’ is one of my favourite books of all time too.

Euan and Cerys strawberry picking. It should be Wimbledon right now shouldn’t it? I would really like to try one of Cery’s cakes.

Hayley, Emily and Felicity – what a busy week! Riding without your stabilisers well done! I am jealous that you managed to do your 10,000 steps today. I am going to get myself a step tracker as I need to do some more, rather than sitting at my desk.

Daisy and Evie – you are always so busy. I’m amazed that you found gooseberries – did you eat them raw, or did you cook them?

Owen I’m really pleased you managed to work in granny’s garden for a change of scenery it does make all the difference and I’m glad you enjoyed reading your report.

Today the guidance was published for what we must do to make sure we are ready for everyone to come back in September.
We are all desperate to see you all back in school, by the end of next week I will be able to tell you all what September is going to look like and we are excited.

Hope you are too.

Love Mrs Murray


Oscar– I’m so pleased you got to have your camp out, it looks like you have a well stocked tent!
I do love a toasted marshmallow.   Lots of you have been making lockdown lava lamps, they all look really groovy! I’ve never thought of using my glue gun on glitter, it looks fab, a bit like some sort of intergalactic space coral! ?
Jess– ? Happy birthday to yoooouuuu ? I hope you had a fantastic day! Now that you have your own cookbook you really need willing volunteers to try out your creations- you know where I live! I hope the jam making didn’t end up too sticky! ?Maybe you need to rustle up a batch of scones to spread it on!
Elise, Bella and Robert– that looks like an amazing ice cream Bella! ?You  look like you’ve been really busy and deserved a break.
Who would have thought a trampoline would be so useful? It’s great that you’re all enjoying reading, You will be teaching Robert to love books without even realising! I love that you have your own little book review club Elise ?What a great idea? Although, I wonder if there is more giggling than book reviewing ?
Euan and Cerys– it looks like you had quite a responsibility there Euan! It has been so hot ? I really hope the fan building was a success. Cerys busy in her “huge” kitchen again, I’m not at all jealous ? Did you use the strawberries that you had picked to make your cake, or did you eat most of them before you left the strawberry field ?
Hayley, Emily and Felicity– I had heard that there were fairy houses in Broughton woods, did you find lots? I wonder if the fairies helped poor Grandma find her way back to you? ??‍♀️
It looks like Felicity is growing bigger every week. She is very lucky to have you two big sisters to help her ?? I do love the idea of painting your own plates, I bet you can’t wait to get them back and have some lovely home made cakes on them!
Daisy and Evie– you two have turned into skater girls this week, something I have never been able to do! Do your critters enjoy being bathed? I had no idea that you could give a tortoise a bath ?
Wow, a badger skull! It’s bigger than I thought it was. You should have a go at drawing it too. Take your time and look really carefully! You definitely manage to unearth some wonderful finds, that is the biggest fungi I’ve ever seen ? congratulations on your cucumber harvest!
Owen– do you ever rest ? You have researched so many interesting topics, which has been your favourite? It must have been lovely for Granny just to have you in her garden. It seems like so long since we have been able to do all the normal things we take for granted. I think it makes us realise what is important to us ?. Another culinary success! I am expecting to see some of your fabulous bakes in a cookbook someday ?
I can only imagine your report to have been glowing. Well done old chap ?So many bakes this week ? All the staff at school are available to take any unwanted slices of flapjack, cake, scones or sausage rolls off your hands. ? ?Take care. Stay safe .Love Mrs Jackson ?


Ooh Bella the scavenger hunt looks fun! Well done for finding everything on the list.  That ice cream looks delicious!! Let’s hope the sun comes back and you can get back to your favourite spot on the trampoline!!

from Mrs Houlton


Jess– Happy 9th Birthday! It looks like you had a fantastic day celebrating. ??? All that delicious food and wonderful presents must have made your day extra special. The jam making looks like fun – how did it turn out?
Keep Smiling (and baking!) x
Daisy– More fun adventures for you with foraging and looking after your pets. What did you make with the gooseberries you found? Your sunflowers look amazing; I think they’ll soon be as tall as you! ?? Stay Safe x
Lovely photos from you both – I do love to see what you’ve been up to! Here’s to next week’s adventures ?
With Love,
Mrs Barraclough x


Owen, it looks as though you have been as busy as ever with a good balance of activities. We were pleased to hear you took advantage of the sunny week to carry out the evaporation investigations. Did you come to any conclusions?
The change of scenery was a great idea and we feel sure Granny will have enjoyed it as much as you did. It is lovely that we can see family again.
Your baking skills are clearly developing; the cherry scones looked delicious. Just add some of Jess’s homemade jam and cream and you have the perfect afternoon treat.

Mrs Welton enjoyed her skip around Barnetby delivering the study packs and was especially excited this week to deliver, to you, your glowing report. In these past 14 weeks Owen, you have clearly demonstrated all that we have said in your report is true. Well done.

Carry on doing what you are doing Owen – work hard, play hard is the recipe to success.

Hoping to see you on the Yr6 Leavers Day, until then take care.

Mrs Emms, Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart.


Euan, I’m so impressed that you’ve learnt how to wire in fans- putting our electricity learning to good use I see. (I’m sure Dad was there to ensure you were completely safe!) What a treat to go strawberry picking! Did you eat some whilst you were collecting? So tempting though, isn’t it! I used to have a holiday job picking strawberries and I earned £1 for every six punnets I picked. Happy memories…

Elise, you have not failed to impress me during lockdown! Love the idea of the zoom book club. I bet you are loving it still! Will you keep it up after Lockdown? I think I know the answer. Well done for working so well with you siblings again- planning a fun scavenger hunt- they are so lucky. Good luck with your on-going puppy persuading challenge. If your as successful as you were in your ‘Should homework be banned?’ and ‘Should athletes protest on a match?’, then I know it’ll be almost impossible for the powers that be to refuse!
Take care everyone,
Mrs Byrne x


Oooh Cerys, baking again! I hope I get to try one of your cakes sometime soon, I bet they’re getting better every time! Strawberry picking must have been fun, I wonder whether you ate them on their own or with ice cream!

Evie it looks like you’re still keeping busy, I have been so impressed with the work you have been emailing me. I bet it is lovely being able to pick fruit and veg from your own garden, I wonder if you have been learning some new recipes to use your produce in. Keep smiling, climbing and exploring!

from Miss Sanderson


Oscar I am so happy to see that smile of yours! You just look like you are having the best time. The raisins was a tricky one but I hope you enjoyed your drink!

Hayley & Emily you girls are just so busy! I am always so impressed with everything you have got up to and I can’t wait to hear all about it when we are back in school.

From Mrs Revitt