Young Rangers Resources

Keep checking back to see what exciting resources Mrs Methven has found for you guys to use if you want to.


IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have your parents permission BEFORE you click on any of the links on this page.


Click on this link to visit Wild About Gardens UK and view their ‘Grow a Secret Garden for Butterflies‘ guide.

The guide is full of fascinating information about butterflies and moths, such as their lifecycle, the important part they play as pollinators and also includes a useful identification guide. There are also helpful instructions for planting up Butterfly borders or, if you’re challenged for space, Butterfly boxes, to maximise the appeal to and support as many varieties, as possible.

We would love to see photos of your Butterfly gardens and their winged visitors, if you decide to create one.



The BBC SpringWatch website has loads of fascinating, including a link to the Open University Pollinator Watch. Pollinator Watch is designed to help you understand the importance of pollinators and the essential roll they play in food production but is also a scientific survey which you can take part in by uploading photos of the pollinators you see in your garden.