A Message from your teacher….week 7

Dear parents and children,

What a wonderful week of activities and celebrations.

I have loved seeing every single one of your photographs and hearing about all your fun. It has really given me such a lift this week, especially seeing your outfits!

We will all certainly remember this VE day! We shall have to have a massive party next year. Please could you save some of your pictures, posters, menus and artefacts as we would like to have a display when we get back to school.

This morning at Barnetby we are taking delivery of an ‘aeroplane’!! Nathan and his dad made it for Enterprise from scrap but it turned out a little larger than they anticipated!

In the meantime, please keep making memories together. Keep having fun and sharing glorious family times. . .and keep reading.

Love Mrs. MURRAY


Lewis, it was good to see you beavering away. Colouring is very therapeutic and calming (especially for your mum).

Owen, we feel sure you have enjoyed this past week. The jam tarts definitely took me (Mrs Emms) back to my childhood and from experience the homemade ones are the best. Were the yellow ones lemon curd?

Kiera, you definitely looked as if you were having a fun time. The bunting made all the difference and we feel sure seeing your neighbours, even though from afar, was warming. We hope you enjoyed your tea party.

Eloise, how lovely to see your grand-parents photographs on your front door. It will certainly will have been an important day in your household. To speak to your neighbour was a great idea. We loved the idea of Silver street being criss crossed with streamers, which wouldn’t have been that easy to do, taking health and safety into account!

Sam, you were noticeable by your absence – camera shy or were you continuing to develop your photography skills? Either way it was good to see that you have been busy baking and being creative.

What a fabulous week focusing on VE Day in lots of different ways. We are wondering what the school field would look like to have bunting draped from tree to tree around the field?

Just a thought!   Can you estimate how many flags it would need?

Until next week, take care and keep us posted with all that you have been doing – you continue to surprise us each week. As an extra we have put some science activities on Education City for you.

Mrs Emms, Mrs Welton and Mrs McTaggart


Maisie – What a beautiful rainbow you’ve created and I love how you’re dressing to match – just the thing to cheer us all up on a rainy day! The flapjack looks delicious too. I’m glad you’re able to enjoy long walks with your dogs and it means you can earn lots of lovely treats like that flapjack! ? Stay safe x

Isaac – What a wonderful VE Day celebration you had! I love the bunting and poppy decorations, they look lovely. I’m glad you had fun whilst also watching footage from the time and it sounds like you had a great time with your neighbours too ? 1940’s music is one of my favourites to listen to so I’m glad you liked some of it as well. Keep safe x

Daisy – Your VE Day celebrations look like they lasted all week! That is amazing and I love all your decorations, especially the homemade ones. I’m glad you managed to celebrate the day with some of your neighbours – it is really nice to see other people. The model aeroplane you are posing with looks fab (Well Done Nathan!) I saw it myself last week and was blown away so I’m pleased you got to see it too. Keep smiling x

Jess – Wow! What a fantastic way to celebrate VE Day; it looks like you had a wonderful time. All this baking sounds delicious ? I do hope we get to sample some one day! The face painting looks great and it makes me smile to hear there was music and dancing all day long. Stay safe x

Amy – It looks like you had a lovely VE Day celebration – those cookies look delicious! I’m so glad you had fun and made lots of lovely things to decorate your home and garden with. I love the poster you are creating in the photo and the bunting looks fantastic ? Keep smiling x

Chloe – Wow! Another fantastic VE Day celebration at your house! I love the homemade bunting and the wonderful chalk drawings.? Great work girls! I’m so glad you had a day to remember and that you had such a great time celebrating. Stay safe x

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos of your amazing VE Day celebrations; they have really made me smile this week ?❤️ My family and I had a lovely day celebrating and enjoyed many of the fantastic things you did with homemade afternoon tea and bunting.

I hope you all have a good week and look forward to next week’s adventures,

Stay Safe and Keep Smiling.

With Love,

Mrs Barraclough x

P.S. It was great to see so many of your happy faces on my deliveries this week ?


Victoria – What a lovely VE day you have had, chips in a cone and those cakes looks delicious! More science work too, looking forward  to seeing your seeds grow. Keep Smiling ?

Evelyn – Fabulous VE celebrations at your house! How lovely to have Grandad’s medals to look at, your medals you have made look identical to them! Well done making the Victoria sponge – certainly does look Yummy!! Keep Smiling ?

Charlie – The bunting you and Harry have made is superb!! It looks so good outside your house. It sounds as though you had a lovely VE day celebration at your house, perfect weather too for a BBQ! Keep Smiling ?

Theo – The homemade bunting looks fabulous outside your house – you did a super job of making it! How interesting to find out what it was like 75 years ago in Barnetby. Lovely to see pictures of your great grandparents too. Keep Smiling ?

Mia – What a super day of VE celebration’s  you had at your house, a full day and then a room sleepover – sounds like such fun!! I’m sure the tooth fairy managed to visit, she can get away without having to social distance ? Keep Smiling ?

Lauren – Fantastic VE day decorations you have made, they must have taken you a long time to make / colour them all. Sounds like you had a lovey day of celebrating especially having a sing in the street with the karaoke machine! Keep Smiling ?

From Mrs Houlton


Maisie-Jane – Very creative matching your outfit to your rainbow artwork! It’s nice to see that big happy Maisie-Jane smile. Although if i had that yummy looking flapjack to look forward to I’d be smiling as well!

Ethan – What a fantastic design. It even has a working lift! Did you draw your design on paper  first or get straight to work building? Either way it looks amazing, and very well set out, I would have no trouble finding a parking space!

Victoria – Well done impressing Mummy with your plant knowledge! It’s lovely to have an interest in nature, and you have some beautiful walks around Barnetby to explore. It’s also nice to see that you are sharing mummies love of photography. What a great hobby to do together?!

Nathan – You know how much this has blown me away. It is so creative and looks like it could fire up its propeller at any minute! I think if  you grew a sensational handlebar moustache and shouted chocks away, you would take off!

Jack and Lewis – I’m really pleased Mum has found an activity to keep you both quiet! You look deep in concentration and by the looks of it, that bunting was very accurate! It was nice to see you both last week when Mrs Hammond and I were out delivering. Waves and smiles really cheer us up.

William – Arthur looks adorable, have you had him for a long time? I love your drawing of him. You’ve looked really carefully, and he looks really mischievous, but I can’t imagine he sat very still to have his portrait done!

Oscar – Nice work with those flags and bunting, I bet your garden looked fantastic when it was decorated. It was such a beautifully sunny day, did you have a VE day picnic to celebrate?

Owen – Do you ever stop working? I’m always impressed at how much you can fit into a week, are you a Time Lord?  I love your teacup design: the quote is very appropriate for today too I think. I would love a cuppa with one of those tarts. I would need to sample both fillings of course, to see which was my favourite.

Evelyn – Could your smile be any bigger? It looks like you had a great time preparing for your VE day celebrations. It must have been really interesting to learn about your Great Grandad and to have his actual medals. I would have to award you a medal for that impressive looking Victoria sponge. Magnificent!

Kiera – Your Photos are guaranteed to make me happy, it’s that infectious smile of yours. I would have loved to have seen you and mum trying the Lindy Bop, where did they get all their energy from to dance like that?! Nevertheless, it looks as though you had a lovely day in the sunshine.

Isaac – Those poppies look fantastic, I bet your street looked really patriotic with all its red, white and blue decorations. Were you in charge of the BBQ for the afternoon? Do you have a signature dish, and do you have to catch it first using your catapult in true Bear Grylls style?

Harry and Charlie – Your house looks fab boys with your homemade bunting. It was such a lovely day to spend in the garden, enjoying a BBQ and eating those delicious Mars bar crispie squares. I’m so pleased that you had a fun time together.

Daisy and Evie – I love looking at the photographs of what you two have been up to. It looks like you had a really long walk this week, either that or Nathan managed to get his plane airborne! I saw a video of the trucks going through the village on Thursday. What an amazing sight? I think you will remember that for ever.

Hayley and Emily – You two have been extra creative this week. I am especially loving your hats and super-sized medals. I bet your house looked lovely with all its homemade bunting and decorations. I love listening to music from that era, one of my favourites is “Don’t sit under the apple tree”.

Eloise and Theo – Looking good in red, white and blue you two. Lovely decorations, and what lovely photographs of your great grandparents? I think it was a great idea to interview your neighbour and learn some very interesting facts about the past. I wonder if Silver Street looked the same on Friday?

Cerys and Euan – In charge of the BBQ? I am impressed. You both look like you mean business with those tongs! Your bunting looked great, and you managed to find some time to fit some school work in too!

Keira and Mia – Keira save those hugs up into one enormous super hug, a hug that is so powerful it will pop Miss Sanderson’s socks off! Can you imagine how amazing that hug will be? Mia I really hope the tooth fairy payed a visit, as that is one proud gap photo! Keep smiling girls.

Jess – Your garden looks lovely and I’m so pleased that you had such a memorable day. Your neighbours will have loved having a chat with you too. It was really nice to see you and Katie last week when Mrs Hammond and I were out delivering, although nothing beats a rib squishing Jess hug!

Amy and SamMum and Dad will soon have you two doing all the cooking! I think we are going to have a generation of world class chefs and bakers. It looks as though you are having lots of fun and are being really creative. Keep going, and don’t worry Mum, spontaneous leaking is a perfectly acceptable thing now, we’re all at it.

Chloe and Lauren – It’s lovely to see that you are having so much fun, being so creative and making so many wonderful memories. I love your driveway chalk art and your VE day decorations. I would have loved to have heard your karaoke session, what sings did you sing?

“We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.”

Mrs Jackson X


Keira – It was lovely to see you with a big smile the other day, I am looking forward to being able to have a hug too… it is a very strange time. It was so nice to have a chat and hear what you have been up to, I think it’s great that you are reading David Walliams books! Your picnic and BBQ look yummy, I celebrated VE day with a BBQ too! Well done for trying some of the sheets I sent, I am very impressed Keira. Keep smiling! 

Harry – I love the bunting Harry, I thought your house was beautifully decorated in rainbows the other day, but the bunting will have made it look even better! We both celebrated VE day with a BBQ… the weather was wonderful. The Mars Bar Crispie cake sounds delicious, I think I would have liked it! 

Cerys – Your VE day activities sound like good fun, and your decorations looked wonderful when I visited the other day. I am impressed with your BBQ skills, I bet the Corn on the Cob was delicious, but maybe a bit messy to eat?! 

Evie – Your baking looks fantastic, I hope you keep it up when we are back at school so I can try! I love your VE day decorations, I bet the street party was very special, this week will have created a lot of memories, especially with the lorries driving through the village on Thursday evening. It was lovely to see you from across the road the other day with your big smile! 

Nathan– WOW! Your plane is absolutely amazing, what a fantastic project to have done with your Dad. A lockdown memory to cherish forever. 

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Love Miss Sanderson


Seth – Ants are amazing aren’t they. We love looking at the little tunnels they make and watching them working as a team. We hope you found your missing welly. We wonder how far you could hop? Your bike looks amazing, Mr. Hammond and I have been out biking lots too.
Cole – You are going to be super fit with all that walking! We love that you decorated your front garden for your picnic. Your VE day celebrations looked amazing,  it looks like you had lots of fun with Mason and Toby.
Extra message from Mrs. Hammond
Sam and Amy it was lovely to see you too, and tell mummy it’s ok. I didn’t mind her blubbering on the doorstep, it was lovely to chat!
From Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Jackson


Hello! This week I managed to catch and chat to most of our class and my gosh it was wonderful! Miss Jacklin and I loved seeing your smiling faces even if it was from a little bit further away than we are used to.

Ethan – Your track and garage combo are just fabulous! You have worked so hard and made such a wonderful job of it. It is great to see you smiling and I really hope you will enjoy playing with that for a while yet!

Jack & Lewis – You guys are doing so many creative things, you are such wonderful artists and those decorations look fab!

William – That sketching is wonderful. You really are a talented artist. Keep smiling and have fun with Arthur!

Oscar – How I miss seeing what you have made!! I bet you had great fun doing something so creative.

Hayley & Emily – You girls are always so busy! The house looked fab and your hats are just amazing. Well done girls.

Take care and smile!

Love Mrs Revitt