Staff Show & Tell Easter Special

The staff have so enjoyed reading the weekly Show & Tell about what you have all been getting up to, they decided we needed to do one about them ….. well kind of. Some staff members have done Show & Tell the way you do; some have submitted pictures which you have to guess who they are; and others have submitted silly photos. We hope you enjoy reading, guessing and just laughing at the staff contributions and if you want to comment, please send these to

Happy Easter to you all – don’t each too much chocolate and if you do nothing else DO READ!!! (And exercise!!)

Guess Who 1

Who do you think likes making pizza, doing jigsaws and uses a computer?



Guess Who 2

New recruits to Young Rangers, Mrs Hammond, Mrs Welton and Mrs Bellamy busy gardening.

New teacher and new pupil working hard in the classroom!


Guess Who 3

Oh now this one is a difficult one. This staff member can be found in the alphabet – Triskaidekaphobia sufferers beware!


Mrs Jackson is really missing her family so decided to link up each week and have a ‘virtual’ family meal. Never ones to miss the opportunity to get dressed up they all decided to have an Italian night! Pasta, Pizza and an Italian themed quiz!

We can’t be together yet, but it was great to see everyone, and look forward to all sitting together around one table ❤️



Hello everyone!

I must say I am missing school and all of your happy (and sometimes grumpy!) faces. I hope you are all enjoying your time with your families the best that you can.

During the time at home I have been doing lots of cooking and baking. I have made my own jam, which for a first attempt wasn’t too bad! However, I’m not quite Mary Berry just yet!! 

I’ve also been doing very ‘exciting’ things like cleaning and painting…. although cleaning is a lot more exciting when singing High School Musical or iSingPop songs whilst dancing round the house. I wonder what my neighbours thought?! 

It has also been my birthday which I spent enjoy the lovely Sun! … you’re never too old for balloons ?

I hope to see you all soon but until then keep safe. I can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve been up to when we are back at school. Have a lovely Easter.

From Miss Salter

Happy belated birthday Miss Salter from all of the children, families and staff.


Guess Who 4

Their den building skills could maybe do with some work!


Guess Who 5

” I wish everyone a Happy Easter and I am missing you all!”


So today I have delivered flowers to a neighbour who helped us out when we couldn’t get to the shop, played frisbee with my dog Eva (who jumped up and left muddy paw prints on my clean trousers ?), and finally delivered some shopping to my mum and dad who I haven’t seen for 3 weeks ?

From Mrs Healey



Guess Who 6

There are easier ways to get a stick for your dog to play with 😀 Still answering the phone!


Guess Who 7

At home this week, I’ve been saluting the NHS with my home-made fog horn, taking my 18-year-old dog for lots of walks, practising my 360s, making Easter Cards and re-learning my favourite tunes! Take care everyone x


Mrs McTaggart is enjoying quiet time catching up with some reading



Miss Jacklin is very proud of the mouse family she is creating! The first craft kit she has ever made….onto making the children mice next!


Miss Sanderson has been to see the lambs on her dog walks and has been busy baking! I hope everyone has a lovely Easter xx


Guess Who 8

Daily exercise, blossom spotting with my puppy and then back to garden with a very special little helper.


Guess Who 9

Walking for my daily keep fit routine, tackling big weeds and finishing off with a home-made scotch egg!


I’ve been busy in the garden, enjoying the lovely weather and playing games with my very own little people (even trying out the slide!)
I’ve also had fun creating some Easter crafts and decorating our Easter tree.
There’s even been a spot of decorating going on!
Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter xx
Mrs Barraclough 
Stay safe (eat more chocolate!)