Show & Tell Week 10

Although some of you are heading back to school this week, we would still love to see and read your Show & Tell photos and stories. If you want to take part in the next Show & Tell, please send photos and/or a sentence or two, to by the end of next Saturday.

Click here to see what the children at St Helena’s have been doing this week.

To Mrs Revitt, Miss Jacklin, Miss Salter, Miss Thompson, Mrs Healy and Simon Sloth
I miss you all and wanted to show you my drawing that I copied from my encyclopaedia book. I have been practising drawing lots of animals as I have seen a fox in my garden, ducks and a deer on my walks with Mum and we always see pheasants too. But I don’t see birds like a toucan in this country so thought I would draw animals from different countries.
We have been going for 3 mile walks and I like exploring. I miss school a lot
Love William x


Euan and Cerys have had fun outdoors this week in the lovely sunshine ?
Playing football ⚽️, climbing trees? & eating  ice-cream ?
Also Cerys made a green cake! ?
Euan wanted to use the glue gun again so he made some cardboard furniture ?


Maisie’s homemade sun shelter.


Owen has enjoyed half term and having a break from mum doing her best to be a teacher haha. He has continued to do his maths factor each day, as he’s on course for completing his 30 day challenge – as the weather has been nice we’ve taken advantage and done it outside for a change. We’ve carried on baking with cherry loaves this week we even made one to leave on granny and grandads doorstep for them. The best part of the week was getting some fish for our outdoor water feature which was made from an old bath and wood.

 Owen loves his fish and sat mesmerised by them for ages.
He continues to hope everyone is staying safe and misses everyone xx


Hi Everyone,

We’ve had another great week. ?☀️
Darcy has experienced fishing ? with her daddy for the first time and absolutely loved it ? she learnt the names of different fish ? and made a list of what she caught.
She can’t wait to go again! ?
Hope everyone is well and staying safe. ?

Sending lots of love ? Darcy xx


Daisy and Evie have been tending to the plants in the garden. They are so excited as we have started to eat the salad. They are also looking forward to growing their own pumpkins this year. They have 5 plants in total. Here is what they are growing.
Potatoes, parsnips, lettuce, cauliflower, sprouts, cucumber, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, leeks, reddish, spring onion, spinach and strawberries.

“Here are some if the things we have been doing this week. We have had a great half term in this lovely weather. We hope you are all enjoying it too. Stay safe stay well.”

from Daisy and Evie.


Hope everyone is still saying safe and enjoying the sunshine!

Isaac completed his virtual bike ride to London! He saved his last lap of the village to do on Thursday during “clap for carers”. We are so very proud of him completing this and “sticking with it”. Grand total to be confirmed but we think he has raised around £400 for the NHS charity!

Our tadpoles are growing legs!! We have enjoyed watching them change shape and begin to explore the wildlife pond a little more this week, they like swimming up to the edge in the sunshine!

He has also worked super hard painting great grandma’s bench and making planters for the veg patch! He has also learnt a lot about different gear systems in bikes and swapped some- mum still doesn’t understand!!!

Have a lovely week

CONGRATULATIONS Isaac, from all your friends and the staff at St Barnabas School


We’ve been spending most of the time enjoying the lovely weather, having barbecue once a week when it’s mum and dad’s day off.  This week we made cupcakes rather than relaxing outdoor.  Hope all of my friends at school are having fun too!

from Jayden


This week Jess has been a waitress by taking pizza orders for tea (Mrs Barraclough’s pizza dough recipe used once again ?), made cupcakes and painted a garden chair for me. We have also been on lots of walks again, spotting an unusual ladybird and having a go at Mrs Methven’s ‘Bee Competition’… a few more to go I think!

Stay safe everyone ?


Evelyn has been busy this week with lots of picnics, trips to the beach and ice creams! She has finished the week off by camping outside for the first time ?


It’s been lovely weather which we have made full use of, our mini allotment at home is coming on well and we have finally been able to get to the big allotment too. The girls have been enjoying spending time outside playing with Coco the dog and our two guinea pigs Waffle & Cookie. We went a little crazy too and the girls have dip dyed red hair now, they are absolutely loving it. But even with all the fun the girls are really missing their friends and school and are sending lots of love and hugs xx
from Keira & Mia



Mrs Hammond & Mrs Jackson have had a day in our garden: a well deserved day off x

from Stanley