St Barnabas Virtual Nativity 2020

We have a wonderful surprise for you, a treat which we’re sure will both bring a tear to your eye and a beaming smile, if not outright laughter, to your lips – the Nativity like you have never seen it, performed by the wonderful Foundation Class children!!

Filmed secretly (although Mrs Moody tells me there were a few near misses, as giggling children not so furtively filmed their scenes), the staff and children from the other class bubbles were taken completely by surprise when the Nativity aired a few days ago, using the wonders of modern technology. Just how Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Bellamy and the children managed to keep it secret is a wonder in it’s own right.

So sit back and enjoy the St. Barnabas School Nativity, 2020:


14 Responses to “St Barnabas Virtual Nativity 2020”

    • Joan agnew

      What a super effort from children so young,so heart warming.
      Well done children & teachers.

  1. Miriam Marshall

    That was fantastic and very enjoyable to watch. A real heart warming performance. Well done to each and every one of foundation class.

    • Maggie Grammatico

      So beautifully done, well done to all the teachers and children. Lovely to watch

  2. Natalie Burton

    This is so lovely!!
    Well done foundation and everyone involved 👍😊.
    Really missed watching the performances this year but that just made me smile 😃
    Merry Xmas

  3. Rachel Corner

    Absolutely brilliant. Kids fantastic and staff so very clever to put it all together. It’s been a horrible year but things like this can just make you forget. Well done everybody.

  4. Carol Stothard

    It was absolutely fab they crease me up bless them what little stars. Bring tears to your eyes. Well done everyone . Love Mrs. Stothard xxx

  5. Absolutely brilliant, heartwarming, enchanting, wonderful. What a tonic we all need. You are all STARS. Big thank you.

  6. Maxine Eddleston

    Just brilliant. Great filming and editing. Children are such good actors. A soothing salve for the soul. Thank you very much.

  7. Carol Leggett

    Beautiful it was lovely to see the children happy and enjoying something that every year we have taken for granted. Well done children and a big thank you to the teacher for keeping the nativity alive for them.

  8. Well done everyone! The children of the foundation class are all shining stars this Christmas. Thank you for sharing your joy and smiles to tell the Nativity Story.