Year 2R: Medals, Remembrance, fireworks & Queen Victoria.

We have had such a great start to this year, and we have crammed so much into a short time. We have gardened, got very messy, won virtual PE competitions (and won real medals!), researched Queen Victoria, remembered the fallen and drawn fireworks with chalks both on the playground and on a black sky. We have done so much the weeks have flown by! None of us staff are quite sure how it is almost December!

Mrs Healy, Miss Jacklin and I have been so proud of the way the Year 2 class have settled into the new school year and their dedication to their work. The whole class have behaved beautifully, listened carefully and made so much progress in such a short time. I have been really impressed with the way they approach new tasks and how keen they are to work and challenge themselves.

This year we are celebrating Christmas early with our trees up and decorations galore. We are crossing our fingers each morning for a dusting of snow.

Happy (early) Christmas from all in Year 2.



One Response to “Year 2R: Medals, Remembrance, fireworks & Queen Victoria.”

  1. Well done year 2! Beautiful photos and beautiful work! 😊 So happy everyone settled into school well after the awful year we’ve had. Well done Mrs. Revitt, Mrs. Jacklin and Mrs. Healy for all your hard work too! Couldn’t be easy adapting for you guys either.

    Well done everyone 🙂