A Message from your teacher….week 9

Children your show and tell this week seem particularly amazing.

They show us that you are all learning all the time, and that you are learning  how to do some amazing things too. Many of the things you have done, you wouldn’t have learned without the lock down, so we need to be thankful that we have had these chances and this time to be with our families.

Across the Federation you have been digging trenches, assembling beds, making mud pies, growing vegetables, fence painting, making recycled cities and even setting up potato businesses! ! You have all been incredibly busy.

Your science and DT at home has impressed and inspired us all. . .Bees, butterflies, baking experiments, making pets and lots of exploding volcanoes.

Well done to each and everyone of you.

Your handwriting entries have delighted us. The staff have loved seeing them and Mrs. Stothard has really enjoyed being able to judge them.

The winners will each receive a prize of £5.00. We will be in touch with mums and dads to let you know how we will get this to you so don’t spend your winnings just yet!

Your photos show us how fast you are all growing! We miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you again when it’s safe.

We hope you have an amazing half term. Have fun.

Keep away from your school work!

Stay safe


Mrs. Murray

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Jacob– that pizza looks A-Mazing!? I bet Mum and Dad will have you making them more often. You could open your own little pizza restaurant!

Jake and Ben– I heard all about the bee adventure from Miss Thompson, I imagine it was fascinating to watch ?. Your pool looks awesome, do you need to use steps to get in?!

Daisy and Evie- painting that fence looks like it was a big job, I bet Mum and Dad were glad they had you two to help! Those bread buns look impressive ?what did you have in them?

Darcy– happy birthday Darcy doodle doo (here’s a birthday poke ??). It looks like you had a very pink day! Well done on your new found skipping skills little skipper!

Elise and Bella– ?? well done on those right leg splits ladies, Miss Lucy will be pleased that your staying flexible. Elise maybe you could come and cook tea for me, your meal looks delicious! And Bella, I love your story, if I had a boat I would want your lamp to keep away the fog.

Euan and Cerys– it’s lovely to see you two working together, I bet that makes Mum and Dad really happy. I love your stick name idea, ? where did you hang your finished artwork?

Victoria– I love that skittle rainbow experiment ?, I would want to eat the skittles though! Your sock puppet is fab, what did you call it? Did you put on a puppet show for Mum and Dad?

Chloe– did you drop the egg? It looks like you are having great fun with Caitlin. What an amazing city! I bet Tobias had fun helping you. I love your face on the last picture, you look like a Queen looking out over her kingdom!??

Jacob– you have had a busy week! I’m glad you enjoyed making your jar, it’s lovely that playing monopoly with your family makes you happy, and you can see that by your big smile?.

Owen– your artwork looks like it was in the style of Quentin Blake, I would love to see the finished piece. I would also love a piece of that cheesecake, with sprinkles and stars! ?

Harvey and Freddie– the Chocolate Brownie Crinkle Biscuits were delicious. Thank you very much! Do you enjoy helping Dad bake? It’s something I love to do, obviously I love the eating bit too ?

Keira– well done on your results! Even though you were worried you aced it! ??⭐️ it looks like Dad and Robbie are playing tug of war with you! Are your arms really long now?!

Isaac– we have heard all about your business venture this week, and your £60 potatoes! I’m not sure that I could afford a bag of those. Although they do look delicious. You are so close to London now, will you have a celebration when you’ve finished? ?

Emily and Hayley– you girls amaze me with all the different things you fit into a week. I think I may make a fairy house for my garden, yours are looking lovely. ? I can’t wait to see those sunflowers as they grow.

Zeke and Ezra–  loving the hair boys, red really suits you Ezra, did you both take your inspiration from Mr Courtney?
I have never seen so many tadpoles or a rabbit that can do maths! ?Wow!

Jess– nice to see you have graduated to a tiara! Another super busy week for you, with lots of different activities, I imagine Mum’s favourite was when you helped with the cleaning ? Jess, flapjack is flat, it would so easily go through a letterbox, if only you knew where I lived ?

Sam and Amy– your photos always make me hungry! Sticky toffee pudding, one of my absolute favourites,? looks like you nailed it Sam, along with that fab drawing of Willy Wonka. Amy, Mrs Stothard is the Queen of sausage rolls, but it looks like yours could challenge that title! Well done!⭐️

Chloe and Lauren – Mum is right, these weeks are flying by, that must mean you are having lots of fun family times together. That’s why I love the picture of the big woodland hug. I also love the thought of lemon cupcakes, swimming pools and fruit smoothies! Keep up the good work ladies. ?You got this.

Maisie– that piece of paper looks like it could be hundreds of years old! What technique did you use to age it? I love the beautifully handwritten poem too. Some days you really do have to summon all your thunder ⭐️

Missing you all. Keep making memories.

Stay safe, Mrs Jackson x


Ella-Marie– Oh no! not another pot, but it looks like you have picked a fab colour pot to help that arm heal! We are very impressed at your pizza making skills, how much did they cost?⭐
Seth– that afternoon tea looks delicious, no wonder you are smiling! Is your pool so deep you need goggles? We are worried though, that your bath looks a little small.
We miss you too Seth, sending you big high five ?
Blake– your Komodo dragon looks fantastic, what’s its name? Your rainbow collection photo is our favourite, you look so happy ?. It looks like your lollipop matched the rainbow too. We miss that big smile, but know you and mummy are having lots of fun.

Cole– congratulations on getting rid of your stabilisers! ⭐ You look like you are loving being out on your bike. What amazing models you made with the kinetic sand. The plane in our playground is fantastic isn’t it? How did it get there, we wonder?

from Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Jackson


Ben – What a fun week you have had! That pool looks incredible – I too would be in there all day especially with weather being so glorious. Wow bees – I bet Miss Thompson certainly had a shock to have them visit her garden! You will have to tell me how they were moved – I can imagine it was really interesting!
Darcy – Such lovely happy smiley photographs – just gorgeous! A very HaPpY 6th BiRtHdAy to you Darcy!! Looks like you had an amazing time celebrating! That cake looks delicious!! Did you manage to get into the Pinata? Well done mastering skipping, I’ll look out for you whizzing around the village!
Bella – Fabulous photo’s, what a busy week you have had! I love the idea of your outside classroom, looks like you were all working hard.  That ice-cream looks so good, a perfect treat for this sunny weather!
Victoria – Such a lovely week you have had, super photos. Ooh the skittle experiment looks like  it worked really well for you. Great sock puppet too, have you given it a name?
Chloe– You have been really busy this week. Wow the city looks fantastic – what a great job you and your brother have done! The mini sports day sounds like fun too, who won the egg and spoon race?
Ezra –  Wow you have been so busy! So many super pictures of all the things you have been up to. Looks like a lot of fun in the woods, such a lovely nature walk. It was been the perfect weather for camping out  in your tent. I’m looking forward to seeing some more pictures of the tadpoles as they turn into frogs.
Lauren – Ooh more baking, the lemon cakes look delicious! Super weather for fruit smoothies too – I bet they were tasty! Such a lovely picture of you and Chloe out walking- you certainly are enjoying your time together. Well done for keeping up with the maths challenges too.
I hope everyone has a super half term, stay safe and take care.
Missing you all,  Mrs Houlton and Miss Beacroft ?


What a busy week you’ve all had! Lots of cooking, exercising, handwriting and reading… So lovely to see you all happy and safe.

Special thanks to Elise for sharing her busy schedule with everyone, and as usual, it’s been jam-packed! Really pleased you’ve managed the splits – keep up the stretches! Your cooking looked delicious, what a lovely experience for you all. I’m especially pleased you’ve managed to put your sign language learning to great use already. You’ve put many smiles on faces this week, I’m sure.

Harvey, you too seem to have been baking again; what wonderful talents you are developing! Those chocolate fingers looked yummy, Freddie! Great to see you keeping up with Joe Wicks too, releasing those happy endorphins. Your concentration doesn’t seem to be lagging… an inspiration, boys!

Euan, to no one’s surprise, has also been busy. As well as what the photos show, he also wrote a wonderful film review, this week. Do you have a time machine?! I bet your parents are grateful you’re so helpful.

Well done everyone, have a safe and happy half term, enjoying the fine weather,

Mrs. Byrne x


Owen, great to hear about all your activities. We were wondering if your writing was imaginative or informative? Either way we would love to read it. Do let us know when you have achieved your ‘30 Day Maths Challenge’. As you continue your bakery explorations take a look at Joe Wicks Cinnamon Rolls: they are delicious. Yes, he does recipes too. Mrs Welton certainly does enjoy her walk delivering the packs of school work – but remember to enjoy a relaxing half term.

Kiera it looks as if your mum has gone ‘Stir crazy’. Maybe a cuppa would help? Clearly there was no need for you to be fearful, when attempting the assessment, Kiera as you conquered the x11 and x12 tables – brilliant. We loved the idea of ‘I miss you’ notes and feel sure friends enjoyed receiving them.

Sam we were pleased to hear you had carried out the soluble and insoluble science investigations. Were there any surprises? Being a fan of Quentin Blake, I instantly recognised Willy Wonka. Do you have any other favourite characters Sam? Maybe you could create a new character drawn in the style of Quentin Blake. Keep up the baking as you will find yourself forever popular in the future.

Surprisingly the weeks are disappearing quite quickly with new activities and challenges to spur us on. Thank you so much to Jay-Den, Lewis and Owen for submitting your beautiful handwriting; your choice of poems was intriguing.

Keep sending us an update of all your activities and Stay Alert to Stay Safe

Mrs. Emms, Mrs. Welton and Mrs. McTaggart.


Jacob – Those pizzas look absolutely delicious, I bet they were great fun to make. Pretending to be in a pizza shop sounds like good fun too! Congratulations for winning the Year 3 handwriting competition; Mrs. Stothard must have been as impressed with your football poem as I was. Well done you! Have a lovely half term.

Evie – You really are packing your days full with lots of exciting activities. Your bread buns look wonderful, did you have to leave your dough to rise? We are so lucky that the weather has been nice enough to have paddling pools out, but I remember how difficult wetsuits are to get off – you feel like you’re peeling them off! I am hoping to do some fence painting this week, when I can find some paint, most places seem to be sold out! Hopefully we will have another week of beautiful weather for you to enjoy. I hope you have a happy and busy half term.

Cerys – It is wonderful to see that you are keeping busy and getting up to lots of different things. I loved the stick artwork pictures that Mum sent me, we did a similar thing at school this week. Hopefully you will enjoy more painting and paddling pool time this half term, keep smiling and having fun!

Zeke – You have been so so so busy! It was lovely to see you last week so you could tell me what you had been up to. I must say your hair is looking very smart! The recycled city looks very impressive and I love the shop game. I am pleased you have been enjoying some of the math’s sheets I sent home, I love that your rabbit helped you. Have a happy half term Zeke and keep exploring the wonderful outdoors!

A special thank you to Freddie and Harvey; those chocolate brownie cookies that you delivered to school were DELICIOUS!

I loved seeing all the handwriting competition entries this week, a special well done to all the Year 3 entries; I am very pleased that you are all keeping up with your beautiful joined handwriting.

I will be enjoying the sunny weather this half term with lots of bike rides and dog walks. I hope everyone is keeping safe and happy. Enjoy a week off from school work!

From Miss Sanderson x


Jake – What wonderful photos of a very busy week! I bet watching the bees being collected and looked after was so interesting and made an exciting Sunday evening for you and Miss Thompson! I love seeing your happy, smiling face as you’re enjoying spending time with your family, it makes me smile too ? An updated (thanks Mum!) total of 213 miles of lockdown biking is absolutely amazing for you and Ben – I am so impressed. I don’t think I’ve even biked that far in my whole life, let alone 9 weeks! That pool looks like so much fun too, no wonder you spend so long in there. Let’s hope for lots more lovely weather and happy memories too.
Keep Smiling (and biking!) x

Daisy – Fantastic photos of another busy week for you and Evie; it looks like you’ve had great adventures outdoors again. I love that you’ve used your snorkels and wetsuits in your pool – I bet that so was so much fun! ?The breadbuns look very impressive – Paul Hollywood would be giving you a handshake for those if you were on the Bake Off! I’m pleased to hear your vegetables and salad are growing well – I wonder what you can make with it all when it’s ready?
Stay Safe x

Jacob – I’m so pleased to see you enjoying creating your ‘Happiness Jar’ and I love the thought that you’ve added to it. I like playing board games with my family too ? I wonder if you can add a few more happy memories or thoughts each week?
Keep Smiling x

Isaac – What a busy entrepeneur you are turning into! I’m very impressed with all the hard work you’ve put into your new branch of the family business  ? We might see you on Dragon’s Den one day in the future if all goes well! Cooking tea for your family was a lovely idea and I bet you all enjoyed it. Fingers crossed for your virtual bike ride coming to it’s close on Thursday – you’ll have to let us know your final total for the money you’ve raised.
Stay Safe x

Jess – Lovely photos of a busy week for you at home. I love how you’ve helped Mum with tasks around the house – it’s so much easier (and fun) when you can do it together. This flapjack is almost famous, we do really need to try some at school (hint, hint! ??) I’m pleased to see you’ve been busy doing lots of other fun things and I think you may be needing a new bike soon! We’ve done a few favourites on Just Dance at home too and it makes me happy to see you enjoying it aswell.
Keep Smiling x

Amy – What great photos of more brilliant home learning from you and Sam. I’m so impressed with all the hard work you’ve been doing and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed trying out many of the experiments. The email you sent me with your Italian menu was fantastic and made me want to enjoy an Italian feast! You must have worked so hard on your PowerPoint – I bet you’re better than some of us grown ups on it now! It made my day to read your email as I’m missing you and the rest of the class too ?
Keep Smiling x

Chloe – A busy week for you and Lauren, full of lots of happiness and learning by the smiles on your faces ? Your baking looks delicious and the smoothies sound very healthy and nutritious. I’m glad you’re enjoying this lovely weather and spending time outside as well as working hard with your home learning. Well done for persevering with the Active Learn activities – some of them are tricky but you’ve done an amazing job. Hopefully you’ll see your friends again very soon.
Stay Safe x

Maisie – Wow! I love the aged paper you’ve created – it looks just like something from 200 years ago. You’ll have to show us how you did it when we get back to school. I’m really impressed with the poem you’ve written on it too with such beautifully neat handwriting ?
Keep Smiling x

Wonderful photos from you all again – it makes me happy to see you all working so hard on various activities and creating so many memorable moments with your families. I’m missing our class and all the exciting things we get up to at this time of year but I’m sure we’ll be together again very soon.

I hope you all have a lovely half term,

With Love
Mrs Barraclough x


Freddie – Those brownie/biscuits look amazing! I bet they tasted yummy! I see there is hard work going on too, you star! Your handwriting was lovely, I was so very proud of you!

Hayley & Emily – I am so impressed every week with your dedication and creativity. Well done girls! The lava lamps and the rainbows sound fun. I’ve got some sunflowers in my garden but I don’t think mine will be very tall (I keep forgetting to water them!)


Mrs Revitt