Young Rangers news

On this page you will find newsy bits and photos from Mrs Methven about the wildlife area, the school garden and the countryside in general. You can also earn your observation badge and stars by completing  Mrs Methven’s quizzes which can be found here :
August 2020, the Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden has continued to thrive over the summer holidays, although cabbage white caterpillars destroyed some of the crops. Next year we will be growing these crops under netting….hopefully it will be people and not caterpillars that get to eat them!

Summer 2020, Nature Area Hide 

As well as the work on Toad Hall, Mrs Methven and Miss Taylor have been busy in the Nature Area, clearing weeds, weaving the willow boundary and, most exciting of all, building the Tee-Pee hide which the Young Rangers will be able to use to observe the birds and wildlife that have made the Nature Area their home.

15th Jul 2020, Fresh Berry Crumble 

Freddie collected gooseberries and raspberries from the school fruit bushes today and then took them home and made crumble. Looks deliscious.

Badger Cubs and a Polecat

Mrs Methven was lucky enough to get pictures of some badger cubs and a polecat.

13th July 2020


Proudly sporting their brand new Young Rangers T-Shirts, the youngsters worked hard clearing the weeds from the Nature area.

Outdoor Classroom Makeover

Mrs Methven has been busy painting the interior of the Young Rangers Outdoor Classroom, with three walls getting a coat of white paint which will help reflect the light. The fourth ‘door’ wall has been painted with a special paint to create a large blackboard…..well it will be once we get some more blackboard paint. Keep checking back to see how the makeover is progressing.

You can view the completed classroom here.

Woodpeckers Up Close

Mrs Methven has managed to get some pretty awesome shots of an adult Woodpecker and (if you look closely) one it’s youngsters waiting to be fed.

More Seeds and Goodbye Weeds (13th & 14th June 2020)

It’s been a busy weekend in the school garden. Things were looking a little sorry to start with and it was nigh on impossible to see the seedlings amongst the weeds. Nothing an hour of ruthless weeding wouldn’t sort out. With the beds cleared it was time to sow more seeds and the following have all been sown: Another sowing of beetroot, carrots, runner beans, climbing beans and lettuce, together with sowings of Azure Kohl Rabi, Early Sprouting Broccoli, Magenta Magic Orach, Land Cress, Giant Radish and Aztec Broccoli.

Bamboo structures have been added to support the beans as they grow and space has been left for courgettes and late sowings of other vegetables.


We are delighted to be able to announce that the Young Rangers T-Shirts have arrived. They are a vibrant green and feature a logo designed by Mrs Methven which she then hand painted onto each T- Shirt!

1) Exciting stills featuring some adult badgers – hopefully it wont be long before there are pictures of this years cubs to show:

2) Mrs Healy kindly took some photos of the flowers brightening up the Wildlife area at the moment:

Tomato Planting (6th May 2020)

The first of the tomato plants were planted by three Acting Young Rangers this week. Two varieties of Lettuce seed was also sown by Jonah: 1 row of each this week and another row of each will be sown next week. This is called successional sowing and means that the crop will be ready for harvest at different times, which reduces the potential for gluts and wastage.

A Hint of Green (6th May 2020)

Exciting news from the garden – we have the first seedlings breaking through. Can you guess which plant this is?

First Plantings (28th April 2020)

Peas, Rainbow Carrots and Beetroot have all been sown during this week with the help of Young Ranger Eloise and Acting Young Rangers Jonah and Bella.