A Message from your teacher….week 2

Dear Children and your families,

Well if we thought week one was interesting week two has been amazing. Thank you all for taking the time to join in our collective Show and Tell. It is so important for YOU all to keep in touch with what you’re all doing, but it’s just as important for US grown-ups too. The joy of being with you all every day, and watching you all grow up and learn is what usually gets us up each day so your photos and news help us too. Keep them coming!

We can’t believe what you have all been up to. In turn your photos and news have made us smile, laugh and cry, yes cry… some tears of laughter and joy but tears too because we miss you.

Corban the look on your face- Priceless!! Keep updating us with tadpole photos and news James please.

Jacob and Jonah your handwriting will be even more beautiful when we come back. I can’t wait to see it.

Ella Marie, Euan, Amy, Freddie and Harvey, Riley and Ellie Mae all that baking- yummy- staff will be pleased to try all your endeavours when we get back to school, and Sam and your flapjack ..Master Chef for you.  I love to see you siblings spending quality time together  baking, exercising, playing games together- Francesca and Phoebe I think playing a game in Japanese would be a challenge for anyone though- hope you didn’t fall out. Chloe is that smile because Kaitlyn and Tobias are playing with you?

Exercise??? Wow!!! Keira and Mia with Yoga, Harry and Charlie scooting, Ben and Jake from Brigg to Barnetby by bike -How long did that take??? And all that Joe Wicks!! We still do this in school with the children of Key Workers- 2 metres apart of course!

We love to see all your work on our daily challenges and your craft and technology creations too.

I bet mum was pleased that Euan and Cerys did not do the exploding volcano on the new kitchen floor.

Harrison it’s such a shame your rain gauge hasn’t had much use this week.

Hayley and Emily and Fliss looked to be having fun testing their boats in the bath.

How many birds have you had on your bird feeders Evelyn?

Sam that tree house looks amazing- more pictures please, especially of you getting up there. Is it just for you or do Alex and Joe get to come up too?

Cole I have been planting with Millie too- we planted carrots, beans and radishes (we don’t even like radishes!)

Alex and Thomas making paper planes for science- how far did they go?

Chloe and Lauren I have a homemade catapult in my office too- don’t ask me what I do with it- I can’t possibly tell you!

Blake your model looks fabulous, I am sure you would be able to tell me about every single part of it and I am intrigued by your blue hand.

Even when you are doing what looks like ‘school’ work it looks like you are having fun. Eloise and Theo ‘doing’ History on Zoom interviewing Grandma; Harry working with your little sister on Twinkl; Victoria all that work looks amazing; Seth you have achieved so much- I am so pleased you are keeping reading- hope you have lots of books, I have run out and am re –reading old ones I have read before and some on my phone but it’s just not the same as holding a real book.

Owen you look mega busy at your desk and those rainbows are gorgeous. Jess a personal best for your timetables grid!!!- I’ll take you on when we get back to school, but I am very rusty (my PB used to be 1:48!!)

As we are in Holy Week I am thinking about where we would be with our Lenten Cross at school. Amy I think your Easter tree looks brilliant- thank you for the idea- Millie and I will have ago at one this week and Oscar I am so glad to see Spring Chicken even if I can’t hear you all singing it.

Finally Jayden Lee. That school shoe made several of your teachers cry. The drawing is brilliant it’s the fact that you miss wearing it….

I have told all the staff that this week we shall be doing a staff Show and Tell- I have asked them all to photograph themselves doing something you might not expect them to be doing!!!! That might be fun.

Take care and have a lovely week. Remember you are on holiday but keep reading, keep exercising and don’t eat too much chocolate!!!!

Love Mrs Murray


Hi everyone would just like to say how much I am enjoying seeing all your pictures of the things you are doing. You are all working very hard keep it up you will all have so much to talk about when we get back.

Missing you all, sending love, Mrs Stothard xx


Hi Eloise, we think the snacks idea is amazing.  We could do with that idea in our houses.  It’s great that you interviewed your grandma and I bet she loved it too.  Did you find lots out about her that you didn’t previously know?  We’d be happy to sample your cooking again when we get back to school, Eloise.  Your Welsh scones were delicious!

Jayden, the drawing of your shoe is fantastic.  You are such a talented artist.  Like you, we hope it’s not long before you’re putting those shoes on and walking to school!  We’d love to see a photo of you next week and some more of your art work – maybe your cartoon character?

What an amazing photo of your tadpoles, Corban.  We can’t wait to hear all about their development – be sure to keep us posted.  American pancakes sound amazing too!  We’ll have to look up the recipe for some of those!

Great photos, Sam.  The flapjack looks amazing – it’s Mrs Emm’s favourite!  It’s great that you’re getting some times tables practice in too.  We loved seeing your cartoon drawings – you have included so much detail.  Thank you for sharing them.  We’re pleased you’re managing to keep the football up too.

We are so pleased you have posted another photo of you and Phoebe, Francesca.  The game looks like good fun.  Perhaps you could teach us the rules once back at school.  Keep having fun and posting the photos!

Owen, we’re loving your rainbow.  Be sure to put it in your window for everyone to admire.  You look to be enjoying a good mix of lots of activities.  That looks like a very difficult Joe Wick’s move you’re doing there.  We’re not sure we’re quite up to that one!

From Mrs Welton & Mrs Emms


James and Corban – Yay James, what a smile? Corban your face is a picture! This post has made me want pancakes.

Keira and Mia – Awwww you two!  You look so professional, you even have your own mats. I imagine a lovely calmness in your house.

Francesca and Phoebe – Impressive work ladies, deciphering a different language, does that mean you got to make up your own rules?!

Harrison – You have been busy. I love that you’ve made a rain gauge but I really hope it stays empty this week!

Lauren and Chloe – I am loving those glitter lamps ladies. You look like you’re keep Mum and Dad really busy.

Harry – Aww Harry, what a lovely photo of you and Maddie hard at work. I bet she is keeping you organised!

Alex (and Thomas) – Have you come up with the perfect paper aeroplane design Alex? Mine always fly straight into the floor!

Oscar – I am really missing hearing you all singing spring chicken! What a fantastic task from Uncle James. Happy Birthday!

Harry and Charlie – It looks like you two are keeping really busy. Let’s hope it stays nice and sunny so you can go on some more scooter rides.

Euan and Cerys – Slime and gloop, two of my favourite things!

Ewan – Im so pleased you are having fun Ewan. I bet Rory is loving having his big brother at home. I’m not sure about the finding bugs though…

Chloe – Chloe that huge smile has made my day. I really miss hearing your laugh coming down the corridor!

Harvey and Freddie – I hope you sorted that bunk bed.  Can you post banana bread? I’m sure it would go through my letterbox!

Victoria – Wowsers lady, you have been busy. Enjoy the sunshine this week.

Sam – I am very jealous. I have always wanted a tree house.

Evelyn – Your Elmers are awesome! I’m sure the birds will love your homemade bird feeders. Oh and Evelyn…POKE!

Owen – Joe Wicks makes me feel really old, you know, like Nanny Mcphee!

Eloise and Theo – looks like I need to borrow your price list at my house, although I think I may have spent over a pound today!

Hayley, Emily and Felicity – Awwww girls, I’m sure you are being amazing big sisters and teachers to your little sister.

Jess – A PB Jess well done! Now, if you could just put some of that delicious baking in an envelope…

Riley and Ellie-Mae – Awww we miss you two too! Those crispy cakes look AMAZING!

Jake and Ben – I wonder, if you add up all your bike rides, how far you will have gone? (love the pencil case).

Sam and Amy – Loved seeing those smiling faces today. Sam, fab pictures and the new king of flapjack! Amy, I love your painted stick Easter tree, it looks gorgeous.

Jayden – A fabulous observational drawing young man. Keep using those skills. But stop making me cry!

From Mrs Jackson


Ella-Marie and Jacob – Ella-Marie do you do a take-out service? Those buns look delicious. Oh an indoor picnic that looks fabulous. Jacob, I always need a sit down after Joe Wicks!

Blake – Your magnificent box creation looks amazing! you look like your pretty handy with a rake too! Kerplunk is one of my favourite games too. How many marbles did you drop?

Jonah – Your writing really made us smile. I love your outdoor chalkboard, and your amazing box models. The ferris wheel looks amazing, I can’t wait to go to a fair again. You’ve been so busy!

Seth – Do you ever stop? I particularly love the thumbs up, it made me smile. Wow Seth, amazing Maths work. I wonder what you baked, hope it was delicious

Cole – When I saw Joe Wicks dressed as Spiderman I just knew you’d be web singing along! You look like you are having lots of fun. I can’t wait to hear how your vegetables are growing.

From Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Jackson  


For Keira, year 3: Wow Keira, your yoga session looks fantastic! Really cool that you have your own yoga mats. Perhaps you could help Miss Sanderson lead a yoga lesson when we are back at school! Keep busy, keep smiling!

For Jacob, year 3: Looks like you have been having fun Jacob, I wonder if you took part in the P.E lesson on Friday with Spiderman? Well done for practising your handwriting, you know how much Miss Sanderson loves it when 3S join their handwriting! How lovely that your sister has baked buns, a nice treat for after your P.E. with Joe Wicks. Keep busy, keep smiling!

For Harry, year 3: Wow Harry, it looks like you’ve been super busy. The bike and scooter rides look great and I think I spot some football skill practice with the cones, impressive! Your rainbow art is wonderful, really made me smile. Fantastic that you have also fitted in time to do a bit of your work pack too. Well done Harry, keep busy and keep smiling!

For Cerys, year 3: A very hands on, practical week, fantastic! The slime and gloop look really fun! Perhaps you could write some instructions for the volcano experiment to bring back to school and share with our class. Keep busy and keep smiling!

For Riley, year 3: Looks like you have been busy Riley. Well done for doing some maths work online, hopefully you’re enjoying the fun games on the websites. Your baking looks fantastic, you know how much Miss Sanderson loves chocolate, I think I will have to make some brownies this week! Keep busy and keep smiling!

To everyone: Keep the photos coming, I look forward to seeing them and reading what you have been up to. I will also be sending some pictures in this week for Show and Tell. I am sure my class will know that at least one photo will involve… chocolate!

From Miss Sanderson


James – I’m so pleased to see such a happy smile on your face! The fact that you’re loving learning at home brightens up my day – keep up the good work! I’m also really interested in your Science tadpole project. I can’t wait to see and hear all your findings. Stay safe and Happy Easter x

Harrison – Wow! You’ve been so busy this week, I’m very impressed! I love that you’ve done so many different things and have created some lovely pieces of work. The rain gauge sounds cool – I wonder what results you’ll find? I know all your friends will be missing you too so keep smiling. Happy Easter x

Chloe – Another week of fun activities at your house Chloe – I am so impressed with your enthusiasm! I love the catapults (but I hope you didn’t cause too much damage!) and the glitter jars look so beautiful and calming. It makes me happy seeing so many smiles from you and Lauren. I know your friends will be missing you just as much so stay positive 🙂 Happy Easter x

Jessica – I love that you’ve earned a PB on your times tables tests Jess, that is impressive! I can’t wait to read your book review – I’ve never really read The Beano so I’m interested to see what you think. I hope that when you do perfect your baking skills that you’ll share the results with us at school – the staffroom always enjoys homemade treats! Keep smiling and Happy Easter x

Jake – I love that you’ve created your own graph to compare the weather in different countries – I can’t wait to see the interesting things it shows. I think you might be the next Chris Froome with all this biking! You’ll certainly be very fit and healthy when we return to school! Happy Easter x

Amy – What lovely, lovely smiles from you this week! That has really brightened my day! Good job with the multiplication grids. I can see that you’re an expert baker and are proud of your yummy cupcakes – they do look tasty 🙂 I absolutely love your Easter tree; what a lovely little keepsake. Wishing you a Happy Easter x

From Mrs Barraclough


Mia – Wow Mia! You’ve inspired me to have a go at some yoga! I really want you to teach me some moves please!

Lauren – Soo busy yet again in the Tuck household! What great activities you have been doing. I may have to make a glitter lamp myself – love that idea!! Pleased to hear you are reading lots too!

Charlie – Amazing rainbow Charlie you have done, so pleased to hear you are enjoying the art challenges! Looks like you are really active and keeping up your football skills with Harry!

Chloe – Lovely to see your happy, smiling face this week Chole and to hear you are having great fun whilst doing the challenges!

Victoria – It doesn’t look like you’ve been taking it easy this week Victoria! A busy bee yet again!! Pleased to hear you have been taking it easy too!

Evelyn – Absolutely love your Elmer Elephants Evelyn!! They are brilliant and I need to know how you made them – you will have to tell me! Well done on making some bird feeders – I’m sure you will be able to spot lots of birds enjoying them!

Theo – Lovely to see what you have up to. I’ve had to google Bob Biddulph to find out when he does tutorials and  will join in the draw along on Tuesday  – we’ll have to compare pictures Theo! Can’t wait to see your drawings! Great idea Eloise setting up a snack price list – think i will do one in my house too!

Ellie-Mae – Ooh those crispy treats look tasty ! What a good Easter treat especially with the little eggs on top! You have been a busy baker Ellie-Mae, brownies as well ! Lovely to hear you are enjoying the activities too!

Ben –  You are going to be super fit  Ben by the time we go back to school ! You’ve been on some long bike rides this week – well done, brilliant!!

From Mrs Houlton


I’m, again, delighted to see you all being so busy and creative, and just getting on and making the best of it.

Alex – What an inspiring, big brother you are being with all the building and creating you’ve done this week. I bet he really looks up to you! I’m guessing the green, camouflaged aeroplane, with the RAF circles on, could glide the furthest… am I correct? Great sand art too- I once made a candle in a similar fashion, using wax grains instead of sand of course.

Euan – a scientist in the making, I see. There really is no end to your talents, is there? Your volcano experiment has reminded me of a similar one where that same chemical reaction can launch a toy rocket- maybe one to do when we get back?

Harvey – Very impressed to see you developing such important life skills: building, baking, keeping fit and helping others.

Sam – You seem to be having a blast, keeping it varied and fun. I especially love your home-made tree house and swing- I have such happy memories of making hide-outs and dens when I was a child.

Thank you all so much for sharing,

Mrs. Byrne x


Harry – I am so pleased to see you are keen to keep going with work. I know the internet can be a bit tricky but well done Harry (& Mum) for keeping going and finding something that works for you. I can’t wait to hear about it all next time I see you!

Oscar – My goodness what a tricky challenge that is! I love all the different writing and I bet you will be able to tell me all about it when we are back at school. I hope you were able to have a look on Google Earth. It really is amazing to see the whole world like that. I also hope that you have been singing Spring Chicken to everyone at home!!

Ewan – You look to be having a great time. I hope your baking tasted great, it does look yummy! I will look forward to you telling me all about your scientific findings and your Great Fire research when we get back to school.

Freddie ( & Harvey) – You look far more energetic than me doing your Joe Wicks workouts! I am hoping you got Mum and Dad joining too! I can’t wait to hear you read when you get back to school, I bet it will blow me away! Enjoy the banana bread!

Hayley & Emily (& Felicity) – Those boats look amazing! You have done some amazing designs and I bet they worked really well because you used a waterproof material. You both look really happy, keep smiling girls. I can’t wait to hear all about everything you have done.

Jayden – What an amazing sketch! You are a talented artist. We will all look forward to the day we can wear our school clothes again and I know it will be just a little bit more special when we do.

Thinking of you all,

Mrs Revitt 


Harry – I am loving seeing what you are doing at home, you look very busy!

Ewan – I love that you have been learning more about the Great Fire of London. Your cooking bowl photo made me smile.

Freddie – You have been very busy Freddie! Your banana bread sounds yummy!

Hayley and Emily – Well done girls, it looks like you are having fun! I love that Felicity is joining in with the challenges too.

Oscar – Uncle James knows just what you love doing! I hope you had a lovely birthday. I love the Spring Chicken song too.

Love from

Miss Jacklin x