St Barnabas School Christmas 2020 Virtual Carol Concert

We had great fun recording our favourite carols and Christmas songs. We hope you enjoy.

Please follow the link below to download the song list and the mp3 file:

Download files

The files will be available until 4th January 2021.

If you have any problems let us know.

St Barnabas C of E Virtual Christmas Carol Concert 2020

Song list

Song 1


Away in a Manger

Song 2

Year 1

Little Donkey

Song 3

Year 2

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Song 4

Year 3

I Couldn’t Sleep

Song 5

Year 4

It Was on a Starry Night

Song 6

Year 5

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Song 7

Year 6

The Holly and The Ivy

Song 8

Year 5


Song 9

Year 3

Jingle Bells

Song 10

Year 2

Silent Night

Thank you for listening,

Merry Christmas!


8 Responses to “St Barnabas School Christmas 2020 Virtual Carol Concert”

  1. Vicky healey

    How lovely to hear all the singing, my granny would love to listen to it, please could I have the download .

  2. Rachel Lancaster

    This has been so nice to listen to, it now feels like Christmas! Well done to everyone x

  3. Corri Moverley

    Listening to the children singing really made my day, just adorable! Thank you

  4. Charlotte wells

    Awww that’s so lovely!
    Think we will be listening again tomorrow for traditional “end of term”
    Merry Christmas to you all xx

  5. Yvonne Morrison

    What a lovely time to listen to the children singing it made my day thank you

  6. Katie Burton


    St Barnabas you’re amazing! So lovely listening to you all!