A Message from your teacher….week 3

Dear Children and your families,

I am pleased to see that the Holiday Show and Tell this week is all about having fun, growing things, baking and eating too!!

Maisie-Jane those scones look amazing, did you serve them with Jam and Cream?

Keira and Mia– who made that gorgeous birthday cake for Mia- was it your daddy? I hope Keira stopped working long enough to eat a large piece?

Cerys!!! Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate sounds delicious and

Darcy Fairy cakes and a Fairy Garden too. I was trying not to think about sweet things today but your Show and Tell Pictures have made me so hungry and as for

Sam – making my absolute favourite cake- Lemon Drizzle has strengthened my hope that we are all back before the summer so you can make one for me whilst you’re still in Year 6!!!!

Jess your idea for decorating recycled old tin cans ready for planting seeds is a fabulous one and I shall be saving my cans now so that we can do the same at home.

Jack and Lewis have been decorating plant pots too and have some amazing shoots growing towards the sunshine.

Evie and Daisy have planted vegetable seeds- I wonder which veg- I hope you like them! Our beans have come through but not our peas yet, Millie is getting quite frustrated!

I am so pleased the sun has kept on shining and that you have all been outdoors too:

Ethan and Evie I love the idea of putting the tent up now it is a bit sunnier- did you camp out? Oscar probably stayed warmer in his Playmobil camp site- what a brilliant idea.

Stanley your Easter tree looked beautiful- I wish we could have seen your smiling face in the picture too.

Some of you have really kept on working even though it is the holiday- well done to you all.

Logan and Sylvie look very busy inside and outside and Zeke and Ezra what a lot of work you have too. I believe the tooth fairy isn’t locked down like the rest of us so you should be safe Ezra. Amy of course you are taking part in online dance classes – I can just about manage a video conversation but I do need to get ‘Zooming!!!!’

Owen a board game of Hangman- well I never- I challenge you to an actual game before Year 7 and Jayden thank you for sending a picture that didn’t make me cry this week!!!

Ella you poor poor thing. We were all so sad and sorry to hear about your accident. We hope you are recovering well and being extra careful.

The loveliest idea I have seen in all the Show and Tells this week is Jack and Lewis’s family hand print/painting. What a stunning idea. . (we Murray’s will definitely copy ). I think it will remind us when we look back at it, of how families came together and supported and relied on each other in 2020.

Take care and have a lovely second week of your Easter Holiday. Remember you are on holiday (till the weekend) but keep reading, and if you have eaten as much chocolate as I have you will really need to keep exercising!!

Love Mrs Murray


Maisie-Jane – Your scones are better than mine. Mine always look more like biscuits. You’ll have to give me your recipe. I hope you’re singing as you bake.

Cerys – Those strawberries look delicious. You seem to spend a lot of time in that kitchen of yours. I wonder why?

Keira and Mia – Keira you look so grown up and always hard at work. Happy birthday Mia! Your cake looks amazing. I wonder who made it?

Oscar – It’s a shame you couldn’t camp for real, maybe you’ll get a chance before the year is over. Your Playmobil campsite is incredible!

Lewis and Jack – What are you going to plant in those amazing plant pots? I love your lockdown art idea.

Ethan – A homemade chalk board, what a great idea! I’m really sorry that you couldn’t go on holiday, but it looks like you had fun in your giant tent.

Darcy – If I was a fairy I would move straight into that gorgeous fairy house, and eat those fairy cakes, they look scrummy. Oh and Darcy…POKE!

Logan – I love the photo of you and Sylvie working out together. Better watch out though, she will soon be practicing her WWE Smackdown moves on you!

Daisy and Evie – Those rainbow garlands look beautiful ladies. You two are so creative. I look forward to seeing what you design next.

Zeke and Ezra – Zeke I really look forward to seeing more of your calligraphy. Ezra, a wobbly tooth is always something to be proud of! You both look like you are being super busy and having fun together.

Jess – Intergalactic toffee?! that sounds out of this world. I am still waiting for last weeks baking though, I think it must have got lost in the post.

Owen – You look like you’re keeping busy doing lots of different things. Keep smiling, and keep singing!

Jayden –  I feel Waffle Man and Bread Boy need their own comic strip. I’m sure we would all like to read about their adventures.

Amy and Sam – It looks as though you have learnt how to fly this week Amy! I can imagine your house being full of singing and dancing. Sam, Wow…a lemon drizzle cake?! You are going to need a star baker apron soon!

I love seeing all of your happy photographs. Stay safe and look after each other.

Love Mrs Jackson X


Stanley – We love your little Easter tree, it looks so pretty. We bet everyone who sees it smiles! Next time, could we please see your smiley face.

Ella-Marie – We are pleased that you are such a brave little girl. We wonder what colour pot you will choose this time? We know you will be smiling again soon, take care little lady.

 from Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Jackson


Maisie-Jane – It looks like you’ve been very busy this week with all that baking! The scones look delicious and I bet the chocolate cake turned out great too. We’ll be able to hold our own ‘Bake Off’ soon! I hope you had a lovely Easter xx

Daisy – I can see you’ve had another action packed week Daisy! I love it! The baking looks like it took a bit of concentration – what did you make? It makes me happy to see you outside, enjoying the weather and having fun exploring the lovely outdoors. xx

Jessica – Another busy week for you too; I’m so impressed! I love the decorated can for your seed planting – a great way to recycle 🙂 I’m intrigued by the ‘intergalactic toffee,’ I really do think we’ll have to sample some in school! Dodgeball on the trampoline looks like lots of fun – a new sport perhaps? xx

Amy – I’m blown away by your baking skills; I think you could be the next Mary Berry! I love the rainbow theme running through the week, with your colourful cake and pretty face painting. It makes me smile 🙂 I’m also so impressed with your dancing skills! I think it’s fab that you’ve been able to take part in online classes – the power of technology is never ending xx

Thank you all for sharing your photos with us. Stay Safe

Love from Mrs Barraclough xx


Lewis – We loved your painted pot Lewis and especially liked the united hand print. It will certainly be looked upon as a mark of this period of time: your hand prints united; showing your ages.

Jayden – Your ‘Waffle Man’ is a wonderful creation of Bread Boy’s Dad. You will have to explain the characterisation to us, when we are back in school.

Sam – You certainly are building up a selection of recipes. We would be happy to sample the Lemon drizzle cake on our return to school. The roast dinner sounds challenging so do let us know how it went down with the family.

Owen Weller – So glad you liked the Easter card Owen. We are definitely thinking of you all and missing your smiley faces.

Please keep sending in the photos – they make us smile.

Mrs Emms and Mrs Welton.


Mia – Happy 6th Birthday !! What an amazing birthday cake – Yummy!  I hope you had a lovely day! ?
It looks like you are trying really hard with your handwriting, well done!
Darcy – It looks like you have had a good week, those cakes you have made  look delicious. Well done on making a fairy garden. It is so colourful, I think the the bugs and fairies are going to love it!
Ezra – I have loved seeing all your pictures this week, you have been so busy, baking, constructing and writing! I would definitely have liked to try the pizza you made. A wobbly tooth too – you will have to let me know when it comes out!
From Mrs Houlton


Cerys – Another hands on week! I would love to see a picture of the Easter tree. Those chocolate dipped strawberries look absolutely delicious! I hope you had a lovely Easter.

Keira – Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week, enjoying the sun and celebrating your sister’s birthday. The cake looks amazing, I bet it was yummy. Well done for doing some work too! Enjoy the rest of your Easter break.

Evie – What a wonderful variety of activities! The gardening looks good fun, it will be lovely to see your seeds turn into vegetables. I bet the fruit kebabs were yummy. I love your acrostic Easter poem, beautiful writing and drawings.

Zeke – Wow Zeke, you have been busy! The building looks fantastic and I love the  calligraphy, that would be great to try at school.  Your days of the week door is wonderful, sounds like you’re being a great big brother! Well done for trying hard with your school work too!

From Miss Sanderson


Oscar I absolutely love that campsite! I know you will have made it extra special and that the stories you will tell from it will be incredible! Well done you for making me smile and I’m sure there were lots of smiles in your house while you were building!

Jack & Lewis even though I had already seen the pots and the handprints it still brings a smile to my face to see them again. You boys have been so creative. Keep smiling and let me know what the seedlings are going to be!

Ethan you have had the best adventure in your garden! How fun! You must tell us all about it when we are back at school. I hope there will be some exciting things going on the chalkboard very soon.

(p.s Ethan I am a very good Uno player so we might have to have a game when we get back to school!)

Logan (& Sylvie) you have been doing so much and I love the fact you are still making time to do a bit of work. I know you will be having a wonderful time being so creative and exploring so many new things. Keep it up and keep smiling.

Jayden, I adore Waffle Man and his monocle!

Amy – please tell me we can have one of your choreographed routines for wake and shake at school? (and by the way Sam, lemon drizzle cake just happens to be a favourite cake of mine! Just saying!)

With love,

Mrs Revitt