A Message from your teacher….week 1

Dear Children and your families,

What a treat for all the staff when we saw the work you’ve done and the activities and fun you’ve had since you’ve been at home! You won’t want to come back!! We have all loved looking at what you’ve been up to, the hard work, the Joe Wicks, the arty adventures, farming fun and having a peek inside your homes too.

We’re all looking forward to seeing more of your endeavours so keep them coming. We know that some days it has been hard to get on the internet so please don’t worry, that’s why we sent you your exercise books too!! If you can’t get online or you want an extra activity, we are also texting an optional daily challenge by text. If you want to take part, please do and send in results to the admin.kirmington address. The first challenge today is a self-portrait. I have asked the staff to have a go too.. . . . .this could be interesting.

Lots of love

Mrs. Murray


I was so pleased to see all the amazing and creative work that’s gone on in week 1.
I am especially looking forward to seeing Euan‘s sewing as I know it’s one of his many talents.
Well done too, to Alex who has been cracking on with his English, as have others of you, judging by Laila‘s stunning work photos!
I can’t wait to see even more photos, next week, of you enjoying your home learning adventures. I want to challenge you all to send in any reading photos too, next week.
from Mrs Byrne


Cole– We love, love, love that you are still singing and we hope you can remember all the actions too. We think your chicken is magnificent too. We have had our PE lessons with Joe Wicks every day as well.
Seth– We love your painting. Mrs. Jackson thought you were painting your car! It’s a lovely idea for everyone in Barnetby to see and we hope it makes them smile. We wish we could walk through the village to see it too.
Mollie– We think that Freddie is loving having you at home to teach him to count with pasta. You look like you have been really busy doing lots of different things in your fabulous pink coat.

from Mrs.Hammond and Mrs. Jackson


Jess – What an awesome lava lamp! It looks like you’ve been a very busy scientist this week. Keep smiling xx
Jake – We’ve never had a panda in our P.E. lessons! How lucky are you? Great to see you doing Maths work and having fun outside too 🙂
Isabel Connelly – I love how you’re making the most of every minute in bed Izzy! It looks like you’ve also had lots of fun outside in the sunshine with your furry friend too. Happy days 🙂
Daisy – Wow! You’ve been so busy this week Daisy – I love that you’ve had such fun exploring the great outdoors. I wonder what you’ll get up to next week? Stay safe too xx
Chloe – I absolutely love your rainbow for the Key Workers – fab artwork as always Chloe. And the slime looks soooo gross! Exercising on the trampoline looks great fun – I wish I had one! Stay positive xx
Amy – That rainbow is as beautiful as the lovely smile on your face Amy 🙂 Great artwork too, I love the colours you’ve used. Amazing gymnastics on the trampoline as well – I wish I had your energy! Keep smiling xx
from Mrs Barraclough


Owen – Well done, Owen, for cracking on with your Maths and English. We saw you were busy drawing a cartoon character. Is there a caption or some dialogue? Can you challenge yourself and produce a comic strip?

Francesca – We saw you were studying hard, Francesca. It was good of you to help Harry with his learning. We love the idea of a weekly schedule. We wondered what fun things you will be doing this week?

Abigail – Great to hear you are exercising both physically and mentally, Abigail. How is the training of that young pony going?

Kiera – Lovely to see you were enjoying a good book after netball in the garden, Kiera. Mrs Welton and I are wondering who the opposition was? How many goals can you score in two minutes, Kiera?

You look skillful with your bow, Sam. We think it may be best not to cross your path in the future. We look forward to seeing more of what you have been up to in next weeks photos.

General message…. keep the photos coming: we love to see all that you have been doing.

from Mrs Welton and Mrs Emms


For Cerys, year 3: Looks like you have been a busy bee Cerys! I would love to see your sewing design or a picture of you sewing, maybe week 2 show and tell? I have been trying to do Joe Wicks everyday too, it’s hard work! Enjoy spending time in your new house and garden and keep smiling!

Oh and Mrs Jackson says “you had better not be sitting in your new big kitchen!”

For Evie, year 3: Wow Evie, it looks like you’ve been on some lovely adventures, love the tree climbing! Perhaps you could write a little diary or draw a picture about one of your adventures; where you have been and what you have seen. Working on the trampoline is an awesome idea, the weather has been too nice to stay indoors! Keep exploring, having fun and smiling!

from Miss Sanderson


Victoria – I am blown away by how much you have done in a week ! Your black silhouette watercolour elephant picture is fantastic!!
Evelyn – Lovely to see your smiling face ! Perfect weather to do your science work outside, beautiful illustration of dandelions!.
Lauren – Ooh Lauren looks like you’ve had a really creative week. I am looking forward to hearing all about how you made the slime!
Ben – Working so hard Ben – super! I would definitely like the panda to join us for our next P.E. lesson !!
from Mrs Houlton


Harry– Amazing work! Great to see you are enjoying the sun as well as working, your letter formation is great!
Logan– I love the attention to detail! Hopefully it will become a permanent feature in the garden!
Hayley & Emily (& Felicity)– You look like you’re working so hard! I’m looking forward to seeing some of what you’ve been up to!
from Mrs Revitt