A Message from your teacher….week 5

Dear children

Are we really in to week six of the lockdown already? That is as long as a summer holiday!

This will be the longest time we haven’t seen each other since you all started school so your pictures and your news updates help us all to feel connected and part of the same family. Keep them coming. 

I am not surprised you all made the most of the gorgeous weather last week. I am glad you did as it is not quite so sunny today. Millie set herself up in the garden and we worked outside together!!

The teachers have been impressed with all you have done. Some of you look to have done more work at home than you do in school!!!!

Keira I loved reading your own diary of what you have been up to. The late nights are so tempting when you can lie in the next day aren’t they? And watching those satellites. Wow 

Keira, Chloe and Lauren I am so pleased you are all really enjoying Carol Vorderman’s math factor -your results are going to be really impressive. Jess another personal best on those timetables well done- I will have to get practising for our times table challenge when we get back to school!!

Cole your sock puppets look fabulous and your very own water park in the garden- I love that Mason is standing their looking too cool to join in!! I am sure knowing Mason he was in with you before long! 

Seth was having great fun in his paddling pool- it looks big enough to swim in- does mummy get in too?

Alex I am so envious of your tree house. So many of you have made tree houses during your time at home- I think we need to make one in school when we go back!!

Many of you have being having great fun with science too:

Cerys your pan pipes are a really clever idea- could you play a tune on them?

Victoria your freezing yoghurt experiment sounded really interesting too.

Alex that propagator is a brilliant idea- I hope your seeds get a fantastic start.

Nathan the plane you made looks like it could have been made by the Wright brothers themselves. Well done. Do you think it might fly??

Euan you win best photo of the week award- that diet coke and bicarbonate of soda experiment looks epic. What a picture!!!

So many of you are spending lots of time with your animals, especially your dogs- they are going to find it very when we come back to school and you are not there all day. I like that they have been helping you with what you’re doing Victoria and Blayze snuggling, James and Daisha working on your Roman shield, Darcy with George getting in the way of the vegetable planting and Harvey and Freddie enjoying time with Ruby and Willow. Eloise and Theo look to be doing a grand job with Flora and Megan on the dog agility. Maybe we need some kind of lock down pet challenge?? Stanley drives me crackers when I am at home- wherever I am with my laptop he drops his ball at my feet!!                                                         

  I laughed when I read that Ben had found himself a pet ladybird, made it a home and called him Dave!! How ungrateful that he flew off!!

So many of you are becoming excellent cooks at home WE NEED A LOCKDOWN COOKERY BOOK:

We need a copy of the pizza recipe Mrs Barraclough sent to 4K as Jess, Daisy and Jake  enjoyed making and eating it!

Alex making Yorkshire puddings- I try to make vegan friendly ones and I just can’t get them to rise.

Harry and Charlie that cake looks yummy- (hope you had an amazing 8th birthday- that sleepover looked fab.)

Jacob you are getting a dab hand at making buns- do you make lemon drizzle ones?

Sam cooking three meals in one day- so impressed. I hope you get your badge.

Chloe’s sausage rolls look absolutely delicious.

Mrs Methven loves to see all the photographs of you gardening and making vegetable plots- Daisy and Evie, Darcy, Keira and Mia are helping their families be self-sufficient with vegetable growing (our radishes and beans are doing well but no crops yet). Lots of you are planting sunflower seeds- maybe we could have a competition to see who can grow the tallest one whilst you are at home- Hayley and Emily might have a head start though.

I am delighted to see so many of you keeping active. Cycling especially seems to be your thing- although Harvey and Mrs Bellamy seem to enjoy their runs!

Harry has been cycling and making rainbows with his sisters and Stanley can now ride without his stabilisers too- well done Stanley

Ben and Jake must have passed their 100 mile achievement by now and Isaac I am so impressed with your bike ride to London- keep us posted on how far you get each week and how much money you raise!

Owen you continue to work your way through lockdown- we are so very proud of you as you must be so very proud of your sister working and studying as a nurse- we are all thankful for her and all of our NHS heroes.

Ella-Marie– it is lovely to see the photo of you smiling, Blake your drawings always make me smile and Harvey the photo of you ironing made me laugh out loud. Good Man!!!

Once again a huge thank you to you all for taking the time to contribute to show and tell and to send us pictures of what you are all doing with work and the challenges. Mrs Storey always sends the pictures through to all of the staff family each Sunday morning and we all look forward to looking at them with our cups of coffee!

Stay safe and happy

With love

Mrs Murray


Hi everyone,
Its lovely to see how hard you are all still working and learning new talents in so many areas. Love to see some of you baking, that’s what I keep doing but then unfortunately I eat it all. I’m so pleased that you are also spending time outside just enjoying the lovely sunshine we have been having.  So proud of you all.
Love and miss you all, take care.
Lots of love from Mrs. Stothard xxx

Euan– Your cola, chemical-reaction explosion looked more amazing than ever. I know you must have put a lot of thought and effort into working out how to make it erupt so high… smaller hole/different ratios of bicarb to cola/combining speed… and I’m sure you’re thinking along the lines of how to make it even higher! It surely can’t be done?!

Alex– Great to see you up-cycling, making a propagator to grow some delicious lamb’s lettuce. Very clever indeed! I will certainly be ‘magpieing’ your fabulous idea to grow my lettuce seeds, so thank you.

Nathan– Great, once again, to see you thriving with ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ work. I’m sure that when you see your homemade desk tidies, you re-live that wonderful sense of achievement each time you sit down to work. A perfect idea from Mrs Emms!

Sam– Cooking six meals in a row! Wow, I’m impressed, and I’m sure every parent who read about you was! Not only that, you got me drooling at your homemade paella (I remember it was our class’s favourite Spanish dish on tasting day). Hope the washing up didn’t take you too long. I’m predicting that you’ll want to keep cooking, where possible, for your family now because of how much you seemed to enjoy it.

Harvey– You have been busy! Great to see you prioritizing reading and running. Your garden and clothes are going to look fabulous with your potting and ironing skills coming into fruition. Well done!

Thank you for sharing what you’ve been up to this week, boys! Please keep the photos coming, keep safe and keep going,

Mrs Byrne x


Alex – You’ve certainly had a very busy few weeks and learnt lots of fantastic new skills. Those Yorkshire Puddings look amazing – I think you’ll have to share the recipe as mine never turn out like that! I’m impressed to hear you made your own chicken nuggets too? I’m so glad you’ve been able to enjoy the great outdoors and keep on top of your Young Rangers work. Keep Smiling x

James – It’s fantastic seeing you working so hard on your home learning – well done! I can see that you’re busy with a mindful art activity there; I’d love to see the end result if possible. How lovely that you’ve got such a loyal friend to keep you company while you work. Stay Safe x
Jake – I love to hear that you and Ben have been having a great time enjoying yourselves and to see your happy, smiling faces. I’m so impressed with your exercise! And you’re nearly at 100 miles of biking too ?That is amazing. I’m glad you’ve had a go at making the pizza – was it tasty? The rainbow experiment is quite cool and works better than you think it will so great job for having a go? ? Keep Smiling x
Daisy – Looks like it’s been another busy week in your household! The pizza you made looks delicious – was it as tasty as it looks? I’m always so impressed with your outdoor explorations (but not too keen on that spider ? I love that you’re getting ready to celebrate VE Day with your coloured stones. Stay Safe x
Isaac – Wow! You have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks – well done? I think your sponsored bike ride is a fantastic idea and I love how you want to support the NHS. All the new skills you have been learning are really impressive too – you’ll soon be a cooking/DIY whizz! Keep up the hard work & keep smiling. Good luck with the biking! ??
Jess – Another busy week for you too; I love your enthusiasm and seeing your happy face ?It’s been a lovely week to explore the outdoors and perfect for long dog walks. I’m so pleased the pizza you made was delicious; you’ll definitely have to let the staff sample some of your creations! And the rainbow activity is great fun (when it works!) I think it does depend on the pens & kitchen roll you use too. Great job with another timestables PB ? Keep Smiling x
Chloe – I love to see that you’ve been so busy again this week; it’s so impressive! I hope you manage to capture the moment your caterpillars turn into butterflies – that would be fantastic ?? Both you and Lauren are doing such a brilliant job with all your school work and learning lots of new skills – it’s great to see. I love the idea of a family water fight, that sounds like so much fun! And what great weather we had for it! Keep Smiling x
Thank you all again for sharing your wonderful photos and the new skills you have been learning while at home with your families. I miss you all and it makes me smile to see your happy faces.
Take care and Stay Safe.
With love,
Mrs Barraclough x

Victoria–  Lovely to see you have covered lots of topics and keeping your learning interesting. Great to see you working scientifically, what a great experiment to try especially in this warm weather. You looked like you had warn yourself and Blayze out on that long walk ?

Charlie– Wow another cake ! You have decorated Harry’scake superbly!! Those buns too – I’m not sure you could have fitted anymore sweets on. I am feeling hungry this morning after those sweet treats! Happy Birthday to Harry, not the birthday you planned but looks like you managed to have  a fabulous family one !!
Ben– More miles clocked up – well done on keeping so fit! Its great to hear you are keeping busy and enjoying yourself with Ben. The rainbow has come out really well – that is a great science experiment. ? I’m sure David will be back! ?
Chloe– Oooh Chloe that sausage roll has made my mouth water this morning !! It looks delicious. Was it as tasty as it looked? That chocolate fudge cake too – yum! Good to see you are enjoying the challenges, I love the nature collage you have made.!!
Darcy– Well done on being such a good helper to Daddy! You have worked work gardening this week. I am looking forward to getting updates on the vegetable patch when things start to grow. Looks like George is enjoying you being at home with him too!
Mia– All that chocolate Mia!! It sounds like you have really enjoyed the last week. Good to hear you are enjoying the phonics game. I am looking forward to seeing how you get on with the vegetable patch in your garden and hearing what you have planted.
Theo–  Lovely to see you are enjoying the outdoors Theo. Are you dressed as Tigger this week whilst leaping over the hurdles? The agility course looks amazing, what a great idea. It looks like Flora and Megan are enjoying it too!
Lauren– Another busy week  girls. So many lovely photos with all the activities showing all you have been doing. I have heard how well you are getting on with maths Lauren, amazing doubling and halving! I’m looking forward to updates on the caterpillars next week ! It is great to hear that Chloe is preparing you to be a young ranger – MrsMethven will be thrilled to hear!!
Mrs Houlton
Kiera–  I’ve been stargazing too this week, and was lucky enough to see a couple of meteors. I remember sitting up really late with my mum when i was about your age to watch a meteor shower. I think that’s where my love space and the stars started. Keep looking up.
Alex–  You look like you have been super busy perfecting your cooking skills. Those yorkshires look amazing, mine always look like jaffa cakes!
Cerysand Euan– Awww Cerys, I would love to hear your singing straws. I hope you stood well back when that coke erupted Euan!
James– I imagine Daisha is loving having you at home. How did the Roman shield turn out?
Harry– What a lovely rainbow Harry.  It looks like you , Madeleine and Autumn have had lots of fun. I can see you’ve got your teddies lined up to cheer everyone up.
Victoria–  I’m sure you have grown! You and Blayze look like you needed that nap after everything you’ve been up to.
Alex– We’ve been planting lots of seeds here too. Hopefully  you’ll be having some lovely homegrown salad soon.
Harryand Charlie– Happy Birthday Harry! It looks like you had an amazing day. That cake looks incredible. Did it taste as delicious as it looked? I love the idea of a family film night sleepover. I think this will be a birthday you’ll always remember.
Nathan– Those have to be the most organised pen holders I have ever seen. You’ve done a fab job creating something really useful. But hold on a minute, you have made an actual Nathan sized plane? That is AWESOME!
Owen– There is a news reader on BBC news who reminds me of you, especially in your photographs where you look so engrossed in your work! I think I would like a pet Gonzo lizard. We miss you too.
Jakeand Ben– The pizza brothers. Maybe you could start your own business? You could clock up some more miles on your bikes delivering them. I hope David pops back to see you, maybe he’s looking for suitable bug “bee and bee” to stay in?
Jacob– I think we could have a school bake off with all you budding bakers! They look amazing, so you must have done a good job following that recipe. Did they taste yummy?
Chloe– How could I not feel happy seeing that big smile? I can just imagine you singing and dancing. I think whoever received your hug will have loved it. Did you have a little taste of that chocolate cake just before that photograph was taken by any chance?
Darcy– Busy in that garden of yours as always. I love your painted signs, I could do with some for Mr Jackson’s seeds. Maybe Georgie boy could dig the holes for you to plant in?
Hayleyand Emily– Your rainbow sock puppets are gorgeous girls. It looks like Mummy has put you two on the windowsill to grow along with your sunflowers. Does she water you every day?
Keira and Mia– I love the little Easter tree in your garden. If i plant one ready for next year, will I get as much chocolate as you did? You must be really missing your wonderful allotment. Hopefully you’ll be able to get back to work in it soon.
Sam– Is that a paella I see before me? Mum and Dad must be loving that you’re working on your chef’s badge. It looks like you’re well on your way to getting it.
Daisy and Evie– The Explorer Sisters have had another adventurous week. Although, you did give me a fright ladies with the 8 legged beastie! It reminded me of your home visit Daisy.
Isaac– What an amazing, kind and thoughtful thing to do Isaac. I know how much you love London. You will be needing a new set of tyres by the time you’ve finished! Well done young man.
Harvey and FreddieJoe– It has been lovely weather to do a spot of gardening hasn’t it? Willow and Ruby look like they are enjoying listening to a relaxing story. Harvey, do you take in ironing? I can drop some at the door, along with some coat hangers, and pick up at the end of the day.
Jess– It looks like you could go into the pizza business with Jake and Ben. From the smile on your face, it must have been delicious. I love the rainbow experiment, it looks like you learnt a lot about kitchen roll absorbency  too!
Eloise and Theo– It looks like you are training your dogs to fly! What a fantastic fun way to keep fit and train your dogs. Do you also have a pet showjumping tiger? Amazing!
Chloe and Lauren– I love watching your butterfly progress. It’s a bit like Spring Watch.Chloe certainly looks like she means business with those shears. Lauren was that water really cold?
Missing you all, but loving seeing all the amazing things you are doing safely at home.
Mrs Jackson

Kiera, it was fantastic to see and hear that you are keeping really busy. Well done for writing your own information it helps us no end. We are sure you held your own area in the water fight with Robbie! Carol Vorderman’s maths sounds challenging but keep at it.

Kiera, while you were looking at the satellites did you notice the moon?  Can you observe it over the next couple of weeks and see if you can recognise the different phases from what we had been learning in school?

Owen, you have remained really focused and are achieving and learning so much. We are proud of you. Keep up with the baking skills – just a hint for the future, we love flapjack!  You might also like to see if you can recognise the phases of the moon Owen. The moon was a beautiful sight on Saturday night. Can you remember what the phases are?

Eloise, it was good to catch up with you and to hear about some of the things you have been doing to keep busy. Agility work with the dogs looks exhausting; to create a rainbow using colours from dropped petals was an amazing idea – we might try that in school.

Mrs Welton, Mrs McTaggart and I are keeping well and are missing you all. We are looking forward to catching up with you all soon but in the meantime keep sending in your fun photos and keep safe.

Mrs Emms, MrsWeltonand MrsMcTaggart


Cole– We are so impressed with the instruments you made, We would have loved to have listened to your band. Knowing you, it will have sounded awesome! The weather has been so good for you to enjoy your water park.  Loving those sock puppets and the big smiles too. We are pretty sure those plants have grown since Monday!
Seth– You look like you are doing some amazing work, as usual. We really wish I had a pool like that, it looks brilliant. Does Doug have a swim too? We wonder if you will pretend to be shy again, when you return to school
Ella-Marie – We love, love, love your rainbow poncho! That card is lovely we are pretty sure Sofia will be missing you too, and we think she will love her card. It’s lovely to see that big smile of yours has returned.
Blake– We are loving your drawings, as always. looking at your photos we are a bit worried that your head has dropped off and Mum has put it on a pile of cushions! We hope she managed to stick it back on. We hope that you didn’t eat all of those Easter eggs in one go!
Stanley– Congratulations on getting rid of those stabilisers. Two wheels are tricky, but it looks like you’ve got it sorted. Happy biking! Your sprinkler photograph is our absolute favourite so far. It really made us laugh!
Mrs Hammond and Mrs Jackson
Harry – 3 Miles?!? Wow! I bet you needed a snack break after that! The rainbow looks wonderful and I’m sure it makes people feel happy as they walk past your house. Maddie and Autumn really do look grown up in that picture and you all look like you are having the best time! 
Hayley& Emily– You girls really do look like you’re having fun! I couldn’t wait to see the sock bunnies after our phone call during the week. They are really wonderful. Well done girls.
Freddie– You look so happy! That big smile brings a smile to my face too. I’m so pleased you are enjoying reading and you are still learning new things. I hope something exciting went in those pots, don’t forget to water them!
And to everyone I managed to speak to this week, it was really lovely to hear your voices and to chat about what you have been up to. I miss you all and I look forward to seeing you all when we can.
Love Mrs Revitt x

I love your singing straws instrument Cerys, maybe you can bring it to school and show everyone how it works when we go back! You look like you’re enjoying the gardening, this week I have planted my tomato seeds, let’s hope the weather continues so they can grow! Stay safe and happy!

Wow Harry… that cake! That would be my perfect birthday cake, chocolate AND Oreos, you are so lucky! I am glad you managed to have lots of fun to celebrate your birthday, the sleepover in the lounge looks amazing and your Lego building is very impressive! I am pleased you have started the Time Capsule, perhaps you will email me some photos of it when it is finished. Stay safe and happy!

Jacob those cakes look fantastic, I have been baking this week too… chocolate chip cookies! I am glad you have been playing the ‘hit the button’ maths games, they are a firm favourite in our class, aren’t they? Stay safe and happy!

Some lovely smiley photos this week Keira, it looks like you’re having a lovely time at home and like Miss Sanderson, enjoying some Easter chocolate! It’s great that you’ve been able to turn part of your garden into a vegetable patch whilst you can’t visit your allotment, I wonder which vegetables you might grow. Keep up with the great reading!

Another jam packed week Evie! Good to see you enjoying some gardening, I have been in the garden pulling out some weeds this week. I love the picture of you with the saucepan outside, I have been outside on a Thursday night with my saucepan too! I wonder what is in your cup, it looks very shimmery- a drink fit for a Unicorn perhaps. Keep exploring and keep happy!

Miss Sanderson