St Barnabas School Conker Challenge 2020

Over the last few weeks years 1 to 6 have been taking part in a Conker challenge, organised by Mrs. Methven. Each bubble had their own contest and everyone who took part had a lot of fun. Safety goggles were worn and each competition took place outside. Well done to everyone who took part and we’re all looking forward to next years challenge when, we hope, all the children will be able to compete together.

Year 1 Conker Challenge:

  • Winner: Ella
  • Second: Jacob


Year 2 Conker Challenge:

  • Winner: Evelyn
  • Second: Reggie


Year 3 Conker Challenge:

  • Winner: Amy


Year 4 Conker Challenge

  • Winner: Jack
  • Second: Lenny


Year 5 Conker Challenge

  • Winner: James
  • Second: Rafe


Year 6 Conker Challenge

  • Winner: Euan
  • Second: Nathan

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