A Message from your teacher….week 16

Dear children and newly retired parent teachers,

You have no idea how much your pictures have helped all the staff, across both schools, through the last few weeks and especially this week, as we drew up and finalised the plans for September and waded our way through the guidance issued by the government.

Whether you have been making guinea pig runs, milk shakes (or should that be cream shake :D) or family meals, honing your impressive drawing skills, going on a family walk or growing impressively tall sunflowers, it is wonderful to see you learning new skills, having fun and enjoying precious family time together.

So it’s officially the Summer holidays and that means all you wonderful parent teachers can step down from the role you have all filled brilliantly, and relax. Enjoy the next few weeks with your children, and if you can, buy yourselves an end of term drink or two- you have earned it!

We look forward to welcoming you all back in September but now is the time to relax, rest and have fun (oh, and READ).

Take care and keep safe,

With love from Mrs Murray xx


Jess– Fantastic photos showing what a fun filled week you’ve had again ? I’m sure you’re in training for Masterchef! The tomato soup looks delicious and the chicken goujons look much healthier than the shop bought ones. Great job! I think you truly deserve the roasted marshmallows after all your hard work with home learning and cooking. I hope you have a lovely Summer break.
Stay Safe
from Mrs Barraclough xx


Euan and Cerys– Euan I am so impressed with all the new skills you have acquired⚒. These are things that will come in really useful as you get older! Cerys you absolutely have to teach me the secret to your awesome milkshake making! It looks delicious , did you need a spoon?!?

Owen – working super hard…again! I love your aboriginal art, did it take you a long time to complete? How exciting to be zooming your new school! I know you will be fine, I also know if you’re not sure of something you will ask? You’re going to love it.

Jess– I love that you are expanding your menu, I bet your family love it too! Do you prefer cooking or baking? ??‍?I think it’s great that you can do a full meal, do you have to do all the washing up when you’ve finished? Thank you for the delicious, now famous,  flapjack? it was a scrummy!

Emilyand Hayley– I love to see your adventures, but I’m not sure Felicity looks very happy in her pushchair ? Your sunflowers have grown so tall, do you think they will get taller than the canes? I knew those plates would look amazing, well done ladies ??

Thank you for all your lovely photographs? take care and stay safe, love from Mrs Jackson X


Cerys– I have been impressed with your baking during lockdown, a hobby you will keep for life. It’s certainly my favourite hobby, but I’m not sure if it’s the baking or eating that I prefer! Have a wonderful summer holidays.
from Miss Sanderson


Owen, it’s certainly been an extraordinary period in which to end your time at St Barnabas. You have worked incredibly hard and with enthusiasm. Please, please, please keep your Study Books safe: they will provide an incredible insight for future generations.
Take care and continue to be just who you are.
With Love
Mrs Emms, Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart.


So lovely to see all your home learning antics this week. Many looked especially yummy!

Euan, what amazing skills you’re learning- we certainly couldn’t teach you those at primary school. Your DT teachers are going to find it tricky to teach you anything you can’t already do!

Keep doing what makes you happy, everyone,
Mrs Byrne x