Young Ranger Badge Competition Quests.

In addition to the Quizzes where it is possible for ALL Young Rangers to EARN specific badges and stars, for observation or identification tasks, you Young Rangers have the chance to WIN badges too, by taking part in the Competition Quests which are on this page. Good luck.


Mrs Methven’s Summer Challenge

Calling all the Young Rangers! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete one of the challenges listed below in time for the start of school in September.

Challenge 1 – make a book for the outdoor classroom!
This can be something you’ve seen about nature, so it could be:
  • what you’ve found on the beach whether it was shells or rubbish;
  • what you’ve seen on a walk; or
  • something you’ve grow in your garden.
Ideally your book will have one thing at least for every week and you will also need to design your front cover for your young Ranger book
Challenge 2 – tell me what you enjoy about young rangers
  • How long have you been a Young Ranger?
  • What have you learnt while being a Young Ranger?
  • While being a Young Ranger, have your views changed about the environment and, if so, why?
These  can be written, photos or drawings what you have seen, liked etc. I am really looking forward to seeing your finished creations.
Quest 1

Send in your photos of the different bees that you have spotted in your garden, out and about on walks, or even whilst shopping. The Young Ranger who finds the most varieties of bees will win a Bee Badge. Email your photos to

Mrs Methven has given you this bee poster to help identify the different varieties.

Good luck Young Rangers.

(Closing date for entries: 30th June 2020)



Hi these are the bees that we have found. We have realised bees are quite difficult to take a photo of!
We think we have a: Buff tailed bumble bee; Tree bumble bee; Early bumble bee; and Honey bee.

Jake B congratulations!! Mrs Methven has awarded you a Bee Badge.


Chloe T congratulations!! Mrs Methven has awarded you a Bee Badge.


Katie & Jess H congratulations!! Mrs Methven has awarded you a Bee Badge.