A Message from your teacher….week 8

Dear Everyone,

What a week we have all had!!
Your Show and Tells have helped us all this week more than you could know.
They have shown us your smiles and your fun fun times.
They have shown us you laughing and playing and the rough and tumble and togetherness of your family lives.

Please do not worry if you haven’t got this or that finished (and that is for mums and dads just as much as the children!!) Be kind to yourselves. All too soon we will all be back at school and work. We will be all ‘caught up’ whatever that means. . and we will be thinking to ourselves I wish we could go back and have that family time again…

A big Mrs Murray hug to you all and a head teacher’s sticker to each and every parent- you are doing a cracking job x

Corban– happy 11th Birthday- lovely to see your face rather than your hand waving from the bedroom window!!!!

Stanley I love your scarecrow for VE Day

Euan and Cerys a Candy Floss machine- yes please- Cerys I love the curly hair!

Harvey and Freddie-Joe those names from natural objects need framing. Beautifully done.

Alex your name is so inventive- Rhubarb and Fossils!! Wow

Maisie-Jane yours is so very pretty.

Kiera you gave us all such a smile when we saw your name in ‘natural’ products. Very creative. I loved talking to you on the phone too.

Daisy and Evie your names were so carefully done- Daisy I love that you spelt Daisy with Daisies!!

Oscar what are you creating with dad’s rubbish? (I think you are an engineer in the making)

Owen you have as always been very busy. We are very impressed with how you have applied yourself throughout home school. We were all delighted when Mrs Barraclough spotted your poster in a shop in Brigg and shared it with us all on our staff WhatsApp group. Well done.

Evelyn you have had two landmarks in one week- a lost tooth and learning to ride your bike. Well done .

Darcy looks like you have had a busy fortnight. Do your mum and dad slide down that slide too? Take a picture for us!

Isaac it has been good to see you in school but I am glad you are still ploughing on with that virtual bike ride. You have done brilliantly.

Sam and Amy– of all the amazing things you have done this week I am most pleased by the fact Sam helped Amy with her roman numerals and told her how brilliantly she had done with her art work- and that Amy can now ice a cake like that!!! There are things that home school has taught you all that will stay with you forever.

Lauren and Chloe extremely well done on your 30 day maths challenge Gold trophies. Those clouds in a jar look gorgeous- I want to know how to do that because it looks like something which might calm me when I am feeling frazzled!

Jess that rainbow salad looks yummy- I am excited to hear how those tadpoles change and grow too.

Emily and Hayley your face masks are the best I have seen and I love the space helmets. I wonder if we could adapt the design for when we are all back at school!!!!

Stay safe and keep smiling (and reading!)

from Mrs Murray


What a busy couple of weeks you have all had! You never fail to impress me and make me smile with all the wonderful things you’ve been getting up to. Keeping a routine and plodding on in these strange times is not easy, so thank you to those of you who keep inspiring us all!

Special thanks, again, to Nathan and his dad who spent Tuesday afternoons making an incredible tribute to VE Day for St. Barnabas, which we will all treasure. Thank you to Euan, who has inspired us with his culinary skills – BBQing, candy-flossing and pizza making (no wonder you needed plenty of walks to burn off the excess calories!). Harvey and Alex, your nature-inspired names were fabulous, full of clues to the nature you’ve been observing all around you. Keep busying yourselves with the wonders of the world all around you and keep reading!

Love Mrs. Byrne


Evelyn – Wow you’ve lost a tooth! Has the tooth fairy visited you? ?‍♂️ I love that you have learnt to ride your bike – well done ! Have you taken your dolls or teddy for a bike ride too? I can see you have room in the basket for passengers.

Darcy – How lovely to see the VE celebrations you had, it sounds like you had so much fun ! ? It is great that the weather is so nice for you to enjoy the pool in the garden. I bet you made a really big splash going down the slide into the water!! ?What a great idea!

Lauren – Huge well done in completing Carol Vorderman’s 30 day challenge – amazing !! ? I know from talking to Mummy how you are becoming a mega mathematician!! Keep exploring Barnetby, I wonder if like me you are discovering paths that you didn’t know were there?

from Mrs. Houlton


Maisie – What a beautiful representation of your name using natural objects; it’s wonderful! Keep up all your hard work and keep smiling x

Isaac – It looks like you’ve been doing fantastically well with your biking challenge – great job ?Hopefully you’ll be seeing Buckingham Palace before you know it! All the staff will be glad to know that your days in school have been enjoyable. Stay safe x

Amy – You’ve been super busy again this week and I’m loving the rainbow theme ?Using pompoms to decorate your rainbow and apple picture was a great idea and it looks fab! I’m sure it will make everyone who sees it that bit happier too. I love how you’ve been busy working hard with your home learning and that Sam has been encouraging you – that’s lovely and kind of him. That chocolate cake looks AMAZING! I’m so impressed with your piping skills and I agree that it looks to be your best cake yet ?? Stay safe and keep smiling x

Chloe – More lovely photos of another busy week for you and Lauren. I’m glad the ‘raincloud in a jar’ experiment worked well – it looks very pretty too! The pompom rainbow looks lovely so great job with that ? Big congratulations for achieving your Gold trophy with the Carol Vorderman challenge, you must have worked so hard to earn that ?I love hearing how you’ve been exploring your local area too. You can’t beat a good bike ride! Keep smiling x

Jess – It looks like you’ve been busy again this week. I’m so pleased the ‘Rainbow Salad’ recipe came in handy and that it was tasty…it does look very delicious ? Oh, I love tadpoles! I bet your investigating and observing each week will be fun! I look forward to hearing updates about them. Keep smiling x

Daisy – Lots more outdoor adventures for you and Evie this week. The bird feeders looks fantastic and I bet the hungry birds will love them ? I really like your natural name creations, they look lovely. And going on lots of nice walks is always a great way to explore the great outdoors. Stay safe x

Another busy week for all of you! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and telling us what you’ve all been up to. It’s always great to see your happy, smiling faces and all the fantastic things you’ve been up to.

Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing great! ???

With love,

Mrs Barraclough x


Stanley: What a lovely scarecrow! Those poppies look amazing too. we hope they work and the birds stay away from your grass seeds.

from Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Jackson


Corban, how absolutely lovely to see you celebrating your birthday. May we wish you a belated Happy Birthday; it sounds as if you were spoiled. You look all grown up and taller than ever!

Owen, you certainly are studious and are setting a great example to many. The kitchen is a great place to be carrying out those science investigations. Have you looked into the properties of cornflour? When mixed with water is it a solid or liquid? It sounds as if you have accessed a good variety of learning across the curriculum. Well done you.

Kiera, we can see from your face how much it meant for you to chat with Mrs Murray – Mrs Murray enjoyed it too.  Good to see you have found some time in your day to exercise: it is so good for you both physically and mentally so keep it up. Do you record minutes spent or distance travelled or maybe steps in general? See if you can increase that a little more this week.

Sam, it was really good to see your cheery face. Getting out on your bike and having the freedom to venture a little further is refreshing. You sound as if you are keeping busy and enjoying a variety of activities. The map work sounded interesting and is useful when you hear snippets of news and wonder where these places are.

Lovely to see what you all have been doing this past week.

We too have been busy:

Remember as you are out and about Stay Safe, Stay Alert.

Missing you all, Mrs. Emms, Mrs. Welton and Mrs. McTaggart


Cerys – That candy floss making looks like such good fun, I bet it was absolutely delicious. I wonder how the candy floss machine works, it looks very fancy. This week we made pizzas with pitta breads but yours look much better and very scrummy. Keep busy and keep smiling!

Evie – The bird feeders look great Evie, I think you would love being a young ranger with Mrs Methven. This week you could keep a tally of which birds you see on your bird feeders, or try to take some pictures of them. The weather is supposed to be lovely this week so I hope you’ll carry on enjoying your walks.

from Miss Sanderson


Corban– Happy Birthday! I hope it was epic. What better way to start the day than with a cooked breakfast?

Euan and Cerys– pizza and candy floss?! I’m jealous! I love your pizza face Cerys, but I’m not sure Euan looks too impressed with that long walk.

Harvey and Freddie– lovely name challenge chaps. Was it tricky? I’m guessing capitals were easier than lower case letters!

Alex– I love your selection of natural objects Alex, especially that fossil. Do you know what it is?

Maisie– awww, such a dainty name creation. I miss sitting on the field at break time making daisy chains.

Oscar– it’s great to see you are still being creative Oscar. You used to make some fantastic creations in Foundation. This one looks really interesting, what does it do?

Owen– if your fresh cream cherry sponge cake tasted half as good as it looks it will have been amazing! I saw your picture in the chemist. What a lovely idea. Well done young man.

Keira– I love the picture of you and Robbie having fun and giggles. It must be nice to have someone to keep you entertained, although Ava-Vader looks like she is keeping you company.

Evelyn– congratulations on losing those stabilisers! I hope you didn’t lose that tooth learning to ride your bike?! I do miss that big smile.

Darcy– your garden looks lovely with your paper chain decorations. What a great idea to put your slide into your pool. It looks like great fun.

Isaac– You should be so proud of your cycling achievement. You have kept going and you’re almost there! Well done, you will need a holiday when you have finished!

Amy and Sam– Amy I have just realised, you are a real live cheer bear! I’m sure that cake with it’s perfect piping brought a lot of joy to everyone! It sounds like Sam deserved a big slice after all his geographic investigations!

Chloe and Lauren– girls, I thought you had started making your own magic potions! Rain clouds in jars sound amazing! Well done on your mathematical achievements this week.

Jess– I love that you have put your bling on to do your cooking! You look very chic. Maybe you should start your own cookery vlog?!

Daisy and Evie– I think I need to borrow your bird feeder idea girls. I have lots of birds in my garden and they are always hungry! Were they easy to make?

Hayley and Emily– I love working out what to spend my pocket money on. What did you decide? More craft supplies? Fancy bun cases or a space rocket so you can try out those amazing helmets?!

Keep sending your photos, we love to see what you’re getting up to. Stay safe. Mrs Jackson x


Freddie – I love the natural name! You really mixed up the different materials you found. Well done both of you! 

Oscar – I love how creative you are with everything! I also love a good up-cycling project! Well done you! 

Hayley & Emily – You girls are so creative! I love the fact you are smiling and doing your school work, what a lovely thing for me to see! Well done both of you for being so full of energy and enthusiasm with everything. 

Take care,

Mrs Revitt x