A Message from your teacher….week 6

Dear Children,

I get so excited when I drive through the villages on my way to school or on my way home and see your smiling faces- I am sorry if beeping my horn at you gives you a start!!!  I don’t think I will ever complain about noisy corridors again!!!

You all seem to be making the most of outdoors with dens and planting and cycling. In school we are getting ready for VE 75, hope you are too. Keep a look out!!

What a lot of holes have been dug this week!!

Lilly-Rose and Tom you certainly look like you have enjoyed yourselves. Lilly-Rose I am so pleased you have been getting on with your brother and I loved your fairy garden (did you find any fairies?) Tom that swimming pool looks fantastic. How many lengths would you need to do to swim a mile?

Oscar your den looks very well camouflaged and Harrison your den sounds interesting- have either of you slept over in them yet? Darcy I think I would prefer to camp out in your summer house rather than Oscar or Harrison’s dens!

I am pleased your vegetable plots are coming on brilliantly- Evie and Daisy and Mia and Keira your fingers are much greener than ours. We are thinking of planting potatoes. It’s a good job we can still buy carrots from the shop as ours are only just coming through!!

You all seem to be making lots of wonderful memories:-

Cole your pyjama day looked cosy- I will miss pyjama days when we are back at school won’t you? Chloe and Lauren I don’t think you will ever forget the transformation of your caterpillars into butterflies- did you let them go?

What a lot of practical skills you are gaining too:

Eloise I am so impressed with your rabbit hutch building skills. Theo I love Lego and would you believe I made a huge house last week- nowhere near as good as your police car. Tom learning how to concrete a foot path will be a skill Mr Courtney might be keen to help you develop further when we are back in school! Jess I would love a lesson on mine craft yoga- what on earth is it? And Ben folding washing- will mum be lending you out at all????

Some of your photographs could win competitions I am sure.  Sam your trampoline shots are fab. Ethan you can feel how cold the water is in your photo!!  Keira your face in the pictures- I miss that face! Seth your hair looks brilliant!! I might cut mine very short too……….. 

Some of you are still managing to keep up with your reading and maths work- so proud of you. Personal bests for Sam and Amy on their tables and Owen enjoying Maths Factor- you are really working hard on this Owen– I was pleased to see your Lancaster bomber too. Cerys and Euan continue to work really hard- Cerys are you wearing nail varnish too??

Mrs Hammond and I are really pleased you’re still keeping fit- Harrison your jogging around the village is a great way of keeping fit and also seeing whats going on. Ben and Jake I am so impressed with that continued cycling. You have inspired me. . I cycled over the Humber Bridge on Sunday (on my semi-electric bike!!!)

Zoom meetings for Rainbows Evelyn sound like fun and it was fabulous to see the faces of the year three girls on their online chatter- I bet it was noisy!!

Emily and Hayley, and Jonah and Bella it was lovely to come into my office on Monday morning and receive my cards and hugs and rainbows. I am looking at them now and smiling.

Once again a huge thank you to you all for taking the time to contribute to show and tell and to send us pictures of what you are all doing with work, play and the challenges.  Mrs Storey always sends the pictures through to all of the staff family each Sunday morning and we all look forward to looking at them with our cups of coffee! Don’t forget that next week we would like photos of your VE75 celebrations.

Stay safe and happy

With love

Mrs Murray


Wow everyone! What a busy bunch you are!

Ethan – You looked like you were having fun even though I bet the water was super cold! Did it take you a while to warm up again? It is so good to see you smiling, I bet you all had a great laugh at that one!

Hayley & Emily – The books look wonderful, you really look like you worked hard to make them something you will treasure. I’m sure when you look back at this in years to come the books will be a lovely reminder of the extra time you had at home! (And – even in glitter glue that handwriting looks great girls! Keep it up!!)

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Love Mrs Revitt

p.s. The group video chat looks like fun girls! Nice way to stay in touch.


I love the fairy garden Lilly-Rose, I bet you can’t wait for the sunflower seeds to grow. It’s lovely to hear that you’ve been playing outside in the garden with Lucas and your dog Daisy. We are all missing our family and friends but it is great to see that you’ve been able to video call some of your friends, I am sure it was good fun! Well done for doing some work too. Keep smiling and filling your days with the things you enjoy. I have been reading and baking; two of my favourite things to do.

Cerys, I’m loving the nail salon! I am sure all your friends will want manicures when you see them again. I think you can guess which colour I would have. It’s lovely to see that you’re keeping busy and also staying in touch with your friends over video call, we all miss our friends but having a video catch up really helps.

It looks like you’ve had a lovely week Keira, it is important to enjoy time with family and relax at the moment. The living room sleepover looks like fun, I wonder if you stayed up late! I am so pleased that you are enjoying reading, I am looking forward to hearing you read when we go back to school, keep it up! I can’t believe the variety of vegetables you’ve planted; possibly a new recruit for the Young Rangers club.

Another busy week Evie, I love the paper plate craft, especially the slower plate. It looks like you have been seeing lots of amazing wildlife. I am glad that your vegetables are growing well, I bet you can’t wait to eat them! This week I have made some cookies and an egg custard tart, I wonder what you have been baking. It’s great that you have been keeping busy and creative.

It was so lovely to see that some of the year 3 girls have been catching up, we are all missing our friends and family at this time but I have found that video calls help so much.

I hope everyone is keeping safe, happy and healthy. I am looking forward to next week’s Show and Tell, hopefully with some VE day activities and celebrations.

Love Miss Sanderson x


Darcy – Pleased to hear you managed to camp out – despite it being freezing!! Though you looked pretty snug Darcy! Hopefully you will be able to camp out again when the weather warms up again! The lollies looked so delicious and healthy. Great idea starting your paper chain for the VE day celebrations.
Ben – Fantastic to hear you are learning lots of home skills and being such a great helper around the house Ben! Looks like you did a fab job of making bacon and eggs! Looking forward to seeing what you cook next. Lovely idea writing to Great, Great Aunt Doris. I can imagine she is loving receiving your pictures and letters.
Mia – The sleepover beds look so comfy – what a great idea to have a living room sleepover! I agree Trolls World Tour is fab -pleased you enjoyed it and had a good sing song. Good to hear the seeds are sprouting too, hopefully with some sun this week they’ll grow quickly.
Evelyn – I love the Spring poster, superb labelling on it too. What a lot of lovely things you saw on your walk around the village. Those rocky road cakes certainly do look delicious! Lovely you have been able to see your Rainbow friends this week too Evelyn.
Theo – Some fabulous construction going on in your house this week Theo! The police car and moon buggy look like they may have been tricky to build – well done! It always takes me a long time to build lego sets – I can imagine you did it quite quickly!  The rabbit hutch looks fab too!
Lauren – How exciting seeing the butterflies hatch! So pleased they all hatched Lauren, I know you were all a little worried. Great to see the  life stages of a butterfly, they are beautiful butterflies too. I will keep a look out in my garden and see if I can spot them!
Mrs Houlton

Seth– Looking very smart and grown up with that new haircut! We are missing you too, but look at all the amazing things you are doing.  We wonder who will be receiving that lovely card. We are particularly impressed with how you can hold a book with your toes!

Cole– We stayed in our pyjamas too! You are making a really good job of your drive, mummy and daddy will be really pleased they have got you around to help. We really love your card, we are sure Grandma and Grandad will have loved it too. Did you get all the questions right about us in our quiz?

Mrs Hammond and Mrs Jackson


Tom– It looks like you’ve been really busy these last few weeks, learning lots of great life skills. I bet you were a welcome helper for Mum & Dad! (We’ll overlook the health & safety!)I love that you’ve had a go at some school work too so keep up all this amazing learning ? That pool looks fantastic – I bet it was so much fun to splash in after all your hard work. Stay safe and keep smiling ?x

Jake– Another adventurous week in your household ? I’m so impressed to learn you’ve reached over 100 miles with your biking; I think you should aim for 200 now! It makes me smile to see you making happy memories with your family. I look forward to seeing next week’s adventures. Stay safe x
Harrison– Wow, that is a fantastic den! No wonder you want Mum & Dad to sleepover in it ? What a great idea to keep your fitness up with running around the village and walking. Hopefully you’ll be back playing football very soon. Your solar hydraulic robot sounds very interesting – I hope we get to it when you’ve finished constructing it. Keep smiling x
Amy– What a busy couple of weeks in your household; I love to see the exciting things you and Sam get up to ? I’m glad the pizza recipe has come in handy and that you’ve achieved another amazing PB with your times tables grids; you’ll be a whizz when you get back to school. The JibJab videos were really funny and I’m glad you enjoyed watching them (I think Mr Courtney’s is probably everyone’s favourite!) Take care x
Jess– Another busy week for you too! I’m so impressed by your keen baking interest – it is only fair that you share your talents with the staff at school, you know how much we enjoy home baked goodies! The yoga looks very impressive too and a great way to keep fit.?‍♀️ Keep smiling x
Chloe– What a fantastic week for you all with the hatching of your butterflies! ?What beautiful colours they are and much bigger than I expected. I wonder if any will stay around your garden,after you’ve taken such good care of them? You’ll have to create a butterfly diary so we know how long the process takes. I’m looking forward to VE week too and seeing all the exciting things you get up to next. Stay safe x
Daisy– More exciting adventures in your house this week – you must be worn out every day! What a great photo of the buzzard. I wonder if they have chicks too? I’m pleased to hear just how busy you’ve been with different activities and that your plants are all growing well ? I look forward to next week’s adventures for you and Evie. Take care x
Mrs Barrclough


Ethan, that looked like a very big bucket of cold water. You were very brave. I love your haircut too! Keep smiling x
Thank you for your lovely message Lily-Rose. You look to be doing lots of lovely things to keep you busy. Keep smiling x
Cerys you look to be enjoying being a nail technician! I do miss our chats on a Monday, keep smiling x
Hayley and Emily, I love your scrap books. I hope you will bring them into school to show us when we are back together. You always sound to be keeping busy and doing so many exciting things.
Cerys, Keira, Willow, Lilly-Rose and Lily
Oh girls, your picture made me smile! Isn’t it good fun to have a chat with friends like this when we can’t visit them in person? I can imagine the giggles you had when you all saw each other and played the game. Keep smiling, I do miss our chats on a Monday afternoon. Keep smiling x
from Miss Jacklin


Ethan – You are a brave man. Those are some wonderful action shots. I’m guessing, by the look on your face, that bucket of water was really cold? Mum looks like she’s enjoying tipping it over you, did you get her back?
Oscar – Have mum and dad had enough and made you move out? I love the den, do you get good wi-fi in there? I am curious though, how did you get all those stuffed creatures onto that cushion with you? Did you Poke-em-on?  Go on, laugh, you know it’s funny!
Lilly-Rose – Hi Lilly-Rose, we all miss you too, but it looks like you have been really busy doing lots of things at home. Like making that cute little fairy garden. I’m really pleased that you’ve decided to do the things you love. I hope one of them is singing. It looks like whatever you’re doing you have a little helper or two!
Tom – With all the hard work you’ve been doing, I would say your dip in the pool was well deserved. I cant say I’m not very jealous. It must be great to cool of with a swim on a sunny day. Say Hi to Evie. I hope you’re taking care of each other.
Cerys and Euan Cerys What a good idea. Perfect those skills and we will all be booking in for a manicure. Do you have a favourite colour nail varnish?
Euan – You look like you are really busy. How is that block paving coming on ? Did you get it all finished? I would love to see the end result.
Darcy – I love your camp out picture. It really made me smile. You have the fanciest flamingo lolly molds I’ve ever seen. I’d be well chuffed with that paper chain too Darcy, it looks fab. Keep smiling.
Jake and Ben -Wow  124 miles? You’re well on your way to London. It is so lovely that you send post to your  Auntie Doris. I just know that she will absolutely love your pictures and letters. I bet she would like to hear about your egg cracking skills and you and Jake’s climbing adventures.
Owen – It’s always lovely to see you looking happy while you’re hard at work Owen. Are you enjoying finding out about different animals? I wonder what your favourite is? Mine would be a quokka, or a sea otter. Both adorable!
Kiera – Look at you. You’ve become a hairdresser and beautician! People will be booking in for appointments. I bet Mum is proud, and you look like your proud of yourself too. That smile is awesome, well done! We miss you too. Keep banging that pan and, hopefully, we will see you soon.
Keira and Mia Mia, you need to teach me some yoga. It looks like you really know what you are doing. Keira, it’s so nice to be able to keep in touch with your friends. I imagine there was lots of giggling. I’m so pleased that you seeds are starting to grow. I can’t wait to see your harvest. Keep smiling girls.
Emily and Hayley – What a fantastic idea to start your own lock down scrapbooks. When you’re older, and you look back through them, it will be so nice to see all the wonderful things you did and remember all the fun times you had together. Felicity will be so grateful that you made her one too.
Harrison – It must be so difficult when you want to play football with you friends, and you can’t. You’ll have to get Lauren trained up! I’m loving the movie and snacks in your den idea. But I’m curious, are you eating a plate of brussel sprouts?
Evelyn – Your poster is amazing. I love how you’ve labelled each picture. I also love the look of that rocky road. Did I ever tell you how much I love rocky road? A rainbow’s scavenger hunt sounds exciting. it must be nice to see all of your rainbow friends, and have a giggle.
Sam and Amy Sam, that flapjack of yours is becoming somewhat legendary! We will, of course, need to sample it once we are back at school. I am impressed that you got that leaping frog on camera, they are so quick. Amy, dancing as always, a great way to keep your fitness and flexibility up. I hope you’re singing too. You’ve had a sports day, now maybe it’s time for a family talent competition?
Jess – Flapjack, cookies and biscuits are all quite flat Jess, and would all fit into an envelope, and through a letterbox! Just saying! I am going to have to give this yoga thing a try, it looks a little more my style. Is Minecraft yoga different to regular yoga?
Eloise and Theo – You built an actual rabbit hutch? That’s amazing. Following instructions to make something is a really useful skill, especially if it ends up looking how it’s supposed to and you don’t have any bits left at the end!It looks like Theo has been doing the same, but on a smaller scale, with his Lego. Look at those smiles. Just lovely.
Chloe and Lauren – Yay! Just what I’ve been waiting for, they’ve hatched. They look beautiful, are they red admirals? . Well done butterfly mummies, it looks like it was a really exciting process. Have a wonderful VE day celebration. Stay safe.
Daisy and Evie – I have been really enjoying watching the birds in my garden. Thankfully I don’t have a buzzard nesting, but I do love watching them gliding around in circles. Do you get a good view through your binoculars Daisy? I have to say I’m relieved there was no spider this week, although I’m not sure if that’s what Evie is holding?! We are keeping safe girls, and we are pleased that you are too.
Willow, Cerys, Lilly-Rose and Lily – I can just hear you girls giggling and laughing. It’s so nice to be able to keep in touch with all your friends. You might not realize how much it cheers them up. We are all looking forward to being able to see our friends and family . I think there will be lots of big parties to look forward to.
Keep having fun.
Love Mrs Jackson


Thank you to all of you for your lovely photos- inspiring us all. A special mention to Euan, who is clearly enjoying his home-learning, and looks to be including his own research. I’m wondering if you’re doing a project on France, The Netherlands or VE Day celebrations? Which ever, I can’t wait to see all your fabulous work when we meet again!

Keep smiling, keep being creative and keep doing your best,
Love Mrs. Byrne

Oscar, it was good to see you looking so laid back. The den looked amazing but we were wondering
if it was actually waterproof – maybe you can try it out this week on a rainy day and let us know?

Owen, we can see you have been as busy and organised as ever. Well done you. We are hoping that
you can share your knowledge of camel adaptations when we are back in school (By the way, I could
do with a good cookie recipe: mine always seem to spread out and burn – Mrs Emms).

Kiera, it was fabulous to see your photographs: your feelings, about each activity, are transparent.
Thanks for making us smile too. Could using the electric trimmers be the start of a new career? Mrs
Welton was equally pleased to see you, Kiera, and many others in the class, as she distributed the
homework packages in Barnetby.

Sam, you are clearly investing your time well both on schoolwork and other activities. We were glad
to hear you have continued to develop your table tennis skills. I feel another Class Tournament
coming on. What do you think is your winning shot?

Eloise, ‘Construction Time’ looked great fun; sensibly, we can see you followed the instructions and
the finished product looked fantastic. We wondered if Teddy and Wiggles had a moving in party?

We have really enjoyed hearing your news and have been amazed at what you have all been
learning. We think we may need to practise our times tables to stay ahead of you all and clearly a
little bit more home baking wouldn’t go a miss.

We are missing you all and love this opportunity to catch up. We have also been casting our eyes on
the Kids Zone and have seen your amazing contributions to the Children’s Challenge. Keep it up.
Do take care of yourselves and help each other whenever, wherever you can.
Mrs Emms, Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart.