A Message from your teacher….week 4


Dear Children and your families,

Week two of the Easter holidays looked very much full of Easter creativity, chocolate eating, cake making and walking in the country side enjoying fresh air with your families. Just Perfect. I love to see the variety of what you have been up to.

Your bakery skills are really taking off- the volcano cake that Harry and Charlie made looks stunning and Owen your sausage rolls look delicious. Lauren and Chloe brought some of their chocolate muffins to school and left them in the foyer for us. Thank you so much. We all shared and they were amazing- so chocolatey too. Joseph making sushi isn’t bakery but oh so impressive- I really wouldn’t know where to start with sushi.

As always activity is high on your daily list- so it should be- swimming in the pool for Harrison and Lauren– was it warm?? Darcy practising her gymnastics in the garden sunshine- such lovely poise. Eloise and Theo climbing trees- do you have a favourite one to climb?? I DO!!! Evelyn with her ballet dancing too- beautiful toes.                                                                                                                I love the Family Sports Day- Sam and Amy was there a parents race I wonder?? Ben and Jake have cycled 64 miles and counting during Lock Down- you deserve a medal at 100 miles boys. High on the list of achievements must be Daniel now riding his bike without stabilisers- well done Daniel we are very proud of you. Many of you keeping up with Joe Wicks each day too- even dressing up with him on. You are all amazing.

The DIY skills that I am watching you all develop means that we will have many volunteers to help Mr Courtney when we get back to school. Owen looks to have been busy in the garden helping his dad, and Lily and Dominic can help us when we get to decking and Cerys and Euan can help us with block paving FAB!!! Apprentices for Mr C!

The gardeners amongst you are having a field day with all this gorgeous sunshine. I know it makes it difficult to stay indoors, and it can make you want to go out and see your friends but there is so much you can do in your own outside space- even if you don’t have very much, to keep you occupied. Our radishes are really coming on- we have loads of shoots- unfortunately we don’t really like radishes!! Maybe we should have vegetable trade-offs with all you gardeners Theo and Eloise, and Evelyn.

Jess has been so busy too and when mum was working in school last week supervising children Jess tackled the nature area and the weeds and nettles- Mrs Methven is so so grateful. Daisy and Evie that coin looks so interesting. What a find when you were digging. Who is the king on it?

Many of you are doing things on the internet that other people might really enjoy so we are going to make sure we share the links. Chloe and Lauren are really enjoying The Carol Vorderman 30 day maths challenge which looks excellent and goes up to children of secondary school too https://www.themathsfactor.com/the-30-day-challenge/ and Harry and Charlie recommend draw with Rob (Rob Biddulph) which looks fun.

Some of you have kept working during the holidays and that’s fine too. Nathan I am impressed with all your hard work and the improvement in your scores. . . but I really want to see your rocket- it sounds epic. Well done.

I am so pleased that your Christian Values never fade and we can see this in all that you are doing for others. Amy the pebble rainbows for people to see around the village are a lovely uplifting idea which will make folk smile and so is your NHS rainbow Maisie– thank you. Abigail sewing scrubs and scrub bags with mum is wonderful and a fabulous practical way to support our key workers and Joseph making PPE visors is such an important contribution to keeping our key workers safe as they work hard to keep us safe too. I am proud of you all. Head teacher’s stickers waiting for you when we return.

Take care this week and as we start the summer term remember to make lots of time for each other, keep busy, keep smiling, keep safe and keep reading!!

Love Mrs Murray


Harry and Charlie – Could those smiles be any bigger boys?  You look like you have had a very chocolaty Easter, and WOW what a cake. Did it taste as amazing as it looked?
Harrison – I am so pleased that your rain gauges are empty. It means you’ve had the chance to enjoy your pool and get out and about on your bike. Well done on your daring stunt man skills.
Maisie – Lovely rainbow creations Maisie, sharing a very important message. I hope you’re staying safe, but having lots of fun.
Joseph – Very industrious young man. Jo Sushi! Amazing. I feel you could start a little business. I’m sure Mum is extremely grateful for your manufacturing skills. Keep up the good work.
Lily and Dominic – What a busy pair? You look like you are having fun and being very creative. Lily, you look like you mean business in those goalie gloves.
Darcy – It’s lovely to see you keeping up your gymnastics in your garden. Did you grow those purple ears yourself, or is that what happens when you eat lots of chocolate?
Nathan – Fabulous rocket making and maths scoring . It must have been lovely to have Mum home for the week and have some creative time in your garden.
Jake and Ben – Awww boys, I love your card for Emily. Minnie will be loving having you two at home to train her. Keep clocking up those miles!
Chloe and Lauren – So ladies, you have taught me something today. Homemade Ferrero Rocher, I have to try that. Thank you for the inspiration.
Owen – Wow Owen, you have built my kind of chair and made one of my favourite bakes. So many of you have made sausage rolls this week. I wish my pastry skills were better!
Jess – You look so grown up, have you got taller? Must be all that baking you are doing. Mrs Methven will be pleased that you are looking after the wildlife area and keeping it in order.
Cerys and Euan – It looks as though you are making the most of this lovely weather. We are really lucky to have so much beautiful countryside around us. Keep up the good work Euan, that block paving is going to look great when its finished.
Daisy and Evie – It looks like you two have turned into treasure hunters! Fungi, bees nest, coins, whatever next? You could keep a diary like a pair of real life explorers!
Sam and Amy – Your sports day looks like it was lots of fun. Its lovely to see you two enjoying each others company. We are lucky to have had such lovely weather.
Evelyn – You look like you have got yourself a little assistant. I love that you are practicing your ballet at home. Keep pointing those toes.
Eloise and Theo – You both look like you have enjoyed lots of outside fun this week. It will be exciting watching your plants grow. I love your photo in the tree, I hope you didn’t get stuck!
Abigail – I just knew you would be a whiz with a sewing machine. Such a useful skill, and you are using it to benefit others. Well done young lady.
Keep creating and taking lots of photographs, we love to see them.
Mrs Jackson
Daniel: What lovely photos, we can see how proud you are to ride your bike without stabilisers, your little face is a picture, well done! Do you have awesome train tracks all over your house? We like the way you are helping grandad too, we have been doing some work in our gardens too.
From Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Jackson
I’ve been so heartened to see you all making the most of the time you’re spending at home with your families. You’re learning skills which will equip you for life, helping others and working hard! We couldn’t ask for more. Special thanks to Euan and Nathan for sharing what they’ve been up to and making us all smile. We’re all really proud of you.
Take care everyone,

Mrs. Byrne x

Harrison– It looks like you’ve been having a lot of fun in the sun! That paddling pool looks very impressive. I’m glad you had a fun Easter weekend and I hope the Easter Bunny left you lots of clues on your egg hunt! How lovely to see Lauren’s smiling face and you two enjoying being together. I’m impressed to hear about your bike riding and jumping skills – you should be really proud of your achievements. 🙂 Keep Smiling x

Maisie– The rainbow sign you have made is wonderful! I bet the NHS workers really appreciate all your care and hard work. Stay Safe x
Jake– 64 miles of biking is soooo impressive! I wonder if you can reach 100 by the time we get back to school? I hope your cousin Emily had a lovely birthday and I bet she loved that homemade card. Keep Smiling x
Chloe– Baking, baking and more baking! That is amazing! I think we’ll have a class full of expert bakers soon. I love the salad you’ve been making for lunch, it sounds delicious (and super healthy.) The butterflies that you are observing and caring for sound fascinating. Can you perhaps keep a record of the changes they go through? That would make a great Science project! I’m so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather with walks and bike rides – the fresh air and sunshine is wonderful. Keep Smiling x
Jess– What Easter fun you’ve had! I’m glad you enjoyed spending time with your family. I love that lego Easter bonnet creation – that is impressive! It looks like you’ve been working super hard as a Young Ranger in the wildlife area too- and being rewarded with more baked treats! Stay Safe x
Daisy– You and Evieare amazing little outdoor explorers! What fascinating things to find and look after. Perhaps you could sketch them so you can share them at school when we get back. And you’re an historian now? Amazing! I’ve never found anything cool like that – I wonder if you can find anything out about that time period? Camping in the Bongo sounds so much fun too! Keep Smiling x
Amy– Your family Sports Day looks amazing! (And slightly competitive :-D) I’m curious…who did win, boys or girls?? I love seeing how much fun you’re having outdoors and enjoying spending time together as a family. Learning to sew is fantastic and a great skill to learn Amy – I am impressed. And your rainbow rocks look gorgeous. I’m sure they will make people smile when they find them.
Take care x
Thank you all for sharing your photos and adventures with us – it really makes me smile to see your happy faces and the memories you are making.
With Love,
Mrs Barraclough x
Guys what an amazing week you have all had! I can’t wait to hear all about the amazing memories you’ve made with your families when we are back in school. I am also hoping some of the new bakers will bring us some samples for testing (hint, hint, hint!) I enjoy both sweet and savoury snacks!
Take care of yourselves and each other and make sure you make lots of fun!
With Love Mrs Revitt x

Joseph, it was fantastic to see you have been making visors for PPE. I feel sure your efforts have been much appreciated. It did not surprise us in the least to hear that you have been preparing your favourite food, Sushi, for your dad’s birthday. We hope he had a great day.

Dominic, we were impressed to see your flexibility when exercising with Joe Wicks. You will be our first point of call when warming up for PE. Your quiet, gentle nature showed through as you were communicating with your new four-legged friends. We are lucky to be able to be outside and surrounded by such greenery. We noticed the great organisation or colours that went into the preparation of painting a rainbow. Dominic can we see the finished product please?

Owen, another busy week. Making your own sausage rolls is impressive – were they the best ever? We were a little concerned at seeing you sitting so comfortably in the Bar Chair Owen but we have to assume you were just trying it for size!

Sam, thanks for giving us some ideas for future obstacle races. the blue mats are getting a little tired and we doubt we will be able to use the new ones for such an unruly event. Continuing on a similar theme, the wheel barrow race did not seem that strenuous for you. Did you try pushing your dad instead?

Abigail, nice to see you back with some photos, we have a feeling we know what these bags are designed for. Well done you. Knowing how to use a sewing machine is a great life skill. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next week – maybe it’s a step too far to see a beautifully made and embroidered cushion?

We are looking forward to seeing your happy faces next week and maybe a few more.

Keep safe,

Mrs Emms and Mrs Welton.


Wow Harry, you look like you’ve been very busy with lots of Easter activities! I love the Easter card and that cake looks absolutely amazing- I bet it tasted good! You managed to find a lot of eggs on your Easter egg hunt… I wonder if you have saved one for me?! Keep enjoying the sun and having lots of fun outside. I am looking forward to seeing some birthday Show and Tell pictures next week!

 It looks like you have been very busy Lily! How cool that you get to look after your neighbour’s dog… my dog is keeping me company at the moment, last week I even tried to get her to jump some hurdles! She spent more time running around the jumps than over them.  I love the look of those biscuits, I made some chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes this week! It is lovely that you have been able to FaceTime your friends and have a chat with them, we are all missing our friends and family. Keep up the Joe Wicks and exercise in the sunshine!

Lovely to see you enjoying a bike ride Cerys, I have been going on lots of walks, but I think I might go for a ride this week! I have seen the email you sent me with the drawings you have done… all I can say is WOW, I am impressed!

Another busy week full of discovery Evie, looks like great fun! I am sure the rest of the class would like to see the coin you found, perhaps you could bring it in when we are back at school. A night camping in the Bongo sounds great too! I wonder if you stayed up late?

I really loved seeing everyone’s Show and Tell pictures this week, you are all getting up to so many wonderful things. So much gardening, baking, exercising and DIY! Well done Joseph for making protective visors and Abigail for making scrub bags… you should both be very proud of yourselves.

Stay safe everyone and keep having fun! Miss Sanderson xx


Charlie – Wowsers that volcano cake ! It looked so good and covered in my favourite…Cadbury’s creme eggs !! The egg hunt looked fab too – how many eggs did you collect in total? You and Harry did a good job of finding them all.
Darcy – Super duper balancing on the wooden beam !! Looking forward to seeing some more of your gymnastics routines when we are back in school, I’m sure you have a few new routines to show me. What a cute looking bunny you are, did you find all the eggs?
Ben – 64 Miles – WOW !! That is a lot of peddling !! You have motivated me to get my bike out and today I went from Brigg to Wrawby (don’t tell anyone but I had to push my bike up the hill at Wrawby! ) I definitely  have to do a few more laps to get anywhere near the amount you have done. Love the fact that you have made an agility course for Minnie.
Lauren – What a brilliant idea for Ferrero Rocher’s I haven’t tried making these before, I have some chocolate left over so will have to try making them. Great looking sausage rolls too. Absolutely love the Lego rainbows, so colourful – what a fab idea!!
Evelyn – Yummy ! Those fairy cakes look so delicious. It has been lovely to see you and your brother doing these activities together, I bet he is loving having you at home with him. Great to see you are keeping up with ballet – those pointed toes !! Superb!
Theo – You certainly are enjoying  the outdoors. Its great you have been helping Mummy in the garden. Make sure you keep watering the plants! Lovely picture of you and Eloise up in that tree – hope it wasn’t too high.
Mrs Houlton