A Message from your teacher….week 15

Dear children and parents,
Your show and tells this week made for really lovely viewing. I’m so happy to see that you all look cheerful and well. I’m really pleased that you are getting through this tricky time with smiles on your faces.
Your mums and dads have all been brilliant being your teachers. We know that’s not easy an easy job!

Euan and Cerys, I can’t think that you manage to get any work done with that beautiful new puppy it was so lovely to meet you all At school. Well done for getting your school work done.
Keira and Mia your day at Cleethorpes looks fabulous. I am so pleased that you have kept reading. You deserve the strawberries as a reward for all your hard work. Poor Dillon not getting any.
Daisy and Evie, I am so impressed with all that jam making. I bet you had to do a lot of maths to workout your quantity’s. I hope one day I can taste your jam.
Owen, I don’t know that you’ll ever want to go back to school – your home schooling is amazing. I’m intrigued by what was in your no bake recipe, it looks very tasty.
Amy I hope you’re not missing Sam too much now he’s back at school. You’re certainly keeping busy at home with your own home school well done on the somersault. I’d love to see your mum have a go.
Elise and Bella, your sketching is amazing- home school has certainly seen your art skills really advance . I bet it was hard to leave those puppies. Don’t lose heart though: my children kept going and we got Stanley in the end!

On a rainy day, and with only one week to go to the end of the strangest term of my 35 years as a teacher, I know that I am ready for the summer holiday. I bet you all are too. I’m sure you will be ready to put down the schoolbooks and have some rest and relaxation to build you all up ready for coming back in September when we will all be together again.. . and raring to go!
Our year six are getting ready to move on and we will say goodbye to them this week, or next, with our leavers picnics. I am sad that we can’t say goodbye in our usual way in a packed church with lots of singing and sharing of memories, both good and bad. We haven’t been able to have our usual farewell parties. It would be nice to think we could have these next year when things are getting back to normal, fingers crossed. Always looking on the positive side at least we have avoided the inevitable tears that some of us spend the last day in floods of.

Take care and enjoy your last school week of this academic year
Love Mrs Murray


Euan and Cerys– you and Bonnie look very comfy Euan. I hope she is settling in to your family . I think you and Cerys ought to start your own odd job business. ⚒You’re both definitely very handy to have around!

Keira and Mia– you look like you were all having fun at the beach. It’s so nice to start doing things that feel a little bit normal isn’t it??I’m really pleased your allotment is doing well, what will you make with all your produce????

Daisy and Evie– it looks like it’s been a very berry week for you both! ?? that cherry pie looks yummy, did you have it with custard or ice cream? I bet your house smelled really delicious when you were making your jam!

Owen– you should be so proud of all your lockdown achievements, your attitude towards your work has been amazing. ? I have loved seeing what you have been up to every week.  Make sure you have some fun during the summer ?

Amy– I love that you’ve got Mum and Dad on board with your exercise routine, I bet they love it! ? Congratulations on your trampolining skills ?? I’m guessing that first somersault was the scariest?

Elise, Bella and Robert– Bella I got all excited when I saw your first couple of pictures, I thought your powers of persuasion had worked! Elise, your drawing is amazing. You must have looked really carefully at your picture of Robert to get the proportions spot on. Well done. ? I’m sure Miss Lucy and Miss Jo will be missing you all too. Hopefully it won’t be too long until those gates are open again ?

Keep making memories?. Take care and stay safe.

Love Mrs Jackson x ?


Thank you to you all for sharing what you’ve been up. It’s heartening to see such perseverance from you and your families.

It was lovely to meet your adorable Beagle puppy, Euan and Cerys, even from a distance. That cuteness will get him out of lots of trouble, I’m sure. Well done for getting on with your computer learning- your results are looking very promising!
Elise, I’m so proud of you starting to fundraise for the Beamish Museum, you have such a kind heart! Still keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll manage to persuade your parents to get a puppy.
Keep safe and enjoy your last week of work,
Mrs Byrne


Daisy – What busy bees you and Evie have been once again this week! I love how your enthusiasm never ends and that you’re always pushing yourself to do interesting or challenging things. All the jam you’ve made sounds delicious! ? That red and blue bug looks very interesting too, I’ve never seen anything like it before- I wonder what it is? Stay Safe x
Amy – It’s wonderful to hear how busy you’ve been this last week and that you’re still enjoying your learning. Mum’s right to be proud of your perseverance and determination to succeed ?I love how you’ve created your own exercise plan – I think I could do with some of your ideas! I have to say, your somersault looks soooo impressive! It’s great to hear that you found the courage to try out something as challenging (and slightly scary) as that ? Keep Smiling x
Lovely photos that brighten up a bit of a miserable week! Thank you for sharing your adventures. Can’t wait to see what next week involves!
Take care,
With Love
Mrs Barraclough x


Cerys– I bet you are enjoying having lots of puppy cuddles, it was so lovely to see you and Bonnie the other day. Your grandad is very clever making such a lovely bench and I’m sure your painting will have been just as good. Keep smiling! 

Evie– Wow you know how to keep busy. Yet again I have been astonished with the quality and quantity of schoolwork you have been doing; keep it up! Fruit collecting looks fun and I am sure eating the baked goods is even better! Keep smiling! 

Keira– Your trip to the beach looks so much fun; I bet it was nice to have a little bit if normality. How wonderful that you’ve been able to grow your own strawberries, I am sure they’re delicious. It was lovely to see you on Friday, with that lovely red hair! Keep smiling!

from Miss Sanderson


Owen, you never cease to amaze us with your effort and determination: this week learning about light and shadows (a good time of the year for these investigations).
We were wondering which school year you decided to focus upon to recall your memories – perhaps you can let us know?
This year has certainly been like no other! We liked the idea of ‘no bake’ recipes and are excited at the thought of you sharing your chosen brand name and packaging with us.
Just like you we are looking forward to seeing all the Year 6 at the leavers picnic.
Best Wishes to you,
Mrs Emms, Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart