Sunday 7th June 2020

This half term the Christian Value is perseverance so, over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you some bible stories which give good examples. We are all having to persevere through this time of isolation but, like with these stories, we have faith and it is this which will bring us out of the tunnel smiling.


Trust Forgiveness Peace Thankfulness Compassion  Friendship Love Hope




Jonah and the whale.

God called to Jonah one day and told him to go preach to Nineveh, because the people were very wicked. Jonah hated this idea because Nineveh was one of Israel’s greatest enemies and Jonah wanted nothing to do with preaching to them. Jonah tried to run away from God in the opposite direction of Nineveh and headed by boat to Tarsish. God sent a great storm upon the ship and the men decided Jonah was to blame so they threw him overboard. As soon as they tossed Jonah in the water, the storm stopped.

God sent a big fish, some call it a whale, to swallow Jonah and to save him from drowning. While in the belly of the whale, Jonah prayed to God for help, repented and praised God. For three days Jonah sat in the belly of the whale. Then God had the big fish throw up Jonah   onto the shores of Nineveh. Jonah preached to Nineveh and warned them to repent before the city is destroyed in 40 days. The people believed Jonah, turned from their wickedness and God had mercy on them.

Jonah chapters 1,2 and 3.


A few words from Reverend Lee Gabel


Reflection for Trinity Sunday

There is a reason why at the Eucharist we say the words “Great is the mystery of faith”. The Holy Trinity is difficult to explain let alone grasp or understand. And in trying to explain the doctrine of the Holy Trinity we can easily commit some heresy.

The doctrine of the Holy Trinity is not given to us in Scripture, explicitly, it took many years, hundreds perhaps for an agreement to be made. It took years of detective work. It took many years of arguments and heresies, conflicts, and executions.

When St Patrick was challenged on the doctrine of the Trinity, he held up a shamrock, he asked his listeners whether he held one leaf or three. Patrick said that if they could not understand the shamrock, then how could they expect to understand the Trinity.

The shamrock, or clover, it is widely used to represent the Trinity, as is the fleur-de-leys. The equilateral triangle is a most ancient symbol, when three objects are woven together it is likely to symbolise the Trinity, three circles, three fish, three rabbits for example. These symbols are all around us in our churches and mean the same thing, Sanctus, Sanctus Sanctus. Holy Holy Holy. God in three persons blessed Trinity. More recently the words Creator Redeemer Sustainer have been used instead of Father Son and Holy Spirit.

What the Holy Trinity tells us is that God is in community with God’s self. God is not alone, and therefore neither are we. Our faith is lived out as a community, people coming together to worship, and often trying to make sense of complicated doctrines like the Holy Trinity. We may feel far apart during this time of lockdown but we are together in our faith community and with God the Holy Trinity.